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Brown Switch Plates, Electrical Devices – Large Wall Plate Selection New at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on April 20, 2009


Update: Kyle Design has launched it’s new site dedicated to switch plates and electrical devices: Kyle Switch Plates.

Finally! By popular request, Kyle Switch Plates is now selling brown switch plates, outlet covers and matching brown electrical switches. And we are stocking them in a wide range of standard sized wall plates as well as those hard-to-find oversize switch plate sizes.

Brown Wall Plates for Natural Harmony and Tranquility


Rich Brown Switch Plates

Our light switch wall plates are a rich mahogany brown that is beautiful with the natural, tranquil look in room decor that is a growing trend in 2009. These neutral colors evoke calm and warmth, creating spaces that are comforting and inviting, an especially important feeling for home owners facing a challenging housing market. Brown switch plates are the right finishing touch against wood paneling or walls painted in earthy hues, natural wheat colors, rich cranberry shades or warm tropical tones.

Real Switch Plates for Real Homes

Ever notice something missing in those magazine spreads for room design ideas or on the design resources gallery pages on paint manufacturer’s web sites? All the switch plates have been airbrushed out of the photos! Get real. This is simply weird and not at all possible in actual homes. Besides, decorative switch plates can play an important roll in bringing elements of a room together. When done right, they add to the look. Why are those professional designers so lame that they can’t even figure out how to do that? IMHO, they need to shop at Kyle Switch Plates – I have some very sophisticated decorative wall plates as an alternative to the classic metal switch plates shown here.

Brown switch plates and electrical devices can harmonize without drawing the eye, giving rooms a cohesive, understated look. Furthermore, light switch plates can provide a small, appropriate decorative accent that unifies decor within a room. Brown wall plates are an affordable, realistic solution to redecorating a home.

Current Design Trends

Current looks reflect rich wooden furnishings, wood molding and trims, neutral window treatments, warm-toned fabric colors and earthy wall paint finishes like mocha, chocolate brown, cinnamon bark, autumn harvest, pepper spice and ancient bronze. Major room elements such as wood tables and chairs provide a solid foundation, and nature based paint colors (and the neutral switchplates that go best with them) help create a cohesive look. Brown switch plates look great with neutral color schemes, country style homes, Southwest decor and Retro looks.

Coordinating Electrical Devices


Brown Switches for Brown Switch Plates

Real homes also have practical electrical needs. Maybe you need a single device that can control three or even four lights. Or a brown electrical device that has a small light and outlet all on one housing. Don’t let wiring issues prevent you from choosing the best wall plates for your room. Kyle Switch Plates stocks brown electrical switches and receptacles to help you meet code and solve all your electric supply challenges.

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The Purse Hook – Hot “Design Your Own” Handbag Accessory

Posted by Kyle Design on April 18, 2009

Purse Hooks are the latest hot accessory for women who carry handbags!

Purse Hooks are the latest hot accessory for women who carry handbags!

Familiar yet with handbag holders, those strong hooks that hang over the edge of a table or bar to keep purses close and germ-free? Here at Kyle Design we’ve added our own twist to these up-and-coming must-have accessories that are turning into the coolest new gift idea for women of style.

Unlike other sites that offer you a dozen or two popular images (purse, cat, flower, spiral, shoes, etc. – yes, we have those, too), Kyle Design offers over 400 patterns. Specialized designs include professions, sports, musical instruments, more unusual animals, monograms,  games, crafts, Chinese characters, alcoholic drinks, fruit, trees, desserts and so much more.

Better yet, you decide what color you want, you decide if you prefer silver or gold. Literally, you create the look, we create the purse hook. No need to have a generic handbag hanger, no fear of two women whipping out the same exact holder. And we’re fast. We typically ship within a day or two – even for custom items such as these designer handbag holders.

Do Comedy and Tragedy describe your dating experience? Then we've got just the purse hook for you!

Do Comedy and Tragedy describe your dating experience? Then we've got just the purse hook for you!

