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Unique End of Sports Season Gifts for Seniors

Posted by Kyle Design on April 21, 2014

Water Polo Ornament for End of Season Party

Water Polo Ornament for End of Season Party

For many high school students, senior year is their final year of sports. Make their end-of-season party all the more special with an engraved ornament keepsake from Kyle Design. Kyle’s handcrafted, beaded sports ornaments can be engraved with each athlete’s name, their school and the year. Or, add your own inspirational message as you congratulate them on their hard work and wish them success in their futures.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give seniors as end of season gifts, you’ll love Kyle’s custom ornaments featuring her etched metal sports designs. Shop water polo, tennis, softball, cheer, hockey, golf, lacrosse, track, swimming and other popular sports designs. Each ornament can be personalized with high school team or squad colors and individualized engravings. Kyle’s unique sports gift ornaments for end of season presentations make fantastic gifts for coaches too.

How to Order a Custom Sports Ornament from Kyle Design

There are 2 easy ways to order an end of season sports keepsake ornament for coaches and seniors.

1. Click to Shop Sports Ornaments – find your sport and select it to order in gold or silver and personalize with accent colors and engraving.

2. For a fully customized ornament, click Customize My Own Sports Ornament – you can choose from 7 of Kyle’s decorative ornament shapes in silver or gold, add any sport, hand select the accent, ribbon and bead colors, and add a personalized engraved message.

It’s that easy! Your unique athletic awards will be handcrafted in Kyle’s Northern California studio and shipped out within just 1-2 business days (that includes engraved award ornaments). So even if you’re looking for last-minute gifts, these custom end of season ornament awards are the perfect solution.

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Must-Haves for Olympic Fans: Show Support for Team USA

Posted by Kyle Design on June 29, 2012

Go for the gold with these Team USA keepsakes that you can design yourself!

That’s right!  By selecting an Olympic sport, pairing it with a patriotic design, and adding red, white, or blue, you can design your own unique gifts for USA fans. If you like to watch the gymnastics team, tennis matches, volleyball games, or triathlon (to name a few), you’ll love designing a cool keepsake with these exclusive designs – available exclusively in Kyle Design’s Online Design-Your-Own Gift Shop. Once you’ve selected the perfect combination to represent you, add your design combo to a custom metal gift at Kyle Design. It’s fun, easy, and affordable and since your personalized item is truly unique, you’ll have satisfaction in knowing no one else has anything like it!

Create your own Summer Games 2012 keepsake now and you’ll be getting compliments on your creation in no time!


2012 Games Keepsake Travel Case

Sample Gift:
Summer Games Travel Case

Sample Gift:
USA Gymnastics Money Clip












Want to show support for ALL U.S. teams? Select a unique patriotic gift featuring an American Flag or stars-and-stripes design.

Red Stars and Stripes Flag Badge Holder

Patriotic Badge Reel
Shown in Red

Round American Flag Pill Box

Blue Stars and Stripes
Team USA Pill Box

Gold American Flag Nite Lite

Go for the Gold
American Flag Nightlight



Show support for our country with sports themed gifts from Kyle Design.

Click links below to browse unique gifts for anyone who plays or watches sports.

Badminton Gifts                              Gymnastics Gifts                          Swimming Gifts

Basketball Gifts                               Hockey Gifts                                   Tennis Gifts

Cycling Gifts                                    Rowing Gifts                                   Water Polo Gifts

Equestrian Gifts                              Sailing Gifts                                    Volleyball Gifts

Fencing Gifts                                   Shooting Gifts

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Basketball Terms Everyone Should Know

Posted by Kyle Design on March 15, 2012

I’m not exactly a #1 fan when it comes to any sport. Baseball absolutely puts me to sleep. I have no idea what’s going on during a football game and terms like “down box” and “encroachment” are lost on me. However, over the years I’ve done my share of sitting through sporting events in an effort to meet guys, impress guys I’ve dated, or to make my husband happy. As a result, there are certain terms that I’ve come to recognize like “off sides,” “double play, “free-throw,” and my personal least favorite…”overtime.”

Sometimes to joke around I use incorrect terminology when watching a game. Like if someone shoots the basketball and doesn’t score because the ball was to the left or right of the basket, I’ll say it was “off sides.” And if I fear a baseball game is gonna go into extra innings, I’ll ask my husband, “This isn’t going to go into overtime, is it?” So imagine my surprise to learn that “field goal” – a term I’ve filed in my brain as “football related” is also a real basketball term! What?!

