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Unique End of Sports Season Gifts for Seniors

Posted by Kyle Design on April 21, 2014

Water Polo Ornament for End of Season Party

Water Polo Ornament for End of Season Party

For many high school students, senior year is their final year of sports. Make their end-of-season party all the more special with an engraved ornament keepsake from Kyle Design. Kyle’s handcrafted, beaded sports ornaments can be engraved with each athlete’s name, their school and the year. Or, add your own inspirational message as you congratulate them on their hard work and wish them success in their futures.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give seniors as end of season gifts, you’ll love Kyle’s custom ornaments featuring her etched metal sports designs. Shop water polo, tennis, softball, cheer, hockey, golf, lacrosse, track, swimming and other popular sports designs. Each ornament can be personalized with high school team or squad colors and individualized engravings. Kyle’s unique sports gift ornaments for end of season presentations make fantastic gifts for coaches too.

How to Order a Custom Sports Ornament from Kyle Design

There are 2 easy ways to order an end of season sports keepsake ornament for coaches and seniors.

1. Click to Shop Sports Ornaments – find your sport and select it to order in gold or silver and personalize with accent colors and engraving.

2. For a fully customized ornament, click Customize My Own Sports Ornament – you can choose from 7 of Kyle’s decorative ornament shapes in silver or gold, add any sport, hand select the accent, ribbon and bead colors, and add a personalized engraved message.

It’s that easy! Your unique athletic awards will be handcrafted in Kyle’s Northern California studio and shipped out within just 1-2 business days (that includes engraved award ornaments). So even if you’re looking for last-minute gifts, these custom end of season ornament awards are the perfect solution.

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xx = xy: Girls Equal Boys in Math Skills

Posted by Kyle Design on July 25, 2008

Girl Power Vitamin Case - Keeping Women Strong (in Math) and Healthy

Girl Power Vitamin Case - Keeping Women Strong (in Math) and Healthy

As a woman (xx) who was good in math and as the mother of two girls (2xx) who are good in math, I was thrilled to see the results of a study that found no difference in scores on math tests between the boys and girls. Mathematics is a critical skill that should be encouraged and presented in a positive way. No more setting lower expectations. No more teen Barbie dolls proclaiming “Math class is tough.” I believe girls and women will do well if told they will do well. Set the bar high.

Mathematics Tape Measure - Perfect for Measuring the Differences Between the Math Skills of Girls and Boys

Mathematics Tape Measure - Perfect for Measuring the Differences Between the Math Skills of Girls and Boys

In a study published today in the journal Science, by Janet S. Hyde, Sara M. Lindberg, Marcia C. Linn, Amy B. Ellis and Caroline C. Williams, finds that there are no gender differences between the sexes in performance on math tests. The researchers reviewed results of math tests taken in 2005, 2006 and 2007 from almost 7 million students in 10 states. One of the study’s authors, Marcia C. Linn, is professor of development and cognition specializing in education in mathematics, science, and technology in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley. The fact that she is a professor at my alma mater only increased my sense of delight. Go Bears!

My favorite class in high school was geometry (not art as one might expect of a professional artist!), but which is a type of math that has a strong visual element to it. I loved it! I think math is fun and that is always the attitude I take with my girls.

Celebrate Being Number One with an Engraved Christmas Ornament

Celebrate Being Number One with an Engraved Christmas Ornament

My math-major husband (xy) has always encouraged our daughters in math as well, finding every opportunity to find a math angle to discuss about a subject. He and our eldest daughter participated this last year in MATHCOUNTS, an after school program that encourages enthusiasm for math and attempts to enhance achievement in middle school mathematics throughout the United States. Our eldest daughter’s team won first place in the 6th Grade Livermore city MATHCOUNTS competition. You go, girl!!

In the spoof of former Harvard president Lawrence H. Summer’s remarks about the differences between men and women, Principal Skinner of The Simpsons, struggles with his words at an assembly: “No, no, no! It’s the differences…of which there are none, that make the sameness…exceptional! [desperately] Just tell me what to say!”

Girl Equal Boys. At last, we have statistical proof!