Choices, Choices: How many possibilities are there? Currently, 440 original designs x 2 metal choices x 19 gorgeous colors = over 16,000 possible looks! How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many of them carry handbags? More than 16,000? I think that the chances are pretty good that you won’t show up at a restaurant or bar with the same purse hanger.

Simple? Yes! They are so easy to use. Simply set handbag holder disc on the edge of table and hook on a purse strap. That’s it!

Interested in Safety? These purse hangers are perfect for holding designer handbags, shopping bags, digital camera, tote bag strap, umbrellas or backpacks where they stay clean, safe and convenient – right next to you at a table or bar. No more worries about forgetting a purse on the back of a chair, an umbrella on the floor, or being distracted and forgetting to keep an eye on your wallet.

We have great designs for professional women such as this purse hook for a pharmacist.

We have great designs for professional women such as this purse hook for a pharmacist.

Single? These designer handbag holders are great conversation starters, too! They provide a small window into your world that someone new could run with. Although popular in Europe for years, purse table hooks are new enough here in the U.S. that most people I run into are curious about them.

Support American Designers? California artist Kyle McKeown Mansfield creates all the fun designs and unique patterns found on every handbag caddy. You can be the designer when you design your own purse hook – we’ll make it for you right here in our art studio and promptly ship your personalized purse table hook to you in a velveteen pouch.

Show your creative side, have fun, express the real you! Select a purse hook design/color/metal grouping that is a true reflection of who you are! They make wonderful gifts for her including professional women, working girls, dating singles or the handbag queen.

Want to see more? Check out our full collection of Uniqe Purse Hanger Designs. We also have really cool gifts for professionals like pharmacists, attorneys, doctors, dentists, nurses, scientists, mathematicians and others.

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Kyle Design’s Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Night Light is Back!

Posted by Kyle Design on August 28, 2008

Dead Heads Rejoice! The Dancing Bear Night Light is Back in Town

Dead Heads Rejoice! The Dancing Bear Night Light is Back in Town

Back In Town: We created this Dancing Bear Night Light for the Grateful Dead a few years back, and they are once again carrying it in their online store and catalog. So for all you Grateful Dead fans who’ve been asking me where they can get one, here it is: Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Night Light. It features a nickel silver frame over light blue stained glass and has a 4 watt bulb.

Happy Feet! Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Converse Shoes

Happy Feet! Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Converse Shoes

As soon as I shipped these night lights out to Grateful Dead Productions, my eldest daughter, who is 12, came home with new Dancing Bear Converse Shoes. She was so excited to show me them and I can see why. They feature about 5 colors of the dancing bears in a random pattern all over the outside (and inside) of the shoes. Very fun, colorful design! Nothin’ too serious going on here….

Design Your Own: Converse now offers the ability for you to create your own sneakers. This is the type of custom service we here at Kyle Design have been offering for over 25 years (!), where we allow you to create your own gifts using the design, colors, metal finish and product of your choice. You might say it is almost infinitely possible to create an artful gift that is unique. (The current rough math: 300 designs x 45 colors x 2 metals x 100 products = 2,700,000. Do you need more choices than that? Well, if so, there is always our custom design services….)

Custom Work: I have created custom pieces such as the night light above where I take a company logo, in this case the happy dancing bear itself, then incorporate that image into a scene or design based on the product shape. I have designed custom bookmarks and business card holders for Yosemite National Park based on a door hinge pattern, developed a line of vitamin cases and money clips for the Top of the Rock Observation Deck Gift Shop at the Rockefeller Center based on their logo, created a custom letter opener for Trinitas Hospital, among other projects. Please visit the Kyle Design Custom Work Gifts page to see more examples.

