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Personalized Chinese New Year Gifts

Posted by Kyle Design on January 10, 2012

Happy New Year! As the calendar quickly turned from December to January we welcomed 2012 with fireworks, balloon drops, and champagne toasts around the world. And now another countdown begins – the coming of the Chinese New Year. Since the Chinese calendar is lunisolar, which means it’s based on the moon as well as the sun, the Chinese New Year can fall anywhere from January 21st to February 20th on the U.S. (solar-based) calendar. This year, it falls on Monday, January 23, 2012.

One thing I love about the Chinese Calendar is that each year is associated with one of 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. If you were born in 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, or 2000 you were born in the year of the Dragon. If not, do you know what your birth zodiac is? Look it up on this chart….

Notice any similarities between your zodiac animal and your personality? 😉

Whatever year you were born, Kyle Design can help commemorate your year with a custom animal business card case, engraved animal flask, or unique pill box. Or, give a friend or relative a unique Chinese New Year gift to help celebrate the exciting year that lies ahead in 2012.  Ring in the Year of the Dragon with personalized Chinese dragon money clips, engraved business card cases with dragons, dragon flasks, dragon nightlights, and more dragon gifts. Visit Chinese New Year Gifts for some ideas, and remember –




can be personalized with a dragon design and your choice of color behind the dragon.

Just pick a “DESIGN IT” gift and select a dragon design from the “Animal” Category (“Dragon #122” OR “Dragon-Chinese #187”).

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

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It’s Time to Talk Sweets!

Posted by Kyle Design on November 30, 2011

Um, how come no one told me there’s a National Desserts day? I’m surprised to learn such a thing exists and I haven’t heard of it…I mean, I, of all people, should have founded it! I’m an eat-dessert-for-breakfast, lunch and dinner kind of girl! (I mean as the entree, not as the encore.) If there’s leftover birthday cake sitting in my kitchen, you better believe I’m eating it for breakfast. And if I happen to catch a glance at the dessert menu, there’s a good chance I’m ordering the Warm Apple Crisp or Molten Chocolate Cake for dinner. This is something that has caused some tension between my health-nut husband and I, but it’s something I learned from my mother and life’s just too short (another thing she taught me) to skip dessert!

In celebration of sweets, Kyle Design has some great chocolate themed gifts for women who love sugary surprises. Dessert lovers beware – these tasty treats may make you hungry!

Dessert Stamp Holder from Kyle Design

Custom Postage Stamp Holders for Chocolate Lovers – Click to see more!

Cupcake Purse Hooks from Kyle Design

Unique Purse Hook with Dessert Cupcake

Custom Night Light with Birthday Cake Design

Birthday Cake Night Lights from Kyle Design- click to see other Decorative Cake Gifts

By the way, National Dessert Day was last month, but why wait? Go ahead and order dessert for your next entree – trust me, it tastes much better when you’re not too full to enjoy it! And don’t worry about adding on a couple of extra pounds – we’re headed into winter and it’s nothing a slouchy sweater or trendy trench coat won’t hide!

Pie Pill Boxes from Kyle Design

Shop more Unique Food and Beverage Gifts at Kyle Design! And don’t forget all our gifts are customizable – design a dessert Christmas Tree Ornament for some sweet holiday decor!

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Gifts for Soccer World Cup Fans

Posted by Kyle Design on June 11, 2010

2010 World Cup Flask

Cheer your friends as you watch the matches with our original 2010 6 ounce World Cup drinking flask

Soccer Flask

It has been four years in the making, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is finally here!

The first match began early this morning, and they will continue until the 32 countries dwindle down to just 2, facing off in the final match on July 11th in South Africa.

This world wide event is enjoyed by millions in countries all over the world. I will be rooting for USA tomorrow in their first match of the event against England.

Who will you be rooting for?

Do you have any devoted soccer fans in your life, or perhaps you are one yourself? Our Soccer Money Clip is the perfect way to hold the money you will be betting with.Give your favorite soccer coach our Soccer Business Card Case. Surprise your soccer playing son or daughter by decorating their room with our Decorative Soccer Balls Switchplates.

Or take a look at all of our Cool Soccer Gifts.

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Gift Solutions for Petroleum Engineers Oil Spill Headaches

Posted by Kyle Design on June 11, 2010

Petrochemical Engineer Large Pill Box

A pill box designed for a petrochemical engineer, perfect place to keep the Advil needed to relieve the headache caused by this tragedy.

Like you, I am deeply saddened over the tragedy of the BP Oil Spill. It has been more than a month and a half since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, triggering the vast oil spill 5,000 feet below the Gulf of Mexico’s surface.

Custom Fisherman Money Clip

Give the gift of financial aide to the fishermen affected by the halt of the fishing industry in the Gulf Coast with our Fisherman’s Money Clip

Despite the placement of the containment cap over the leak, which will prevent 15,000 bbl. a day, 10,000 bbl. will still leak out. Oil will continue to bubble out until August when the relief wells will finally contain the spills.