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate a math achievement or to reward girls for their accomplishments, please click on any of the photos above or check out the Kyle Design Math Gifts, Gifts for Women, Number One Awards and Christmas Ornament collections.


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Retirement Gifts Ideas – Special Gifts They’ll Really Use

Posted by Kyle Design on June 4, 2008

This is a busy time of year for us here at Kyle Design – from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, with graduations and retirements in between. For those of you looking for something truly nice yet affordable for the retirement of a special colleague, employee, coworker or staff member, we may have what you’re looking for.

Artistic Wooden Box with Education DesignElegant Wooden Box – Among our most popular items for retiring professionals, whether teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc., are these beautiful wood boxes customized with design and background color accent of choice. They also may have a plate engraved and placed inside the lid inscribed with thanks for their hard work and contributions to the company. These boxes are a lovely coffee table accent destined to become a topic of conversation – the type of item the recipient will be proud to discuss (and will be happy for the opportunity to do so). Perfect size for keys, loose change, rings and jewelry as well. Pictured is the Education Themed Box, but these boxes may be ordered in one of nearly 300 images to suit every industry or interest by visiting our page Custom Wooden Boxes in Artistic Designs.

Engravable Retirement Bookmarks in Gold or Silver with Sunset DesignEngraved Bookmarks – A bookmark is a smaller yet useful gift that will be a constant reminder of those friends and coworkers who miss them. We have room for three lines of text, about 14 characters in each. An affordable choice when there are many people you’d like to acknowledge. A bookmark is a practical choice now that the retiring individual will have time to catch up on their reading. We show the Sunset Bookmark here, but it may be ordered in 100s of patterns – golf, knitting, cruise ship, professional symbols and more by clicking Engraved Personalized Bookmarks in Gold or Silver.

Palm Tree Holiday OrnamentCelebration Ornaments – After retiring, do they plan to travel? If so, a tropical Palm Trees ornament is a wonderful way to send them off as they embark on a new phase of life. These celebration ornaments can be placed on a Christmas tree or in a window as a reminder that the gang at work is wishing them smooth sailing. A wonderful way to mark an important event or milestone in someone’s life. Again, we have many patterns and shapes, both in silver or gold, all of which may be engraved, so just visit Celebration Ornaments to see other styles.

Photo Brag Books with Unique DesignsPhoto Wallets – Another good idea for someone who is about to retire is a wallet for holding photographs. These cases hold up to 12 photographs in a slim metal case that fits easily in a purse or pocket, or propped open on a desk. They make an especially nice gift when you include a group shot of the coworkers or former students who will be thinking of them. Or the individual receiving them can fill the case with a few of their travel photos to share when they come back to visit. Easily engraved on the back with plenty of room to thank them for their dedication and service through the years.

Metal Wallets for Two Sets of Business Cards - Available in Silver or Gold with Stylish DesignsSecond Career Business Card Holder – Perhaps this particular person is only retiring from one field in order to start a second career in another field they feel passionate about. We have these striking credit card wallets with clips inside for two sets of business cards (ones from the profession they are leaving along with cards for their new business). They also work great for those who hand out and collect many cards at one time – yours on side, those received on the other.

Kyle Design offers many other unique options to show appreciation to someone retiring on our Unique Retirement Gifts in Artistic Design page. We do all our own engraving in house and can quickly create your custom gift for fast shipping. We’ve been creating our special gifts for over 25 years, so if you’re looking for something special yet affordable from a reliable company, please be sure the check us out.


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Cool Graduation Gift Idea – Double Major Business Card Cases

Posted by Kyle Design on May 29, 2008

Double Major Nursing and Art Business Card Case in SilverMy cousin’s daughter just graduated from Humboldt State University with degrees in nursing and in fine arts, so I made her a very special business card holder that represents both professions. She’s excited about starting her nursing career but is also a very talented artist who has created stunning jewelry. I hope she can find a way to incorporate both loves into her professional life.

It is especially important to me as a professional artist who has “made it”, to encourage new artists starting out. Certainly, art is not a career that affords any guarantees, not like a career in nursing where one can get a job as a nurse anywhere because of the demand.