Bear Letter Opener is Easy to Find, Fun to Use

Bear Letter Opener is Easy to Find, Fun to Use

But if you don’t want to go through all that trouble and just prefer to pick from the nearly 3 million possibilities that we currently offer, then please visit Kyle Design: Cool Custom Gifts for Over 25 Years. Why, we can even ship your custom gift today if you need it shipped that fast. We normally do send orders with 1-2 days, even with custom engraving. Check us out if you want something different

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Cool Eyeglasses Holders – Contemporary Styles To Keep Your Glasses Safe

Posted by Kyle Design on July 8, 2008

No more squinting or searching! I’ve just introduced my expanded line of unique eyeglass holders in time for summer fun. Tired of misplacing your glasses or not being able to see? Looking for eyeglasses leashes that you want to wear? If so, (ooo, I just love introducing something new!) you’ll want to check out these stylish, contemporary eye glass holder choices for both men and women that will save you the frustration of trying to find those rascally glasses. And so attractive you’ll want one for all your eyewear!

I started designing this collection of glasses holders about a year and a half ago when I ended up needing 3 new pairs of glasses – sunglasses, reading glasses for the computer and distance glasses. That’s usually how I come up with something new – it’s something I need!

I want to use attractive, colorful items that have an artistic flair, so usually I find I have to design the items I need myself. (Which is OK – I love designing!) It seems that most items on the market are just so boringly functional and basic. So I get working on coming up with something new! And as always with me, one design or style is not enough (I call myself the queen of overkill), so I’m featuring many here. I hope with the wide range of looks and colors available, you’ll actually enjoy wearing these styles. Never lose or break another pair of glasses again, whether they be your expensive designer sunglasses or your must-have everyday reading glasses.

Art Deco Eyeglasses Holders in Silver and GreenDesigner Accents: Just New! I’ve created these beaded styles to give the appearance of earrings – but with chains on the end! That way, they don’t scream “bad eyes”, “granny glasses” or “absent-minded sunglasses wearer”. Already in my experience wearing mine, people just complement me on my “earrings” without ever realizing that I’m actually wearing eyeglasses holders. Choose from many designs – including Irish Celtic, Cats, Hearts, Roses, Butterflies, Art Nouveau, Spirals and several abstract images. Each eyeglasses lanyard is custom made with your choice of either gold or silver design accents with 12 striking color systems from which to choose. Shown here is the silver Art Deco pattern with green aluminum chains and emerald glass beads.


Contemporary Eyeglasses Holders for Man or WomanClassic Yet Contemporary: These simple eyeglass leashes have just enough style to say “contemporary” with their anodized aluminum ball chains and black rubber loops, yet are slim, lightweight and comfortable. Perfect for the man or woman who doesn’t need flash yet still wants to look professional. Available in a dozen sophisticated colors, from classic black to a lovely lavender.

Fancy Beaded Glasses Holders with Crystals and Decorative ElementsPretty and Elegant: These beautiful glasses holders are designed with cut crystal beads to add a bit more sparkle and elegance to your look. Available in two lengths with either rubber grip clips or loops on the end. The best way to keep your reading glasses handy for when you need them is to use an eyeglass holder that is attractive and adds style to your look. These are perfect if you’re looking for a more traditional jewelry look (that you don’t normally find on eyeglasses holders!) If you love them, you’ll wear them!

Fun, Colorful Eyeglass Leashes with Turquoise and Purple Aluminum AccentsFun and Colorful: If you like a bolder look with more color, these eye-catching glasses chains are the way to go. Created with larger design elements and fun colors, to make more of an artistic statement. Also available in a black and silver combination and a pink and silver combination. And always, in a choice of attractive designs that span the looks from antique to contemporary.

I hope with the wide range of fashionable looks and colors available, you’ll actually enjoy wearing these styles. Never lose or break another pair of glasses again, whether they be your expensive designer sunglasses or your must-have everyday reading glasses. Now there is no excuse to not wear your glasses! No more wishing you could see! I enjoy wearing mine and love getting compliments. I hope you will, too! Please visit Unique Eyeglass Holders, Glasses Cases and Contact Lens Carriers for Kyle Design’s full selection of leashes, chains and holders for sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear accessories.

