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Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

Posted by Kyle Design on May 21, 2012

It’s been said that a father carries pictures where his money used to be. Funny thing about my dad is that the pictures haven’t changed in over 20 years. If someone stole his wallet today they’d think he had a terribly unstylish 7-year old. (Not to mention the picture of my brother sporting his middle school mullet.) I’ve always wondered why he never updated the photos. I got my answer on my wedding day when he distributed copies of that same picture around the room and told everyone (tearfully) at my reception that he still carries that picture because that’s how he remembers me – as his little girl.

Hard to believe after I became the 29-year-old who still lived at home…After he’d supported me through college…And after I’d raised his insurance rates with some poor split-second decisions behind the wheel. My dad has done a LOT for me over the years. And the most amazing part is, he hasn’t complained once. When I bounced back and forth between colleges that were 484 miles apart (3 times!), he showed up with a U-Haul. And when I made expensive mistakes, of which there were a LOT over the years, he never once got upset or made me feel bad.

So this Father’s Day I know he deserves something special…

Something more than a greeting card and a new tool from Home Depot. Once a month my dad and I get together for a motorcycle ride on our Harleys. So I customized this Kyle Design picture frame with an eagle and a motorcycle design…

And because he has an awesome shop where he likes to build stuff and work on restoring his old Jeep, I designed this cool light switch plate with tools from Kyle Switch Plates…

Cool Tool Theme Switch Plate for Men

Over the years, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about gifts for Dad, it’s that he really appreciates gifts that I’ve put some thought into. Your dad is probably the same way. Why not surprise him with a meaningful gift this year? There’s still plenty of time to personalize a gift for your dad this Father’s Day.

If there’s a hobby you share like fixing up classic cars or hunting, a tradition you share, something he does in his leisure time like golfing or sailing, or an interest that’s uniquely his, like aviation or science, you can buy him a gift that reflects his interests at Kyle Design.

List the top 5 things that make you think of your dad, and chances are one of those items would make a perfect gift – just check out all the gift designs at Kyle Design. There’s over 500 designs for dad’s career, favorite sports, hobbies and more. Then, combine your design with your dad’s favorite color and put it on a personalized gift he can actually use. Add an engraving for an extra personal touch and voila! Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

Silver Cigarette Lighter with Guitars

Unique Guitar Cigarette Lighter

Metal Wallet for Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting Cigarette Case

Biplane Gifts - Gold Pill Box

Personal Aircraft Gift Pill Box


Metal Eyeglasses Case with Sailboat

Sailing Theme Glasses Case

Gold and Silver Poker Money Clips

Poker Theme Money Clips

Golf Themed Magnet for Dad

Father’s Day Magnet with Golf Clubs


Money Clip Gift with Football

Football Fan Money Clips

Muscle Car Flask for Dad

Classic Cars Engravable Flask

Business Card Case for Hunters

Rifle Business Card Case


Click Unique Father’s Day Gifts for more gift ideas for Dad!

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