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Two is Better than One

Posted by Kyle Design on February 24, 2012

When it comes to cookies, friends, vacation days, and 100-dollar-bills, I’d say 2 is better than 1. At Kyle Design, we understand that sometimes, one is just not enough. That’s why we have Double Design Gifts. Use two designs to convey a unique gift message. Get creative! Let our “Lucky in Love” compact mirror, “21st Birthday” flask, and “Family Practitioner” business card holder inspire you. Another fun idea is to pick out 2 letters for someone’s initials and add them to a custom double design pill box, bookmark, or decorative metal cell phone case. With over 500 designs there’s a lot of great combos out there! What will yours be?


Design Your Own Compact Mirror


Custom Cigarette Case from Kyle Design


Personalized 21st Birthday Custom Flask


What 2 designs will you put together?

Design Themes include sports, occupations, animals, foods, hobbies, and more!


Double Design Custom Christmas Ornaments

Double Design Custom Christmas Ornaments

Custom Silver Eiffel Tower Eye Glasses Holder

Off to Paris Dual Design Glasses Case


Decorative Metal Business Card Cases

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It’s Time to Talk Sweets!

Posted by Kyle Design on November 30, 2011

Um, how come no one told me there’s a National Desserts day? I’m surprised to learn such a thing exists and I haven’t heard of it…I mean, I, of all people, should have founded it! I’m an eat-dessert-for-breakfast, lunch and dinner kind of girl! (I mean as the entree, not as the encore.) If there’s leftover birthday cake sitting in my kitchen, you better believe I’m eating it for breakfast. And if I happen to catch a glance at the dessert menu, there’s a good chance I’m ordering the Warm Apple Crisp or Molten Chocolate Cake for dinner. This is something that has caused some tension between my health-nut husband and I, but it’s something I learned from my mother and life’s just too short (another thing she taught me) to skip dessert!

In celebration of sweets, Kyle Design has some great chocolate themed gifts for women who love sugary surprises. Dessert lovers beware – these tasty treats may make you hungry!

Dessert Stamp Holder from Kyle Design

Custom Postage Stamp Holders for Chocolate Lovers – Click to see more!

Cupcake Purse Hooks from Kyle Design

Unique Purse Hook with Dessert Cupcake

Custom Night Light with Birthday Cake Design

Birthday Cake Night Lights from Kyle Design- click to see other Decorative Cake Gifts

By the way, National Dessert Day was last month, but why wait? Go ahead and order dessert for your next entree – trust me, it tastes much better when you’re not too full to enjoy it! And don’t worry about adding on a couple of extra pounds – we’re headed into winter and it’s nothing a slouchy sweater or trendy trench coat won’t hide!

Pie Pill Boxes from Kyle Design

Shop more Unique Food and Beverage Gifts at Kyle Design! And don’t forget all our gifts are customizable – design a dessert Christmas Tree Ornament for some sweet holiday decor!

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Knit In Public Day 2010

Posted by Kyle Design on June 11, 2010

Knitters Flask

Great gift for the detailed knitter who hates mistakes – Rip it! Rip it! Ribbit! Ribbit! With a little help from your frog knitting flask, ripping out your mistake might not be as unpleasant

Tomorrow {June 12th} is the 5th annual Knit in Public Day!

I’ve compiled a list of locations in the greater Bay Area that will be participating in this world wide event. To find a location near you visit the WWKIP Day website.


Hosted by: K2Tog

Location: K2Tog 1325 Solano Avenue at 1:00pm


Hosted by: Denise Whitehead

Location: Starbucks, 3700 San Pablo Avenue at 1:00pm


Hosted by: The Urban Shop

Location: 1508 10th Street from 10:30am-4:00pm

Knitting Needle Gauge

Our Knitting and Crotchet Guide has inches and metric measurements to count stitches, plus holes to check knitting needle or crochet hook sizes

Morgan Hill

Hosted by: Megpie

Location: Farmer’s Market, Caltrain Station Parking Lot at 11:00am


Hosted by: Llama Llama Knit

Location: 1202 Grant Avenue at 1:00pm

Santa Rosa

Hosted by: Village Knitters

Location: Montgomery Village on the benches in front of Cafe des Croissants and Starlet at 1:30pm


Hosted by: Studio 49 & By Hand Yarn

Knitting Gift Pill Box

Store your pills and vitamins in our distinctive Knitter’s Pill Box

Location: Courthouse Square on Washington St at 10:00am

Walnut Creek

Hosted by: Jeanee and Jeanine Owner of Fashionknit

Location: 675 Ygnacio Valley Road B102 from 10:30am-5:00pm


Contemporary knitting needles and yarn earrings

Bring your latest knitting project, as well as your favorites to share. Great opportunity to mingle with fellow knitters, and inspire those who walk by. It’s going to be a hot weekend, so don’t forget lots of water and sunscreen!

