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Unique Bridal Shower Gifts for Summer Brides

Posted by Kyle Design on July 18, 2014

Wedding Season is in full swing. With 3 of my girlfriends about to walk down the aisle, there’s a lot of exciting things going on this summer. One of my favorite pre-wedding activities is the Bridal Shower. I just love an afternoon full of women, showering the bride-to-be with gifts. One thing I always try to do is buy off the bride’s registry. While I know it’s fun to open something you requested, I think it’s even more fun to open a gift that you never saw coming, and that you just love. And who doesn’t love a gift that’s personalized?

Show the bride how special she is to you with a special gift created just for her. Kyle Design has a range of personalized gifts for the bride that you can surprise her with this summer. Here are some of my favorites:

Wine Glasses & Custom Bottle Stopper:

Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper


Give the bride a nice set of wine glasses and a unique bottle stopper. These wine bottle stoppers can be personalized with your choice of color and center design. Add her last initial, favorite pet or choose from hundreds of other designs.






“Day Of” Bride Survival Kit:

Wedding Day Survival Kit


Help the Bride prepare for her Big Day with a Day Of Survival Kit. Personalize this adorable metal case with any 3 colors and then throw in bobby pins, a sewing needle and thread, safety pins, mints, super glue – anything that could be a life saver to the Bride on her special day.






Personalized Wedding Flask

Personalized Wedding Flask


She’s about to hit up the best party of her life – her wedding day! Help her celebrate in style with a customized wedding flask engraved with her name and wedding date. Fill it up with her favorite alcohol to help her get through some of the stressful incidents she will inevitably encounter while planning.






Wedding Keepsake Box

Wedding Day Keepsake Box


Add her monogram to this wooden wedding keepsake box where she can store a wedding invitation, her favorite reply cards, the card she gets from the groom and other treasures from her big day like a monogrammed napkin or matchbox. Personalize it with her wedding colors and have it engraved with her wedding date.






Shop Kyle Design for the Perfect Gift:

For more great Bridal Shower and Wedding Day gift ideas, click Gifts for the Bride. All gifts are personalized just for you and even gifts with engraving your gift ship out in just 1 – 2 business days.

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How to Buy the Perfect Wedding Gift

Posted by Kyle Design on June 21, 2012

Here we go again…another stack of R.S.V.P.s for “Wedding Season.” It’s here. In full force. First thought – I need a new dress. Second – what should we get them???

DON’T write a check!

It’s easy to write a check and slip it into a card, but where’s the thought in that? And what if it just gets deposited into their bank account and ends up paying the energy bill? After all, that’s what happened to most of the money I received on my wedding day. Checks were cashed and the funds slowly slipped away over time. Some gift!

Dollar Sign Gift

DON’T buy from the registry!

If you want to be sure your money is going to an actual gift, you could select an item off their registry, but guess what – unless this couple still lives at home with their parents, they probably already have most of the kitchen utensils they need and they’re not going to remember who bought them that new toaster 5 years down the line. Unless of course it breaks, then you’ll instantly come to mind. Murphy’s Law.

Gifts with Pots and Pans Designs

DO make it personal!

The wedding gifts I remember receiving are the ones that weren’t on my registry. They either got returned (I don’t drink coffee and therefore didn’t need a fancy coffee machine), donated (there’s always that one wacky gift), or…DING! DING! DING!…found a place in my home. The ones that got my stamp of approval really stood out because they were unique and personal! I’m sure the gift-givers would be happy to know I still think of them when I see or use these items.

That’s what I want for the gifts I give. I want them to stand out as thoughtful. Not fall into the category of found-my-way-to-their-registry, scanned-for-gift-in-price-range, and added-to-cart. (If you DO do this, please spring for the gift wrap – it really makes opening the gift SO much more enjoyable!)

Always spring for gift wrap!

DO have your gift engraved!

One way to ensure your present will always be remembered is to go with an engraved gift. I do this whenever possible. It adds a personal element in a way nothing else can – something my husband obviously understood since his wedding gift to me was an engraved pair of ice skates (since we skated on our first date – can’t get more thoughtful than that!). Surprisingly, no other gift came personalized in this way. You might be the only person who gives this couple an engraved gift, which will make it stand out and ensure it’s appreciated and remembered.

DO visit Kyle Design for unique ideas!

A great place to get unique personalized gifts that can be engraved is Kyle Design. What sets them apart from other wedding gift websites is that each gift is personalized (you pick the colors on every gift), handcrafted (we’re talking quality gifts assembled by hand to perfection), and adding an engraved message won’t delay shipment of your gift. In fact, many orders ship out the same day!

Another cool thing is that there’s over 500 designs. You can choose wedding bells, ballroom dancers and hearts for traditional gifts, symbols for wishing blessings and luck, or select hobby or occupational designs for incorporating the couple’s personality or story of how they met or got engaged.

