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Love at 1st…click?

Posted by Kyle Design on March 2, 2012

At some point or another we’ve all been there…the dreaded “S” word: Single. Sometimes it’s for a short spurt and other times it feels like a long, lonely season in between relationships. The dating scene can be an exciting new adventure in your teens, a fun experience in college, and an expected part of your 20s. But when you’ve hit your 30s and you still haven’t met “the one,” it can start leading to sheer panic as every one of your friends settles down with Mr. Right and some even have baby #2 on the way.

I have a small circle of close-knit girlfriends and oddly, we’ve all settled down later than we expected. It’s down to one girl waiting on an engagement ring and the other – ironically the first of us to get engaged when she was 24 (she broke it off, only to regret it after it was too late – he’s now happily married to someone else) just ended a 2-year relationship that was going nowhere. It’s suddenly become everyone’s top priority (in her mind) to set her up with Mr. Right. Since I have NO prospects for her, I get to be her wing girl as we head out this weekend to see what winners we can meet at a downtown Beer Festival (expectations for quantity of men are high but quality expectations are low. However, compared to the extremely limited pool of eligible bachelors in her region on – according to my awesome but very picky best friend – we’re gonna give it a wholehearted attempt).

Are bars ever really a potential place to find a respectable guy? Where do the majority of people meet their spouse? According to ComScore, the majority (36%) meet them at work (or at school) and only 11% meet them at a bar. When I was single, I loved heading out to the bars with my girlfriends with anticipation of meeting a cute boy that could be a potential boyfriend. But looking back, while several numbers were exchanged over the years only a couple led to actual dates and zero led to relationships. According to ComScore’s study, which was released in July last year, more people meet their spouse through online dating (17%) or through friends and family (26%) than in bars.

How does a single gal in her 30s go about meeting a great guy? Where’s a girl supposed to go if she works, has an active social life involving lots of friends and family, goes to bars, attends church, and participates in online dating and yet still, remains single? Where do those 7% of “others” meet their mate? For me, that “other” wouldn’t be the gym, grocery store or Walmart (although I can’t say I haven’t been hit on at Walmart more times than I’d like). Over the course of my dating career I met most of my boyfriends while driving, either at a red light, sitting in commute traffic, or just cruising down the highway at 80mph. (Trust me, if you’re not looking in those other vehicles you’re missing out on a lot of cute guys/potential hot dates!). But, when it came time to meet my husband, I joined the majority of folks who met their spouse at work.

Personalized Online Dating Gifts from Kyle Design

Personalized Online Dating Metal Credit Card Wallet

To lift my girlfriend’s spirits I’m gonna bring her a little online dating encouragement gift. She’ll get a kick out of it. And while she is already complaining that online dating just isn’t for her, she’s only given match about 5 days. I’m guessing it’s gonna take longer than that, which means she’s got plenty of online dating ahead of her. I only personally know 2 others who have delved into the world of online dating and both of them ended up marrying the person they met. So, if things don’t work out at the Beer Festival this weekend (which, I’m guessing, they won’t) it’ll be back to sending out winks. And who knows, maybe there will be a fairytale ending that all started when she fell in love at first click 😉

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The Purse Hook – Hot “Design Your Own” Handbag Accessory

Posted by Kyle Design on April 18, 2009

Purse Hooks are the latest hot accessory for women who carry handbags!

Purse Hooks are the latest hot accessory for women who carry handbags!

Familiar yet with handbag holders, those strong hooks that hang over the edge of a table or bar to keep purses close and germ-free? Here at Kyle Design we’ve added our own twist to these up-and-coming must-have accessories that are turning into the coolest new gift idea for women of style.

Unlike other sites that offer you a dozen or two popular images (purse, cat, flower, spiral, shoes, etc. – yes, we have those, too), Kyle Design offers over 400 patterns. Specialized designs include professions, sports, musical instruments, more unusual animals, monograms,  games, crafts, Chinese characters, alcoholic drinks, fruit, trees, desserts and so much more.

Better yet, you decide what color you want, you decide if you prefer silver or gold. Literally, you create the look, we create the purse hook. No need to have a generic handbag hanger, no fear of two women whipping out the same exact holder. And we’re fast. We typically ship within a day or two – even for custom items such as these designer handbag holders.

Do Comedy and Tragedy describe your dating experience? Then we've got just the purse hook for you!

Do Comedy and Tragedy describe your dating experience? Then we've got just the purse hook for you!

Choices, Choices: How many possibilities are there? Currently, 440 original designs x 2 metal choices x 19 gorgeous colors = over 16,000 possible looks! How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many of them carry handbags? More than 16,000? I think that the chances are pretty good that you won’t show up at a restaurant or bar with the same purse hanger.

Simple? Yes! They are so easy to use. Simply set handbag holder disc on the edge of table and hook on a purse strap. That’s it!

Interested in Safety? These purse hangers are perfect for holding designer handbags, shopping bags, digital camera, tote bag strap, umbrellas or backpacks where they stay clean, safe and convenient – right next to you at a table or bar. No more worries about forgetting a purse on the back of a chair, an umbrella on the floor, or being distracted and forgetting to keep an eye on your wallet.

We have great designs for professional women such as this purse hook for a pharmacist.

We have great designs for professional women such as this purse hook for a pharmacist.

Single? These designer handbag holders are great conversation starters, too! They provide a small window into your world that someone new could run with. Although popular in Europe for years, purse table hooks are new enough here in the U.S. that most people I run into are curious about them.

Support American Designers? California artist Kyle McKeown Mansfield creates all the fun designs and unique patterns found on every handbag caddy. You can be the designer when you design your own purse hook – we’ll make it for you right here in our art studio and promptly ship your personalized purse table hook to you in a velveteen pouch.

Show your creative side, have fun, express the real you! Select a purse hook design/color/metal grouping that is a true reflection of who you are! They make wonderful gifts for her including professional women, working girls, dating singles or the handbag queen.

Want to see more? Check out our full collection of Uniqe Purse Hanger Designs. We also have really cool gifts for professionals like pharmacists, attorneys, doctors, dentists, nurses, scientists, mathematicians and others.

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