If I had to pick a sport to call my “favorite” it would be – hands-down – basketball. I played it in school, enjoy attending NBA games, and have on occasion filled out my own bracket. I can follow the game and I’ve never felt confused about what was going on out there on the court. But apparently, there are some things I don’t know about this sport. So, now that March Madness is here, I’ve decided to brush up on basketball terminology. Here’s some fun sports terms and interesting trivia you can throw out to show off your basketball knowledge this season, whether you’re genuinely interested in the game or just using it as a ploy to meet men 😉

“Ball handler” – the player with the ball

“Field Goal” – any basket that’s not a free throw

“Bank Shot” – a shot in which the ball bounces off the backboard into the basket

“Layup” – a shot in which the player moves rapidly toward the basket, jumps up under the basket, and banks the ball off the backboard into the basket

“Inside Shooting” – shots taken from near or under the basket

“Outside Shooting” – shots taken from the perimeter, which is the area beyond the foul circle away from the basket

“Shot Clock” – the team with the ball has a time limit to make their shot (35 seconds for men and 30 seconds for women in college, 23 seconds in the NBA)

“Crossover Dribble” – when a player dribbles the ball across his or her body from one hand to the other

“Double Team” – when 2 teammates both guard a single opponent

“Full-court Press” – when players on defense start to guard their opponents before they cross the midcourt line

“Floor Violation” – when a player violates a rule but doesn’t prevent an opponent’s movement or cause an injury

“Personal Foul” – contact between players that could cause an injury or give a team unfair advantage

“Technical Foul” – when a player commits a procedural violation or engages in misconduct that the referee deems detrimental to the game

Court Size – 94′ x 50′

Root for your favorite team in style with customized basketball gifts from Kyle Design. And, since beer and basketball mix so well, get a personalized beer themed gift for your boyfriend or husband that he can use while watching this year’s NCAA tournament.

Custom Bottle Opener Keychains in 100s of Designs

Engravable Bottle Opener Key Chains

Custom Basketball Flasks from Kyle Design

March Madness Basketball Flasks – Personalize yours!

Blue Basketball Money Clip for Men

Silver Basketball Money Clip for Men

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Lakers Gloat After Winning 12th Battle in Historical Rivalry with Celtics

Posted by Kyle Design on June 21, 2010

Cool Los Angeles Hometeam Lakers Buiness Card Holder Case for Avid B-Ball Fans.

6 Oz. Polish Boston "Big Three" Celtics Stainless Steel Flask for Avid B-Ball Fans.

Though the Celtics may have lost this battle, the war is not yet won. Toast good luck to your favorite team as they begin to strategize for the next Basketball season.

I’ll admit, while I’m not the most well-versed person in the basketball realm, I know enough about basketball fans to know that losses – similar to that of the Boston Celtics in last week’s Game 7 – can crush a fanatic’s faith in both justice and the world at-large. On the upside, clinching an NBA Title basically guarantees a lifetime of bragging rights for a champion team.

Case in point: the LA Lakers celebrated their recent triumph to the tune of a $2 million victory parade that took place in downtown Los Angeles this morning. Gloat much?

“Humble” displays of NBA Finals victory aside, I have to say that I admire basketball fans for their blatant passion, generally manifested in loud, overt displays of shouting profanity at televisions, radios and random passersby. Every team also has a sentimental story, as evidenced in the great Lakers-Celtics rivalry, and here basketball seems to have evolved into a coherent way of life for many. Said best by the late-great John Wooden:

It is most difficult, in my mind, to separate any success, whether it be in your profession, your family, or as in my case, in basketball, from religion.”

Got basketball on the brain? For those who can’t stop dribbling day and night, check out our Hip Hoop Dreams Gifts and B-Ball Accessories to show off your athletic spirit.

Gift shopping for a basketball coach, MVP or team captain? See our First Place Championship Keepsakes and Memorable Gift Collections for Coaches and Athletes to find a winning gift that’s sure to be a slam dunk!

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Gifts for Soccer World Cup Fans

Posted by Kyle Design on June 11, 2010

2010 World Cup Flask

Cheer your friends as you watch the matches with our original 2010 6 ounce World Cup drinking flask

Soccer Flask

It has been four years in the making, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is finally here!

The first match began early this morning, and they will continue until the 32 countries dwindle down to just 2, facing off in the final match on July 11th in South Africa.