For more unique knitting accessories and gifts, try our Knitter’s Measuring Tape, our Eyeglass Case for Knitters, our Knit and Nip Vitamin Case, our Crochet Money Clip, or our Knitting Night Light.

New to knitting? Follow our finger knitting how-to, also great for kids!

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California Independent Film Festival CIFF in Livermore CA

Posted by Kyle Design on April 20, 2009

Film Festival Holiday Ornament - Great Gift for Movie Directors, Actors, Screenwriters

Film Festival Holiday Ornament - Great Gift for Movie Directors, Actors, Screenwriters

Hurry! Today is the last day of the Califronia Independent Film Festival here in Livermore CA and there are still tickets available at the door for some great cinematic treats. (Vine Theater at 1772 First Street right in Downtown Livermore.)

Sunday Morning Festival Schedule

This morning you can catch nine Comedy Shorts from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Theater #1 (scroll way day to view really short Video Clips of Shorts here – is that a joke, too?). Titles include Cost of Living, HiBi-Chan, Just In Case, Rolla Saor (Free Film), The Green Film, The Mix Up, Three-Fifty, Ticket for Success and Wrong Number.

The 2009 Best Documentary Slate Award in being held in Theater #2.

Football Switch Plates would look great in the den of football fans, players and announcers.

Football Switch Plates would look great in the den of football fans, players and announcers.

Sunday Noon Schedule

The Shorts: Program C is showing in Theater #1 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. with six films. This section is sponsored by Goal Line Productions. Goal Line Productions is the full service sound stage company of Joe Madden (son of football player, Raider’s coach John Madden – who on Friday just announced his retirement from sports broadcasting after 30 years) and Jonathan “Sketch” White, who is the company’s studio manager. Again, you can view shorts of shorts More Video Shorts of Shorts. Films scheduled are Akira’s Hip Hop Shop, The Fenceline, The Miracle, Ruïne and Fertilize.

Award Winning Pill Box - Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Great way to encourage a filmmaker, writer or videographer to keep going for it!

Award Winning Pill Box - Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Great way to encourage a filmmaker, writer or videographer to keep going for it!

Over in Theater #2 in the Sapporo Short Fest Program that is sponsored by Kaori & Derek Zemrak (the lowbudget movie director and producer). International films showing in in this section include The Pond, Spoorweg (Losing Track), Auf der Strecke (On the Line – winner of over 50 international awards), Lumen, AlpTraum (Final Kick), Lui and Lone Rider.

Sunday Afternoon Schedule

From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., you can catch the feature film Rock Slyde in Theater #1, sponsored by Livermore Valley Florist.

Over in Theater #2, the festival is showing Shorts: Schedule A. Movies include On the Road to Tel-Aviv, Red Letter, Black Rose or How Mr. Fossenrath Tried Not to Change the World, Next Floor, The Border, Silent Lake, Limpiando Sapos and Ping Pong.

Sunday Evening Film Schedule

The feature film Camille, starring David Carradine, James Franco and Sienna Miller about a couple on their way to their honeymoon at Niagara Falls, will be showing in Theater #1.

Reach for the Stars! Movie Star business card holder will reflect your professional attitude toward a challenging, creative career choice.

Reach for the Stars! Movie Star business card holder will reflect your professional attitude toward a challenging, creative career choice.

In Theater #2 will be Shorts: Program B, again sponsored by Goal Line Productions. Films scheduled are Pluzman, Collector, Dudley’s Raft, One Little Step, La Lili à Gilles and Editing.

Sunday Night Film Schedule

The last film showing during this festival is War Eagel, Arkansas which runs from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It looks like a very moving, poignant moive that is based on a true story.

Be sure to check out Kyle Design’s unique gifts, business card holders, switch plates, pill boxes and Christmas ornaments. Click any of the photos to see more interesting gift ideas for actors, directors, movie stars, videographers, writers and more.

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