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Cool Graduation Gift Idea – Double Major Business Card Cases

Posted by Kyle Design on May 29, 2008

Double Major Nursing and Art Business Card Case in SilverMy cousin’s daughter just graduated from Humboldt State University with degrees in nursing and in fine arts, so I made her a very special business card holder that represents both professions. She’s excited about starting her nursing career but is also a very talented artist who has created stunning jewelry. I hope she can find a way to incorporate both loves into her professional life.

It is especially important to me as a professional artist who has “made it”, to encourage new artists starting out. Certainly, art is not a career that affords any guarantees, not like a career in nursing where one can get a job as a nurse anywhere because of the demand.

Becoming an artist requires a tenacity and a calling that most likely will be tested time and again, so it is important to let young artists know that it is possible to find your own way and that the rewards are worth the effort. I personally cannot imagine doing anything else – being creative, thinking outside the box, running my own business, taking on challenges and being proud of what I do are so ingrained in me, so a part of who I am. It fits my personality and interests, and that is a very important concept for anyone to really get their mind around when deciding what to do with one’s life. If you can, pick a career that really suits who you are and what your style is.

Business Card Case for Accountant and PhotographerSpecial Interests Business Card Cases: Now, these cases also work for those who have specialized in a particular field, such as Sports Medicine, as reflected here in the business card wallet that depicts a Medical Caduceus and a Tennis design.

Sports Medicine Business Card Wallet fpr Credit Cards, Cash I’m sure there are many recent graduates with a range of interests who might have fun with a business card case that reflects both loves, whether it be two careers or a combination of work and play, such as this business card case that reflects accounting and photography. Or maybe they were intending it as the business of photography.

That is the fun thing about these card holders – it’s a bit like playing charades as we try to interpret what our customer had in mind. We’ve have many unusual cases ordered that I will feature in another post – I’ll put the question out to all my readers to help me figure it the meaning of each.

If you know a recent graduate who has two special interests or who double majored in two fields, then check out my Custom Double Interest Business Card Cases and my Metal Wallets for Two Careers.

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The Artist’s Spirit: Starting Out – Part 1 – Creativity

Posted by Kyle Design on March 21, 2007

So, you want to be an artist. How do you know you have what it takes to make a career of it? This is the first in a series about what it takes to survive by a woman who has so far managed to make a living as an artist for 25 years.

The Creative Spirit – You have to have the innate creative spirit. I have always wanted to be an artist, and I even have it in writing. Each year of school, my mother filled out my “About Me” page in a schoolbook that summarized each grade. When I was only 5, I said that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. It was such a revelation to open that book thirty years later and read that! Aha! It WAS in my blood, part of my being. Growing up, my drawings were always different than the other kids’. Abstract, colorful, fanciful. So it is definitely a plus if you feel that creative spirit so strongly that you just have to let it out.

And that’s just it, this feeling of needing to express those creative feelings. If you have the urge to design, if you want to put your own individual stamp on a project, have opinions about a better, more attractive or visually interesting way of approaching something you have to do, then you have that creative spirit. This is a very good start.

Here’s my personal experience: I had lost sight of that creative desire in high school and college. I was a good student, studied hard, was accepted to U.C. Berkeley. While in high school, you take those career assessment tests and they tell you what you’d be good at, and without many life experiences, I thought, OK, I guess I could become an engineer. When I entered Cal, I changed my mind to business because I had been working for my parents and their business was fascinating to me. In my freshman and sophomore years, I began to have doubts that a straight-forward career in business was going to hold my attention. So I took weekend art classes, started experimenting with different crafts – painting silk, jewelry making, printing. By the time I graduated, I had decided not to interview for any of the job postings in the Business School career center. “What do you mean, you’re not interviewing for any jobs?!?!?,” my friends cried. The creative spirit was stronger than my desire for money or stability.

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