This world wide event is enjoyed by millions in countries all over the world. I will be rooting for USA tomorrow in their first match of the event against England.

Who will you be rooting for?

Do you have any devoted soccer fans in your life, or perhaps you are one yourself? Our Soccer Money Clip is the perfect way to hold the money you will be betting with.Give your favorite soccer coach our Soccer Business Card Case. Surprise your soccer playing son or daughter by decorating their room with our Decorative Soccer Balls Switchplates.

Or take a look at all of our Cool Soccer Gifts.

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Does Giants Pitcher Randy Johnson Need 300 Win Business Card Holder?

Posted by Kyle Design on June 6, 2009

Livermore’s Randy Johnson joins baseball greats with win 300 this week pitching against the Nationals and guess what, Kyle Design has just the thing to mark this achievement: our Number 300 Business Card Holder. Know someone else who needs a special business card holder with a significant 3 digit number? Have a friend who bowled a perfect 300? Met a personal goal? Loved the movie 300? Want to commemorate a major (league) milestone with a special gift? Now you can with Kyle Design’s new Three Icon Business Card Holders with any “Big Unit” up to 999.

Pitched a 300 win? Bowled a 300 game? Number 300 business card holder says it all.

Pitched a 300 win? Bowled a 300 game? Number 300 business card holder says it all.

You design it, we make it: I’ve created these cool new biz card cases so you can put together three numbers, letters, sports, professions in any combination you want. How about two initials and the symbol of a favorite pastime? Or a three letter monogram? MLB? Company acronym? An initial and a birthday number? The letter “I” plus a heart plus whatever it is you love? You get to be the designer using a business card case as a canvas with images I provide. (Hundreds of choices! It really is quite fun to put them together!)

Hey all you MLB players who like fresh, clean pieces of gum: Baseball chewing gum holder keeps it appetizing!

Hey all you MLB players who like fresh, clean pieces of gum: Baseball chewing gum holder keeps it appetizing!

And speaking of knowing Randy Johnson, he grew up right here in Livermore, CA, and went to Livermore High School (Class of 1982) with the best man at my wedding. So what does that make it in the Human Web: two degrees of separation?

Being about the same age as Randy Johnson, I think what he did is pretty darn impressive. To maintain that level of skill and fitness is amazing. I’m sure he has worked very hard and so deserves all the accolades coming his way. Congratulations!

So if you’re a MLB baseball fan or knows someone who likes to play ball, be sure to check out Kyle Design’s Baseball Gifts where you’ll find some really cool items you’ve never seen before. Honest.

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Unique Father’s Day Gift Guide 2008 – Fresh Ideas

Posted by Kyle Design on June 3, 2008

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I can help you find something cool with my 2008 Father’s Day Gift Guide. Many people are searching for something unique for a dad, husband, brother or son, and I have compiled a list of 12 unusual gifts. Because Kyle Design can customize all of our gift items with 100s of designs, a choice of colors and your preference between silver and gold, your gift for a special dad can be one-of-a-kind. Just click on any of the photos below to order.

Handyman Pill Case in Silver with Red Features Saw, Hammer and Square Tools1. Tools Pill Box – Know a handyman dad who enjoys doing things around the house but ends up with a few aches and pains for his efforts? (It’s not as easy as it once was, is it?) This Construction Tools pill box is the perfect place to store some pills for pain relief. Or maybe this red tool box is the only size he’ll really use.

Airplane Night Light in Polished Silver and Deep Blue Glass2. New Father Gift Idea: Airplane Night Light – Looking for a new father gift idea for a man who is an aviation buff or who enjoys flying his own plane? How about an Airplane night light to help guide his way down the hall at night to care for a crying baby. Helps calm older kids, too. We have decorative night lights in over 100 designs, so whatever his interests, you can find the perfect night light.

Hot Flames Crushproof Eyeglasses Case3. Old Father Gift: Fire Eyeglasses Case – OK, older father ( should #2 above be a newer dad?) – Know a dad who’s getting a little older who now has to wear reading glasses? Are those eyeglasses getting sat upon one too many times? The solution? A crushproof eyeglass case will protect those glasses from any more damage and look good at the same time. And just because your husband’s older now, doesn’t mean you don’t think he’s still hot.

Masculine Glasses Holders in Black Aluminum4. Stop Looking Glasses Holders for Men – We also have some very simple eyeglass leashes in black anodized aluminum that work for men – perfect for the dad who keeps misplacing his glasses or who never has them when he needs them. Because who can see to find what they’re looking for in the first place without their glasses? Lightweight, too.