Becoming an artist requires a tenacity and a calling that most likely will be tested time and again, so it is important to let young artists know that it is possible to find your own way and that the rewards are worth the effort. I personally cannot imagine doing anything else – being creative, thinking outside the box, running my own business, taking on challenges and being proud of what I do are so ingrained in me, so a part of who I am. It fits my personality and interests, and that is a very important concept for anyone to really get their mind around when deciding what to do with one’s life. If you can, pick a career that really suits who you are and what your style is.

Business Card Case for Accountant and PhotographerSpecial Interests Business Card Cases: Now, these cases also work for those who have specialized in a particular field, such as Sports Medicine, as reflected here in the business card wallet that depicts a Medical Caduceus and a Tennis design.

Sports Medicine Business Card Wallet fpr Credit Cards, Cash I’m sure there are many recent graduates with a range of interests who might have fun with a business card case that reflects both loves, whether it be two careers or a combination of work and play, such as this business card case that reflects accounting and photography. Or maybe they were intending it as the business of photography.

That is the fun thing about these card holders – it’s a bit like playing charades as we try to interpret what our customer had in mind. We’ve have many unusual cases ordered that I will feature in another post – I’ll put the question out to all my readers to help me figure it the meaning of each.

If you know a recent graduate who has two special interests or who double majored in two fields, then check out my Custom Double Interest Business Card Cases and my Metal Wallets for Two Careers.

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California Independent Film Festival – 10th Annual Event

Posted by Kyle Design on April 17, 2008

Film Projector Holiday Ornament in GoldThe California Independent Film Festival is going on April 16th – 20th in Livermore, CA, where my business is based. Now in its 10th year, the festival features indie films from around the world and presents awards in the categories of picture, short, mini short, documentary, student film, animation, actress, actor, director, score, editing, cinematography, screenplay and music video.

Poker Credit Card WalletA whole series of events are scheduled through the weekend, including a Celebrity Poker Tournament, the Iron Filmmaker Contest (make a 3-minute film in 24 hours based on the given topic), and the Golden Slate Awards Presentation featuring an interview by John Madden with actress Penny Marshall.

Digital Camera Christmas Ornament and Film Awards MedalIn conjunction with the film festival the Livermore Valley Charter School encouraged student entries from 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Twenty-four groups submitted short films (my daughter among them) in the competition and last night, we watched the the awards ceremony where the winners were presented with trophies. Awards were presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, plus one honorable mention. We were, in fact, quite impressed. Winning entries included a pseudo-exposé, an animated short, a black-and-white film noir, and a tense chase film with a surprising ending. All the kids’ film entries will be shown on the big screen on Friday morning at the Vine Theater in downtown Livermore. The Livermore wine country makes a great destination if you want to make a day or weekend of the events as it has a large number of popular wineries including Wente Vineyards, Concannon Vineyards and Stoney Ridge Winery.

Award Winner Drinking FlaskIf you’d like to check out more of my cinematic gifts, please visit Film and Movie Gift Ideas, and for wine country themed decor check out my Wine and Grapes Gifts and Home Furnishings.

Looking for trophy alternatives for an awards ceremony? My Christmas ornaments are the perfect size for awards medals, requiring only a longer ribbon (which we may be able to supply), and they can be engraved with the event name, date and prize category. Our beaded lanyards are also be a beautiful alternative for a work necessity.Wine Bottle and Glasses ID Name Badge Lanyard Necklaces

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Teacher of the Year – Celebrating with Cyndee

Posted by Kyle Design on April 29, 2007

Once or twice a year I take the time to get together with my cousin Cyndee Ruiz when we meet at the Camellia Tea Room in Benicia for lunch. Apple Pill Box for Special TeacherCyndee, who is the language arts specialist at Whitehead Elementary School in Woodland, CA, is a vivacious, caring and talented elementary school teacher who just received the Teacher of the Year award for the Woodland school district. She works her magic with a challenging school population and has achieved amazing results. She is so deserving of the this award and I am so proud of her!

If you have a special teacher that is making a difference in your children’s lives whom you wish to thank, please visit Unique Teacher Gifts for a variety of affordable, useful gifts that any teacher would appreciate.

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