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Low Voltage Switch Compatibility

Posted by Kyle Design on March 15, 2011


Though vintage low voltage systems have become obsolete, replacement parts are still manufactured and available.

One of our most common home hardware questions is from customers with low voltage lighting systems in their home: “I need to replace an old low voltage switch. What kind of low voltage switch will work?” As very limited info on low voltage systems can be found these days, here’s a little history:

Original low voltage wiring systems were installed in mid-century homes during the 1940s to the 1980s and have since become obsolete, with many manufacturers discontinuing their low voltage product lines or going out of business. Some popular low voltage brands included General Electric (GE), Remcon, Bryant, Sierra and Touch-Plate, all of which have discontinued their original, older light switch and switch plate styles.


Touch-Plate switches can replace older General Electric (GE), Remcon and Bryant switches.

For low voltage replacement options, General Electric (GE) and Touch-Plate actively manufacture updated switches, wall switch plates and relays for use in their older low voltage lighting systems. Remcon (Amprobe) has discontinued their brand of low voltage devices and wall plates as recently as February 2011.

If same-brand hardware replacements are not available to replace your damaged or nonfunctional low voltage electrical equipment, read our Low Voltage Switch Compatibility guide to see if other brands of low voltage switches can be used in your wiring system. Newer Touch-Plate low voltage switches, for example, will work in older General Electric (GE), Remcon and Bryant low voltage systems, so they are a great compatible replacement option for many.

Have a low voltage system, but don’t know what type you have? Review Determine Your Low Voltage System to find more information and photos on common low voltage systems. This will help you narrow down what replacement parts and hardware will work with your wiring set-up, and make shopping for low voltage replacement parts much less of a headache!

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