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Antique Reproduction Push Button Switch Plates, Switches, Dimmers

Posted by Kyle Design on April 11, 2008

Shop Push Button Switches & Cover Plates

Another emerging trend for us is the renewed interest in push button switch plates and switches that were popular in the early 20th century in American Craftsman bungalows, Arts and Crafts style homes and Victorian era houses. They recently popped up in the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and there are whole magazines devoted to those interested in remodeling, restoring and maintaining these beautiful turn-of-the-century homes, including American Bungalow, Victorian Home, etc., and we have good news for those of you who appreciate old-fashioned style touches.

After much searching, we are excited to have found a current manufacturer of these old-fashioned push button devices. We now happily can offer the pushbutton devices in single pole push-button light switches, 3 way push button light switches and 600W pushbutton light dimmer switches (to name a few) with great prices. These antique reproduction switches are designed to work with both existing wiring in homes undergoing restoration as well as with new electrical wiring in modern homes.

My sister lives in a 1920 built Craftsman Bungalow that she has been renovating for the last 10 years. Her home still has some of the existing push button plates and switches. She chose to keep these switches when she had the electric wiring redone because she wanted to maintain the original look and feel of the electrical devices of the period.

But being true to the period doesn’t mean you have to give up newer innovations. One modern convenience is the push button style light dimmer switch. The top knob on these dimmers turns the device on and off, while the bottom button can be rotated to dim the lights.

In addition, we have expanded our selection of push button switchplates to include more finishes and sizes. We carry the one gang single pushbutton switch plates in 14 metal finishes including black, white, ivory, satin stainless steel, polished chrome, polished brass, polished copper, brushed brass, antique brass, brushed bronze, oil rubbed bronze, dark oiled bronze, satin aluminum and brushed aluminum. In addition, we carry two gang double push-button switch plates, triple pushbutton cover plates and even a four gang push-button wall plate in white. All priced to be affordable so your renovation project doesn’t go over budget.

Decorative Push Button Light Switch Covers

Be sure to check out our decorative push button switch plates as well. These decorator switch covers are available in a range of patterns -from antique to modern designs.

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Marie Antoinette Show at San Francisco Legion of Arts

Posted by Kyle Design on January 14, 2008

Fleur De Lis Holiday Ornament in Custom ColorsMy girls and I visited the Legion of Honor in San Francisco yesterday to take in the Marie-Antoinette and the Petit Trianon at Versailles show running now through February 17, 2008. The show hoped to clear up some of the mysteries and misconceptions surrounding this infamous Queen of France. It certainly was a very interesting, although not spectacular, collection of paintings, furniture and drawings from her private retreat. The girls enjoyed the show, and I think it is important to continually expose them to art of different periods, even though our tastes tend to run toward the contemporary.

Woman artist and painter Vigée Le Brun painted at least 30 portraits of Marie-Antoinette, and my eldest daughter noticed that at least two in the show (and 6 of the 30 I’ve since discovered) were of the exact same pose, of her with a bent arm holding up a rose, with just a different outfit. (The early days of production work?)

Artist Design Flask with Painter's Easel, Palette and PaintbrushesMarie Antoinette, who apparently was a bit prudish, had large paintings that featured nudity replaced by paintings of her choice: scenes from her happy childhood with her many siblings (she was the youngest of 15). Although with one painting, named “Fishing” which might have been by Francois Boucher(?), I wondered if it was partly because of the grotesque Mermaid-like creatures with their deformed squiggly tails like underdeveloped fish writhing in the water or floating in the air. Yuck! These are not the smooth, shimmery green tails found on Mermaids in Disney movies.

And these paintings are huge! Enough to give anyone nightmares, if you ask me. She was only 14 in 1770 when she was married off to the future King Louis XVI, sight unseen, leaving behind her large family in Austria in the move to France. (He actually didn’t become King until 1774.)

Chair Pill Holder in Silver and Iridescent RustThere was one little four-poster bed, “The Bed from the King’s Bedroom”, with matching chairs, in crimson and white silk that my youngest thought she might still fit, but for me as a grown woman thought that, at best, I could sit up in it. They must have all been very short, or they all just slept (uncomfortably?) as balls, perhaps having nightmares.

