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Indian Joe Trail at Sunol Regional Park, CA – Great Fun for Kids

Posted by Kyle Design on April 14, 2008

Native American Indian Feather Bookmark in Silver and Apple GreenWe went hiking on the Indian Joe Creek Trail at Sunol Regional Park today and had a blast. This is the same park that has rock formations that are known locally as Little Yosemite, but we chose a different route this time.

Orienteering Control Marker in Orange and WhiteWe were sharing the trails with an Orienteering event where runners with a map and compass are timed as they navigate a course. You can recognize them by the white and orange control markers.

We hiked up this somewhat steep, fairly shady 1.4 mile trail that has these huge rocks at the top with caves or large crevasses underneath. Giant Rocks on the Indian Joe Trail at Sunol Regional Park, CAThere is a large flat rock, cool and shady and about 5 feet off the ground, that makes a perfect spot for a picnic for a small group (or a group of small people – we had 4 kids and 1 adult crammed onto it at one point). The caves themselves are best navigated by kids – some spots only the 5- and 9-year-olds could crawl through – but the whole area was refreshingly cool and a welcome relief from the heat.

The rocks have enough ridges or grips to make it fairly easy to climb over and around them, even for the 5-year-old. They make for very satisfying rock scrambling. And yes, those are my girls waving from the top of that very tall rock.

Running Light Switch Plates with FeetNow I have to admit, I thought that it wouldn’t take us that long to get to the top being that it was “only” 1.4 miles, but I was quite mistaken. I had neglected to take into account the slope, the 92 degree weather, or my 5-year-old niece whom I carried up a fair amount of the way. [I teased my niece that the deal was I would carry her up, but she would have to carry me down. I enjoyed watching her face while she tried to puzzle out whether I was serious or if it was still going to be a fair deal. 😉 ] Fortunately, it only took 30 minutes for us to run back down.

Blue Belly Lizard Money ClipsThe kids had fun catching and releasing blue belly lizards. (They are actually Western Fence Lizards, or as I knew them as a kid, Swifts. ) My youngest daughter had just learned how to a make a snare for catching lizards and had caught one yesterday, however no luck using one today. All the kids had fun trying to corner these quick and very motivated reptiles…. Cow Business Card Case in Silver with Black AluminumScore today: About 20 Lizards spotted, one caught (and it bit!) against 4 kids. We saw one snake, too, and a lot of grumpy cows.

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