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Easily Access Your ID with This Retractive Badge Holder

Posted by Kyle Design on September 29, 2014

If you must present an employee badge to get into your office every day – perhaps multiple times a day – you’ll love the convenience of a retractive badge holder from Kyle Design. Buy one in a neutral tone or express yourself with your favorite bright color.

Show off your personality with a fun decorative badge reel in one of Kyle’s custom crafted designs. There are hundreds of gold and silver animals, occupations, sports, hobbies, numbers, and monogram letters. You’ll enjoy wearing your customized reel to work each day. Not only is this a great way to keep track of your badge, but you’ll love the convenience of easily locating your employee ID card every time you need it.

Retractive Badge Holders for ID










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The Purse Hook – Hot “Design Your Own” Handbag Accessory

Posted by Kyle Design on April 18, 2009

Purse Hooks are the latest hot accessory for women who carry handbags!

Purse Hooks are the latest hot accessory for women who carry handbags!

Familiar yet with handbag holders, those strong hooks that hang over the edge of a table or bar to keep purses close and germ-free? Here at Kyle Design we’ve added our own twist to these up-and-coming must-have accessories that are turning into the coolest new gift idea for women of style.

Unlike other sites that offer you a dozen or two popular images (purse, cat, flower, spiral, shoes, etc. – yes, we have those, too), Kyle Design offers over 400 patterns. Specialized designs include professions, sports, musical instruments, more unusual animals, monograms,  games, crafts, Chinese characters, alcoholic drinks, fruit, trees, desserts and so much more.

Better yet, you decide what color you want, you decide if you prefer silver or gold. Literally, you create the look, we create the purse hook. No need to have a generic handbag hanger, no fear of two women whipping out the same exact holder. And we’re fast. We typically ship within a day or two – even for custom items such as these designer handbag holders.

Do Comedy and Tragedy describe your dating experience? Then we've got just the purse hook for you!

Do Comedy and Tragedy describe your dating experience? Then we've got just the purse hook for you!

Choices, Choices: How many possibilities are there? Currently, 440 original designs x 2 metal choices x 19 gorgeous colors = over 16,000 possible looks! How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many of them carry handbags? More than 16,000? I think that the chances are pretty good that you won’t show up at a restaurant or bar with the same purse hanger.

Simple? Yes! They are so easy to use. Simply set handbag holder disc on the edge of table and hook on a purse strap. That’s it!

Interested in Safety? These purse hangers are perfect for holding designer handbags, shopping bags, digital camera, tote bag strap, umbrellas or backpacks where they stay clean, safe and convenient – right next to you at a table or bar. No more worries about forgetting a purse on the back of a chair, an umbrella on the floor, or being distracted and forgetting to keep an eye on your wallet.

We have great designs for professional women such as this purse hook for a pharmacist.

We have great designs for professional women such as this purse hook for a pharmacist.

Single? These designer handbag holders are great conversation starters, too! They provide a small window into your world that someone new could run with. Although popular in Europe for years, purse table hooks are new enough here in the U.S. that most people I run into are curious about them.

Support American Designers? California artist Kyle McKeown Mansfield creates all the fun designs and unique patterns found on every handbag caddy. You can be the designer when you design your own purse hook – we’ll make it for you right here in our art studio and promptly ship your personalized purse table hook to you in a velveteen pouch.

Show your creative side, have fun, express the real you! Select a purse hook design/color/metal grouping that is a true reflection of who you are! They make wonderful gifts for her including professional women, working girls, dating singles or the handbag queen.

Want to see more? Check out our full collection of Uniqe Purse Hanger Designs. We also have really cool gifts for professionals like pharmacists, attorneys, doctors, dentists, nurses, scientists, mathematicians and others.

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Retirement Gifts Ideas – Special Gifts They’ll Really Use

Posted by Kyle Design on June 4, 2008

This is a busy time of year for us here at Kyle Design – from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, with graduations and retirements in between. For those of you looking for something truly nice yet affordable for the retirement of a special colleague, employee, coworker or staff member, we may have what you’re looking for.

Artistic Wooden Box with Education DesignElegant Wooden Box – Among our most popular items for retiring professionals, whether teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc., are these beautiful wood boxes customized with design and background color accent of choice. They also may have a plate engraved and placed inside the lid inscribed with thanks for their hard work and contributions to the company. These boxes are a lovely coffee table accent destined to become a topic of conversation – the type of item the recipient will be proud to discuss (and will be happy for the opportunity to do so). Perfect size for keys, loose change, rings and jewelry as well. Pictured is the Education Themed Box, but these boxes may be ordered in one of nearly 300 images to suit every industry or interest by visiting our page Custom Wooden Boxes in Artistic Designs.

Engravable Retirement Bookmarks in Gold or Silver with Sunset DesignEngraved Bookmarks – A bookmark is a smaller yet useful gift that will be a constant reminder of those friends and coworkers who miss them. We have room for three lines of text, about 14 characters in each. An affordable choice when there are many people you’d like to acknowledge. A bookmark is a practical choice now that the retiring individual will have time to catch up on their reading. We show the Sunset Bookmark here, but it may be ordered in 100s of patterns – golf, knitting, cruise ship, professional symbols and more by clicking Engraved Personalized Bookmarks in Gold or Silver.

Palm Tree Holiday OrnamentCelebration Ornaments – After retiring, do they plan to travel? If so, a tropical Palm Trees ornament is a wonderful way to send them off as they embark on a new phase of life. These celebration ornaments can be placed on a Christmas tree or in a window as a reminder that the gang at work is wishing them smooth sailing. A wonderful way to mark an important event or milestone in someone’s life. Again, we have many patterns and shapes, both in silver or gold, all of which may be engraved, so just visit Celebration Ornaments to see other styles.

Photo Brag Books with Unique DesignsPhoto Wallets – Another good idea for someone who is about to retire is a wallet for holding photographs. These cases hold up to 12 photographs in a slim metal case that fits easily in a purse or pocket, or propped open on a desk. They make an especially nice gift when you include a group shot of the coworkers or former students who will be thinking of them. Or the individual receiving them can fill the case with a few of their travel photos to share when they come back to visit. Easily engraved on the back with plenty of room to thank them for their dedication and service through the years.

Metal Wallets for Two Sets of Business Cards - Available in Silver or Gold with Stylish DesignsSecond Career Business Card Holder – Perhaps this particular person is only retiring from one field in order to start a second career in another field they feel passionate about. We have these striking credit card wallets with clips inside for two sets of business cards (ones from the profession they are leaving along with cards for their new business). They also work great for those who hand out and collect many cards at one time – yours on side, those received on the other.

Kyle Design offers many other unique options to show appreciation to someone retiring on our Unique Retirement Gifts in Artistic Design page. We do all our own engraving in house and can quickly create your custom gift for fast shipping. We’ve been creating our special gifts for over 25 years, so if you’re looking for something special yet affordable from a reliable company, please be sure the check us out.


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