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Unique End of Sports Season Gifts for Seniors

Posted by Kyle Design on April 21, 2014

Water Polo Ornament for End of Season Party

Water Polo Ornament for End of Season Party

For many high school students, senior year is their final year of sports. Make their end-of-season party all the more special with an engraved ornament keepsake from Kyle Design. Kyle’s handcrafted, beaded sports ornaments can be engraved with each athlete’s name, their school and the year. Or, add your own inspirational message as you congratulate them on their hard work and wish them success in their futures.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give seniors as end of season gifts, you’ll love Kyle’s custom ornaments featuring her etched metal sports designs. Shop water polo, tennis, softball, cheer, hockey, golf, lacrosse, track, swimming and other popular sports designs. Each ornament can be personalized with high school team or squad colors and individualized engravings. Kyle’s unique sports gift ornaments for end of season presentations make fantastic gifts for coaches too.

How to Order a Custom Sports Ornament from Kyle Design

There are 2 easy ways to order an end of season sports keepsake ornament for coaches and seniors.

1. Click to Shop Sports Ornaments – find your sport and select it to order in gold or silver and personalize with accent colors and engraving.

2. For a fully customized ornament, click Customize My Own Sports Ornament – you can choose from 7 of Kyle’s decorative ornament shapes in silver or gold, add any sport, hand select the accent, ribbon and bead colors, and add a personalized engraved message.

It’s that easy! Your unique athletic awards will be handcrafted in Kyle’s Northern California studio and shipped out within just 1-2 business days (that includes engraved award ornaments). So even if you’re looking for last-minute gifts, these custom end of season ornament awards are the perfect solution.

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Unique Graduation Gifts for Every Major

Posted by Kyle Design on March 21, 2014

There’s nothing more special than receiving a gift that is so perfect it feels like it was made just for you. Actually, there is 1 thing that’s more special – giving the perfect gift. When you shop at Kyle Design, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, because every gift is personalized by you and then handcrafted by us. Find the perfect nursing gift for your niece who’s graduating with her nursing degree. Find the right present for your son who will soon be a physical therapist. Perhaps your daughter is graduating with a degree in teaching, communications, or law. Or maybe your grandson is graduating with honors in science, graphic design or computer programming. Kyle has created over 500 etched metal designs which means you’ll find the career gift that is perfect for him or her.

Click to Shop Unique Graduation Gifts.

Looking for inspiration? Check out this fun video that features some unconventional grad gifts along with some of the best graduation quotes:

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Con-grad-ulatory Gifts for Grads

Posted by Kyle Design on May 3, 2012

No more late night cram sessions, term papers, final exams or Spring Breaks. It’s time to walk across the stage, move their tassels and throw their caps in the air. Congradulate the graduate in your family with a personalized gift that will mark this momentous occasion in his or her life: the turning point from high school student to college-bound or the transition from crazy college student to respectable adult…so we hope!

If your son, daughter or grandchild already has a job lined up, surprise them with a gift that’s personalized with a design representative of their new career in their favorite colors or in their new employer’s company colors (do some internet research to find of what they are!) Kyle Design has unique occupation themed gifts for lawyers, nurses, communications majors, teachers, accountants, web designers, IT professionals, psychologists and so much more! Click Personalized Occupational Gifts to see their massive selection of career oriented gift designs available on hundreds of graduation gifts including business card holders, badge reels and desk accessories.

Hospital Badge Reel for Nurses

Liberal Studies Gradaution Gift

Wooden Lawyer Jewelry Box

Custom Jewelry Box for Law School Graduates


If they’ve only begun to think about sending our resumes or are heading off to college in the fall, go with our custom graduation cap and diploma design Grad Gifts.

Personalize it with their name or monogram and graduation date.


Grad Pill Box

Gift Pill Box for Graduates

Engraved Money Clip for Graduation Gift

Graduate Money Clip Pocket Knife

Engraved Flask for Graduation

Engravable Graduation Flask (43 colors)


New to shopping Kyle Design? Things you should know:

Every gift is custom made to your specifications – metal colors, background colors, choice of design, and optional engraving.

Every gift is handcrafted.

(Nearly) every design can be added to every gift. You may not see a money clip with a graduation cap, but you can order it! Add any design to these gifts: Design Your Own Custom Gift.


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Personalized Graduation Gifts

Posted by Kyle Design on May 17, 2011

With graduation just around the corner, the entire staff at Kyle Design is gearing up for the celebration. Each year we engraved hundreds of graduation quotes commending students all around the world for their perseverance and dedication as they conclude one chapter in their life and begin the next. Whether they are graduating from law school or high school, graduates deserve a memento to remember this milestone and look back at it with a sense of accomplishment.