Engraved wedding keepsakes from Kyle Design are also a great way to accessorize a store-bought wedding gift – add an engraved ornament to your gift wrap or put your cash gift in a cute metal wallet. That way, your gift will stand out even if you do choose to buy from the registry or give money.

Custom Ring Boxes

Hinged Keepsake Frame

Bridal Gift Ornament

Kyle Design personalized gifts are great for

Bridal Showers

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties

Wedding Favors


Wedding Presents.

To get some ideas flowing, watch this short video that showcases gifts for all wedding related events:

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2008 Holiday Wrap-Up – What Was Hot at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on January 4, 2009

The holidays are always the busiest time of year for us at Kyle Design because of our unique selection of engraved gifts and functional art. It is always interesting for me to what the standout designs were for each year, so here’s what was hot for us for holiday 2008:

Butterfly Compact - A mirror that reflects beauty

Butterfly Compact - A mirror that reflects beauty

Butterflies: Butterfly images are perennial good-sellers, but in particular this year. We sold a lot as wedding ornaments engraved with the date of The Big Day. Also popular were Butterfly memorial ornaments with butterflies being a symbol of transition from this life to the next.

Shark Attack Key Ring can be engraved on the back with a humorous message.

Shark Attack Key Ring can be engraved on the back with a humorous message.

Sharks: Popular as Christmas ornaments and as desk accessories. Were these being given to an attorney as a humorous lawyer gift ? San Jose Sharks hockey fans? Surfers? People who loved the movie Jaws? Someone who makes really good shark fin soup? We never really know until someone tips us off.

Vampires: This one I could figure out. What with the Twilight movie that came out in November and the popularity of vampire books like those by Ann Rice, Stephenie Meyers, Bram Stoker, Laurell K. Hamilton and Stephen King, vampires were, not surprisingly, big, big, big.

Pharmacists now have a stylish way to wear their ID badges with this attractive beaded lanyard

Pharmacists now have a stylish way to wear their ID badges with this attractive beaded lanyard

Swimming: Big winner for us. Actually introduced it last year but swimmers really found us in the search engines this year! It’s a popular sport, but what’s out there most places is fairy predictable – T-shirts, caps, key chains, coffee mugs. I think customers were really happy to find something more artistic, something unique – earrings, money clips, ornaments, eyeglass cases.

Pharmacy: Our other medical gifts have always done well and a pharmacist design was an often requested image, so the introduction of this pattern received the reception we were expecting. Especially popular on beaded lanyards, business card cases and ornaments.

Wisdom credit card holder may help you make good purchasing decisions

Wisdom credit card holder may help you make good purchasing decisions

Wisdom: This Chinese symbol made a big debut – who couldn’t do with a little more wisdom in their life? I like the Jimi Hendrix quote, “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” My staff member Susan wisely predicted that the Asian character would be hot, so we prepared extra. Good call!

Retractable Badge Holder with Cupcake Design - Fun way to show some personality at work

Retractable Badge Holder with Cupcake Design - Fun way to show some personality at work

Cupcake: Yum! One of my daughters is thinking about having a cupcake birthday party, so I figured I better do a design for it so she can give out party favors with cupcakes. I also got her the giant cupcake pan that is the size of a cake for Christmas. She is very happy.

Squirrels: Cute, industrious and great entertainment for dogs (and humans). On our daily dog walks, we are always chasing squirrels, so for Christmas I gave our dog Milano a Squirrel Christmas ornament engraved with “The one that got away”.  😉

So, there you go. 2008 in a nutshell.

Squirrel Christmas Tree Ornament makes a great holiday gift for squirrel-chasing dog!

Squirrel Christmas Tree Ornament makes a great holiday gift for squirrel-chasing dog!

Click any of the photos above for more special gift suggestions or visit Kyle Design for cool Shark Gifts, Lawyer Gifts, Squirrel Gifts, Butterfly Gifts, Pharmacist Gifts, Vampire Gifts, Swimming Gifts, Wisdom Gifts and Cupcake Gifts.

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Glass and Metal Inlaid Wood Memory Boxes for Men and Women – New at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on January 3, 2009

Handsome inlaid wooden boxes for men and women have it all - design, color and style!

Handsome inlaid wooden boxes for men and women have it all - design, color and style!

New today at Kyle Design: Gorgeous mixed media wooden boxes that are inlaid with decorative metal etchings, bright glass and iridescent film color accents in the center. These stunning boxes are available in 100s of gold or silver designs and 9 different color systems, so you can totally customize the look and feel of the boxes to suit the recipient. We can even engrave a metal plate inside the lid or on the side front of the box to express your sentiment, message of thanks or the dates of a special event.

This is one of those new items mentioned in yesterday’s post about New Years resolutions. I had the parts for this box ready to go back in October, but never quite got it together. Why? Often, there are just too many decisions about how I want to present an item, what options, what photos. (Perhaps closer to the truth – I love starting projects and exploring all my ideas but don’t enjoy following through on all the details quite that much.)