There were a couple of fine examples of marquetry, in particular a dressing table by Jean-Henri Riesener made of satinwood, kingwood and gilt bronze that masterfully gave the impression of a raised pattern of diamonds.

Decorative Cake Business Card HolderSo, did Marie Antoinette ever say, “Let them eat cake!“? Or more fully, “If they have no bread, let them eat cake!” Most likely, no. The saying had actually been around for 100 years before her time. She was at the wrong place and the wrong time; she alienated the French court with her unconventional actions, she became a pawn of others and suffered unfavorable public opinion during and after the French Revolution that eventually lead to her death by guillotine at the age of 37 in 1793.

Click photos above or following links to see more of my Fleur De Lis, Artist, Chair or Cake Design collections.

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Girl’s Halloween Costume Idea: Oscar-Winner Julia Roberts in Valentino Dress

Posted by Kyle Design on October 17, 2007

julia-roberts-valentino-1.jpgLast year, my 10-year-old daughter’s request for her Julia Roberts Accepting Oscar Statue in 2001Halloween costume was to be Julia Roberts wearing Valentino. This was the black and white designer dress she wore when she received the 2001 Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in Erin Brockovich (2000). Julia Roberts is holding her Oscar Statuette after receiving her Academy Award in the photo at right.


I made my daughter’s costume out of velveteen, netting and satin ribbon. My daughter loved the costume and was thrilled when people actually recognized who she was.


I started with Butterick pattern 3484 which is a long dress with an Empire waist and a slit down the front. I altered the pattern pieces so the slit was in the back of my version. I edged the slit with white satin ribbon and added several yards of netting gathered under the back of the slit. To create the “V” of shear fabric in the front, I sewed on a “V” of the shear with two rows of stitching, then cut away the velveteen underneath. I then trimmed the edges with the white satin that became the straps of the dress as well.


To finish out the look, we added a matching hair piece and black and white high-heeled shoes. In addition, I purchased a small Oscar-like statuette that we had engraved with Julia Roberts – Best Actress. These small award statues are quite affordable and can be purchased from trophy and award companies like K 2 Awards or They ship very quickly, even with the engraving.



If you’d like to see larger images and a more detailed description of how I made this costume, please visit Julia Roberts Halloween Costume. For unique gift ideas such as the engraved metal credit card wallets or travel pill cases shown above, check out our Achievement and Award Winner Gifts.

Awards Night Prize Pill CaseAwards Statue Accessory Wallet

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Vivienne Westwood Fashion Exhibition in San Francisco

Posted by Kyle Design on March 27, 2007

I waw the Vivienne Westwood show this weekend at the de Young Museum in San Francisco and was so impressed by it. She is a truly great clothing designer who has delighted in shocking with her edgy fashions. Her designs force the eye to go where modesty normally would dictate they avert. A knit sweater with a large opening right over the breasts, a fig-leaf stitched onto the crotch to tights, mini crinolines that sway and allow a sneak peek underneath, elegant evening gowns beaded to resemble breasts, exaggerated backsides designed to create the impression of a small waist. Even my daughters (11 and 8 ) were impressed by the subtle humor of a demure dusty blue dress when they realized that the button pinching in the waist was a tiny penis.

I noticed a teenager attending the show with her father who was dressed in punk fashions — a graffiti t-shirt, baggy black shorts, high-top sneakers, heavy chains. Her outfit highlighted for me how talented Westwood is. This young girl’s ensemble was missing the point of the edgy fashion. Westwood’s clothes are sexy and push your buttons, whereas this young girl was just frumpy.

I loved the peekaboo slashed gowns and the contrast between the rough and poor and the bright and luxurious, and I now have a new-found respect for punk fashions. This is inspirational work that recharges the creative spirit because it is so out of the ordinary, such a contrast to the banality of most fashion.

I smiled the whole way through this show and still can’t get it out of my mind. IMHO, this is a don’t-miss exhibition.

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