A great gift for graduates is a beautiful ornament honoring their achievement with a congratulatory engraving that they will be proud to display during the holidays or even year round. Finding the perfect gifts for grads can often times be complicated, but at Kyle Design we do our very best to make sure that whatever item you choose will be one-of-a-kind and special.
For English Literature or Creative Writing majors, a unique bookmark with our graduation cap design is a useful gift idea that they will continue to use for years to come. This bookmark is durable and just the right size and can even be engraved on the back with a graduation date or the graduate’s initials.

If your graduate will be setting out into the business world, choose from our many occupational designs to adorn a sophisticated business card case that they can use at interviews or mixers. These professional business card holders are one of our top-selling gifts for graduation and can be given to any student who is about to enter the corporate environment.

If you know anyone who is graduating from a nursing school, consider surprising them with a practical custom badge reel that they’ll use well throughout their career. Available with a nurse cap or RN design, these reels are one of our most popular graduation gifts for nurses.

The graduation of a family member or loved one is a momentous occasion for families and friends everywhere. This year put a little bit of thought into the gifts you give by personalizing them with your graduate’s name, favorite color or future occupation for an unforgettable surprise.

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Cool Graduation Gift Idea – Double Major Business Card Cases

Posted by Kyle Design on May 29, 2008

Double Major Nursing and Art Business Card Case in SilverMy cousin’s daughter just graduated from Humboldt State University with degrees in nursing and in fine arts, so I made her a very special business card holder that represents both professions. She’s excited about starting her nursing career but is also a very talented artist who has created stunning jewelry. I hope she can find a way to incorporate both loves into her professional life.

It is especially important to me as a professional artist who has “made it”, to encourage new artists starting out. Certainly, art is not a career that affords any guarantees, not like a career in nursing where one can get a job as a nurse anywhere because of the demand.

Becoming an artist requires a tenacity and a calling that most likely will be tested time and again, so it is important to let young artists know that it is possible to find your own way and that the rewards are worth the effort. I personally cannot imagine doing anything else – being creative, thinking outside the box, running my own business, taking on challenges and being proud of what I do are so ingrained in me, so a part of who I am. It fits my personality and interests, and that is a very important concept for anyone to really get their mind around when deciding what to do with one’s life. If you can, pick a career that really suits who you are and what your style is.

Business Card Case for Accountant and PhotographerSpecial Interests Business Card Cases: Now, these cases also work for those who have specialized in a particular field, such as Sports Medicine, as reflected here in the business card wallet that depicts a Medical Caduceus and a Tennis design.

Sports Medicine Business Card Wallet fpr Credit Cards, Cash I’m sure there are many recent graduates with a range of interests who might have fun with a business card case that reflects both loves, whether it be two careers or a combination of work and play, such as this business card case that reflects accounting and photography. Or maybe they were intending it as the business of photography.

That is the fun thing about these card holders – it’s a bit like playing charades as we try to interpret what our customer had in mind. We’ve have many unusual cases ordered that I will feature in another post – I’ll put the question out to all my readers to help me figure it the meaning of each.

If you know a recent graduate who has two special interests or who double majored in two fields, then check out my Custom Double Interest Business Card Cases and my Metal Wallets for Two Careers.

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Sneak Preview of New Career & Achievement Designs at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on July 26, 2007

Creative New Careers and Achievements Designs for Unique GiftsToday I am featuring the upcoming designs with new careers and achievements along with fresh suggestions for employee recognition awards and American made gifts.

Notice that I placed the Artist design in the career category. Some of this categorization is quite arbitrary – how many artists paint as a hobby vs. as a profession? Being a professional artist, I made the executive decision to place it with the other new careers, even though I suspect that the hobbyists far outweigh the number of professionals in this particular field.

Next up are the Hand Tools. I’ve included a pipe wrench, wireConstruction Tools Money Clip strippers – cutters, Crescent wrench, pliers, open-end wrench and screwdriver. This design can work for plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics and other tradesmen. This complements our current Construction Tools design, shown here on a money clip.

My Keys design works for both locksmiths and as a general symbol of business professionalism – “The key to success in this business is ….”. Perfect for motivating and rewarding employees. I’ve included everything from traditional house and file cabinet keys to old-fashioned skeleton keys and a handcuff key. This is a fun option for those in law enforcement as well – “Lock ’em up!”Green Housing Business Card Wallets

The new Recycling design acknowledges the strong trend toward environmental protection, green building and renewable energy sources. The design features a fish in water, water evaporating into the sky, a bird flying in the wind, moisture condensing and falling back to the earth in the form of rain. These symbols all surround a tall tree.

The City Lights design features a big city image of skyscrapers, buildings and bridges. Engineers, city planners and businesses in the heart of the city will find this design fitting.

For something a little different, my Uplifted Faces design features the profiles of both aCustom Wooden Ring Boxes in Artistic Designs man and a woman. This image works for cosmetologists, aestheticians (those skilled at giving facials, manicures, pedicures or other beauty treatments) and plastic surgeons, among other fields. It is also an loving and hopeful image appropriate for wedding themed gifts. The new Diamond design will be perfect for engagement ring boxes, as well as fitting for jewelers or jewelry store owners.