Mountain Biking Key Ring in Silver5. Mountain Biking Key Chain – Know a dad who likes cycling? Or one who wants to get back in shape? How about a mountain biking themed key chain to offer a gentle reminder to exercise and enjoy that fresh air and sunshine. Yes, you could take the car, but maybe, this time you could take your bike….

Classic Engraved Business Card Holders in Silver, Gold and Black6. More Traditional Dad: Perhaps just a classic engraved business card case would be just the thing your dad would appreciate. Not too flashy, just understated, with his name engraved on the front and a warm father’s day greeting engraved on the back, or even a secret message inside the lid. Kyle Design offers a variety of choices – thin, thick, polished, brushed, silver, gold, solid brass and black. (And that’s just for the plain ones – we have so many decorative ones, too!)

Pirate Skull Money Clips in Silver and Black

7. Less Traditional Dad – Maybe the dad you had in mind is a husband or brother who is a little edgier and would appreciate an alternative type of Father’s Day gift such as a Pirate Money Clip. Let him know you appreciate the fun-loving side of him, too. Now he can be as wild and crazy with that mad money as he wants to be.

Metal Travel Cigar Cases in Cool Patterns for Guys8. Cigar Smoking Dad – Know a dad who’s smokin’? Or one who enjoys a good cigar now and then? Check out our custom cigar travel cases. The ones shown here feature a stock market design and a rooster design, but again, we have a lot to chose from. Plus, you get to pick his favorite color in the background. Just like that, you have a gift that shows you really care (as long as he smokes outside….)

Golf Id Badge Holder in Brass and Green9. Golf Playing Father – Know a working dad who would rather be out on the links playing golf? We have these fun ID Name Badge Holders with golf clubs that he can wear while at work. All work and no play makes dad a dull boy, so encourage him to get out there on the greens so he can “work” on his stroke.

Baseball Chewing Gum Case in Silver with Aqua10. Baseball Playing Dad – How about a dad who enjoys playing ball? Those players often like chewing their gum out there on the ball field, but don’t like all the prickly, grassy things that can get stuck in a piece of gum if left unprotected in a pocket. So we have the Baseball Chewing Gum Case for storing a pack of gum. Much more appetizing – so you can concentrate on the game and not what’s in you gum. Great for toothpicks, too.

Artistic iPod Cases for Dads Who Enjoy Listening to Music11. Music-Loving Pops – Is it time to get the dad in your life an iPod? Or does he already have one, but just needs some help keeping it all together? We have travel cases in a variety of shapes and sizes for iPods and the ear buds on our page of Cool iPod Cases.

Fireworks Celebration Flasks - 8 Ounce Stainless Steel12. Fatherhood Fireworks Celebration Flask – Celebrate Father’s Day with dad in style when you use a cool stainless steel hip flask. Share all those funny stories (well, maybe they weren’t funny at the time), or reminisce about all the good times he’s had being a dad. Or perhaps he can just enjoy thinking about the fireworks that got him in this position in the first place. 😉

It’s not too late! Now is a perfect time to get an affordable yet distinctive gift for the special father in your life. And just because we customize all our gifts doesn’t mean you have to wait a long time for them. We normally ship within 1 to 2 days, and even try to ship air packages the same business day.

Shopping at the last minute? Kyle Design offers fast service and air shipping for those of you who have lucked out at the mall and still want to let dad know how much you care. (Just mention that your item is a Father’s Day Gift when checking out and select air shipping, and we will try to send your gift the same day – time allowing.) So be sure to check out our full selection of Unique Father’s Day Gifts. Dad always took good care of you – now we can help you take good care of him.

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Barry Bonds’ Home Run Ball 756 Doesn’t Make Murphy a Millionaire

Posted by Kyle Design on September 16, 2007

Barry Bonds created a $752,467 ball when he broke Hank Aaron’s Home Run Record onBaseball Christmas Ornament in Custom Colors August 7, 2007 with home run Number 756. This history-making ball which was caught by New Yorker Matt Murphy at AT&T Park in San Francisco sold at auction last night (September 15, 2007). There were 31 bids. Experts had only expected the ball to sell for around $500,000. The auction was held by Sotheby’s.

The ball sold for nearly $1,000 per home run, falling just a few thousand short. The price includes a 20% buyer’s premium.

In addition, home run ball Number 755, which tied up the record, sold for $186,750 with 11 bids on it.