Anyway, here’s why I got bogged down on this item. A sample case:

The Photos: I photographed the original boxes with two in the image, but after cropping the photo into a square each box was so small that you couldn’t even tell what design was in the middle. Therefore pointless. I was hoping to give the impression that there are more than one color/design available but obviously hadn’t figured out how to do that effectively yet. Had to set up the shots and rephotograph. Again. Then process/crop/adjust the digital images. Again.

Soft, smooth colored glass provides a beautiful backdrop to the hard-edged metal designs and the handcrafted textured film.

Soft, smooth colored glass provides a beautiful backdrop to the hard-edged metal designs and the handcrafted textured film.

The Color Choices: Most of my items are available in about 40 colors, whether iridescent film or anodized aluminum. For these boxes we have an added degree of complexity with the glass colors used in combination with those colors. Question: do I allow customers to create whatever combination of glass and color accent they want? Which at this point would be 40 film/aluminum colors times 9 glass colors equals 360 color combinations. In either silver or gold, so multiply that by two to get 720 metal/color combos. You really could create your own look. Match your wedding colors, tie in with company colors, use someone’s favorite colors.

But there are risks…. Allowing customers complete control could potentially result in some really ugly match-ups. Here in the studio we can see what the true colors really look like with each other and would know when something just wasn’t right. Perhaps too daunting. (Limit colors!?! I’m an artist! I love colors! It just goes against my natural instincts to limit colors!)

But – if I do, how many color combinations do I offer? Do I keep them neutral or go for more wild combinations?

Must…make…an…executive…decision. Final decision: Start somewhere. Nine color combinations (for now) that stay within a color range.

Option Groups: With that decision made (whew!), it was back to the drawing board regarding how to present the color combinations and how to format them. Do I just show a chart of the glass colors and a chart of the film and aluminum colors and, when is comes to how the two look together, just let the customers use their imaginations?

Perhaps too challenging. Alternately, If I match up the colors, how do I photograph them – just the piece of glass and a piece of colored film together? Or displayed with a metal design for a more realistic look? Do I show a real design or would that be confusing to customers when they believe they have selected another pattern? If I use metal in the photo, do I use the silver or the gold or both? Worn out yet?

This memory box features a man and a woman with upturned faces and makes a beautiful gift for a couple starting a new life together.

This memory box features a man and a woman with upturned faces and makes a beautiful gift for a couple starting a new life together.

And so on and so forth. Not to mention just getting the materials and size descriptions correct, listing the features of this particular box that distinguishes it from the others on my site, and using keywords and terms that will help those looking for such an item find it in the search engine results.

Finally, I settled on the box arrangement in the top photo above which hints at other colors and shows the gold metal finish in the corner. I cropped a color system photo that displays a portion of a design with both glass and film in it. I used silver for all the images. I built a drop down menu for the color option group on the website. I measured the box, updated the text, checked my links and finally,

I put my Glass and Metal Inlaid Wood Jewelry Boxes in 100s of Designs on the site.

Whew! Check out the final results and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance!

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Lucky Wedding Day on 7/7/07 – Engraved Flasks Popular

Posted by Kyle Design on July 10, 2007

Saturday was popular for weddings because of the special date, July 7, 2007, or 7/7/07, or asEngraved Wedding Flasks often engraved, 7 7 7, which was believed to be a particularly lucky number. (Besides, it will be really easy to remember – an advantage to anyone who may be memory-challenged when it comes to remembering a very important, keep-yourself-out-of-trouble date such as one’s anniversary.)

I have been engraving flasks with this auspicious date for months now and can confirm, just from the shear quantity ordered, that it definitely was huge. So popular, in fact, that we are currently out of the Wedding Bells design at right. (They’ll be back in stock in about 5 weeks.)

Other popular flasks for bridesmaids Red Heart Drinking Flaskgifts included our Heart Flask, Pink Crown Flask and our Butterfly Flask. We even have a Popular Engraved Quotations page where we list engravable quotes that are often used on flasks, business card cases, pill boxes or money clips, etc.

For the guys, our most popular flasks includeIrish Shamrock Custom Drinking Flask for Liquor our Irish Shamrock Flask, Football Flask and Flame Flask. Most often, we engrave a name above the design and the date below, although engraving an additional title such as Best Man is also quite common.

Our extensive collection of flasks in all number of sizes and finishes, and even many flasks sets, are available with more than 200 designs that you can customize with the color of your choice. You can even match the colors of your wedding! Visit Custom Designer Flasks to see more of our extensive collection of unique flasks.

Now, in all my engraving madness, I managed to engrave one extra flask by mistake. ILucky 777 Bubbles Flask have one flask on sale that is engraved on the back with “777” and below it “BFF”. The lucky 777 can represent not just July 7, 2007, but is also the jackpot on slot machines. On the front is this Bubbly design with a black aluminum background.

So, if anyone would like to buy this special flask at a special price of only $10, just click here: Lucky 777 Flask. Remember, there is only one available, so it’s a first-come basis.

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