Next up: the Stockbroker design featuring both a bull and a bear and the appropriate stylized arrows indicating which way the stock market is going. The new Hourglass design points out how important timing is, not just to the market, but to everything in life. Time is money, as they say.

Our new Achievement Designs start off with the Graduation Elegant Personalized Christmas Tree Ornamentspattern, perfect for students just entering the workforce to commemorate their hard work. We expect this design to be especially popular on our Custom Christmas Ornaments. Holiday ornaments are also a nice trophy alternative because they are useful and yet can still be engraved to commemorate accomplishments.

My new Award Winner and Number One designs will also be appropriate for employee recognition awards. Rather than presenting an executive with (yet another) plaque, a useful gift such as a handsome business card holder or elegant desk accessory may be more appreciated.

Look for all of these artistic new designs at Kyle Design beginning in August. As always, we offer high quality gifts and fast turn-around times.

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Graduation Gifts: Using Your New Business Card Case

Posted by Kyle Design on May 16, 2007

If you recently received a new business card holder as a graduation gift and are thinking, “But I don’t even have cards yet”, I have some great suggestions for you on how you can start using your gift right away.

Obviously, the most expected use is for holding business cards if you have them. Custom Ribbons Business Card HolderNobody wants to be handed a card that looks like it was picked out of the bottom of your purse or retrieved from the far reaches of a pocket. A striking business card case is a great conversation starter and it will make a professional impression, both important reasons for being prepared and keeping your cards neat and clean when you do finally have them.

But if you don’t have business cards – perhaps because you are just starting out or in a field where they aren’t the custom – business card holders are still one of the most useful gifts you can receive. Here’s why:

Metal business card cases make excellent thin metal wallets. They are the perfect way to carry your driver’s license and creditPersonalized Business Card Cases cards. A slim case holds just the essentials when you want to travel light or keep a slim profile. With a sleek business card holder, you can just tuck in what you need and slip it into a pocket or tiny purse. Jamming your regular leather wallet in a pocket just won’t do, nor do you want to risk leaving cards loose in a cavernous purse, briefcase or bag.

Kyle Design even makes a slightly thicker business card holder. It allows you to carry your license, credit card, HMO card, health club membership card, plus several bills – up to 9 credit cards or 12 tri-fold bills, or some combination of both. I find it can accommodate everything I need for most trips and it keeps me organized.

Another slick use for these cases is as a sugar packet carrier. It is just the right size to store packages of sweeteners, tea bags or spice packets.

Many fashionable women nowadays who enjoy going clubbing or who are actively dating haveMartini ID and Credit Cards Case started carrying calling cards. ID calling cards are just like a business card but with simply a name, email and possibly a photo or cell phone number. This is a classier and safer way to provide contact information when meeting someone new. Again, if you are interested enough to give someone new your ID card, then make a good impression by pulling it out of a gorgeous card holder. Even better, by keeping this case in a pocket, you’ll never have to ask someone else to keep an eye on your purse again. And, if so inclined, you can even carry a condom in your card holder.

There are many situations where I prefer not to carry my purse with me, preferring instead just to bring my ID, cards and cash. Among them include hotel conferences, helping out at my children’s school, or an evening out. My purse at times can feel like I’m carrying everything but the kitchen sink, but I’m finding more and more situations where less is more (comfortable).

For example, most hotel key cards fit in a standard business card case, Aluminum and Steel Carrier for Two Sets of Business Cardsso you can leave the bulk behind while working the crowd in the conference room. (Kyle Design even has cases that allow you to hold your credit cards on one side, business cards on the other.) At school, it is too easy to set my purse down, get involved with the kids and forget to take it with me when I walk back to my car. Besides, I often play jump rope with the kids at recess and don’t want to have to keep an eye on my purse. At the movies, I prefer not to set my purse on the sticky floor or sit with it in my lap (my kids often want the spot instead). For more formal occasions, I prefer to use a tiny purse or evening bag, and depending on the style, find that my designer business card case is the perfect size to tuck inside.

There is a security benefit as well. Metal wallets and business card cases prevent the Classic Metal Card Carriers in Silver, Gold and Blackunauthorized scanning of any debit or credit cards embedded with an RFDI chip, something that a leather wallet cannot prevent. Smart Cards, blink cards, wave cards, paypasses or contactless credit cards are among the many types currently being promoted for their speed and convenience features. I feel more secure knowing those cards are safe from someone with a scanner.

This is just a small sampling of situations where business card cases are the more convenient way to carry the essentials. With all the distinctive, artistic choices available nowadays, it is easy to find one that reflects your tastes and style. To see the full Kyle Design collection of cases, visit Chic Business Card Carriers and Holders. And for other cool ideas for grads visit our Unique Graduation Gifts page.

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