Are you a baseball fan? What baseball themed gifts in your team’s colors? Then check out our Custom Baseball Gifts and Decor. You get to pick your colors and metals on a huge range of cool gifts.

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South Lake Tahoe – One Day Travel Tips

Posted by Kyle Design on September 7, 2007

Gorgeous South Lake TahoeOn a recent Sunday, I zipped off to Lake Tahoe, on the California and Nevada border, forMountain Hiker's Business Card Case an overnight trip. We chose to drive up Sunday morning, giving us the opportunity to look agog at all the terrible traffic going the other way and allowing us to practically sail up there in just over 3 hours. It was just my husband, our eldest daughter and me this time because our youngest was off at camp in the Colorado mountains for the week.

Volleyball Travel Jewelry BoxJet Ski Rental Tip: Once at South Lake Tahoe, my husband and daughter headed straight for the jet skis. Note: the jet ski rentals are $10 cheaper at the marina on Lake Shore Blvd. near Beach Road (which has no public beach), but we rented at Zephyr Cove because there was a beach. You can rent wetsuits from them as well. I, on the other hand, quite contentedly grabbed the latest book I’m reading, Japanland: A Year In Search Of Wa by Karen Muller, found a shady spot by the sand volleyball court on said beach, and knocked out several chapters. Watched a few matches and snuck in a few winks, too.

Metal Wallet for Credit Cards with Swimmer DesignTips for Swimmers: After that it was time to check in to our hotel, the Horizon Casino Hotel in Stateline, Nevada. The rooms were fine, but we did have a nice view of the swimming pool, and as we are swimmers this was perfectly fine by us. This hotel touted its outdoor pool as the largest at any hotel in the area. What they neglected to mention is that it pool is barely heated. I guess they assume that anyone who enjoys the cold, refreshing waters of Lake Tahoe would like their pool to feel the same way.

They conveniently have no thermostat anywhere in the pool – I checked every intake. I went for a brisk 1000 yard swim Sunday morning, after catching my breath, that really was quite pleasant once you warmed up. The upside of the cold pool is that it really cuts down on non-swimmers getting in the way of your workout. No one dawdles in this pool. And it does appear to be a full 25 yards across at the dividing line between the deep and shallow areas, so no weird-length workouts.

Walking Trail Tip: Later, we went for a 45 minute walk through the Edgewood Golf Course (beautiful, quiet, huge trees) and through downtown where they were replacing huge pipes in the street (ugly, noisy, huge equipment).

Restaurant Tip: If you like Indian food, our favorite restaurant in Tahoe is Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine at the Quality Inn. Fresh and tasty with good service.

Click any of the photos above to find out more about the Volleyball Pill Box, Swimmer’s Wallet, or Mountain Business Card Case. Or visit each of our themed gifts pages: Volleyball Gifts, Swimming Gifts and Mountain Gifts.

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Some Guys Have All the Luck – Tiger Wins 13th Major

Posted by Kyle Design on August 14, 2007

Golf Divot Repair Tool KitsTiger Woods won his 13th major golf title on Sunday at the PGA Championship in Tulsa, OK. Woods was definitely sweating this one, not only because of the sweltering 102 degree weather, but because Austin and Els weren’t making in easy for him. Woods shot a 69 eight-under-par to Woody Austin‘s 67 and Ernie Els‘ 66 for the day, still pulling out the win with 272 strokes, two ahead of Austin and three ahead of Els and earned himself $1,260,000.

Tiger in Woods Pill Holder in Gold and GreenNow that Tiger has this traditionally unlucky number under his belt, perhaps he is refocusing on catching Jack Nicklaus as the all-time golf champion. Woods is now within five titles of matching Jack Nicklaus‘ record of 18 major titles, so it may even happen within the next three to four years. This was Woods’ 4th PGA Tournament win and he can stash his new cup with the 3 other Wanamaker trophies he earned in 2006, 2000 and 1999. Thirteen titles in eleven years. Not bad.

We showcase our Divot Repair Tool Kits shown here in our Lucky 4-Leaf Clover design and our Golf Clubs design. Sometimes you just need a little luck to have things go your way.

If you’re shopping online for unique gifts for golfers, visit our Golf Gifts and Decor page. For Tiger gifts such as the tiny pill holder at left, check out our Unique Tiger Gifts collection. We also have many custom gifts with a good luck theme from which to choose on our Good Luck Gifts page.

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