There are already over 1,000 people working to clean up the spill, along with more than 32 ships and several aircraft’s. What a headache!

Fishing and boating has been halted until the oil is cleaned up, crippling the fishing, shrimping and crabbing industry in the gulf coast. BP is issuing checks to all the furloughed fisherman in an attempt to make things right. However, it is only a fraction of what they would have made had they not been cutoff for the summer.

Perhaps the saddest effect of the oil spill has been the harm to the wildlife due to he oil spill. So far the casualties are at 444 dead birds, 222 dead sea turtles and 24 mammals {including dolphins}.

Giant Sea Turtle Night Light

Our Sea Turtle night light is a great way to commemorate the many sea turtles lost due to the oil spill

Even though we are going to be feeling the effects of this disaster for a while, there are things we can do to help the environment.

Going Green Christmas Ornament

Now is the perfect time to start adapting a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Here is hoping to a quick solution, and a restored Gulf Coast!

What steps can you take today to live more green?

For more marine life gift solutions try our sea otter book mark, our dolphin table purse hook, our crab badge holder reel, our tropical fish metal wallet, our shark desktop business card holder, or our whale business card holder.

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San Francisco Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Summer of Love

Posted by Kyle Design on August 31, 2007

Summer of Love Cigarette LighterIt’s Labor Day Weekend 2007 and San Francisco is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love in Golden Gate Park. There will be free concerts and performances at the Summer of Love Festival all day Sunday at Speedway Meadows, but getting there could be the trick: The Bay Bridge is closed allPeace Sign Money Clips weekend for seismic retrofits. Be sure to check for the best alternate routes.

The cast of Hair will be making an appearance on stage at 10:30 a.m. I remember that my parents saw the musical Hair in San Francisco when it came out, and they bought the soundtrack album Hair as well. My sister and I would listen to the songs over and over – Customized Pill Holders with Sunrise Design“This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!” and “Let the Sunshine In.” Both those songs on the soundtrack were by the Fifth Dimension from their 4th album, also titled The Age of Aquarius.

Here is link for the free concert schedule for Sunday, September 2, 2007: Summer of Love Concert Lineup.

For more unique gifts, please visit Peace Symbol Gifts, Sunrise Sunset Gifts and Decor or Heart and Love Gifts. If you want to light up in style at the festival, check out our Love Cigarette Lighter shown above. Click photos above to find out more about any of the gifts shown.

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Barry Bonds Hits Home Run Ball 756 – Makes Himself King

Posted by Kyle Design on August 8, 2007

Engraved Baseball Money ClipCrown Flask for the KingBarry Bonds has finally done it! He surpassed Hank Aaron’s home run mark to become the Home Run King. Bonds slugged the ball into the right center field seats among cheering home team fans Tuesday night at AT&T Park (Pac Bell Park) in San Francisco.

The Washington Nationals won the game 8-6, but that didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits. Washington’s pitcher Mike Bacsik, who gave up the pitch to Bonds in the fifth inning, later received an autographed bat from the Giants‘ slugger.

No one in the cheering crowd seemed to care about the controversy – everyone just seemed happy to celebrate Bond’s stunning baseball achievement as the new Home Run King, a title that Hank Aaron held for 33 years. Fans can continue the spirit of the event by celebrating with a custom King Liquor Flask.

Matt Murphy of New York caught the historic ball, most likely becoming an instant millionaire. He might enjoy a new Baseball Money Clip to stash his future take.

Visit Kyle Design’s Baseball Gifts page for more cool gift ideas.

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Stags Leap for Joy – Winery Sold for Big Bucks

Posted by Kyle Design on August 2, 2007

Stag Money Clip in Gold and RedBig smiles all around the Napa Valley this week following the news that Stag’s Leap winery sold for $185 million dollars. The family-owned winery stunned the world by beating France’s best with their 1973 Cabernet Sauvignon in the Judgment of Paris competition, then stunned Napa by announcing the sale.

Wine Business Card Holder in Custom ColorsVintner Warren Winiarski announced that his Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars had been sold to a joint venture of Washington state’s largest winery Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Italy’s Marchesi Piero Antinori. Things are definitely changing in the Napa Valley with a number of big companies snapping up more and more of the smaller family-owned wineries.

When my husband’s aunt Marilyn was out visiting us from Minnesota for her 70th birthday a decade ago, we took her to Bridge’s Restaurant (the one featured in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire) in Danville, CA. We ordered a bottle of Stag’s Leap Chardonnay. She absolutely raved about it, thereby giving us a slam dunk idea of what to get her for Christmas that year. Next time she’s out visiting us here in Livermore we plan to make the 90 minute drive north to Stag’s Leap to see what’s new following these big changes.

Maybe Warren Winiarski would find a Stag Money Clip or even a Wine Business Card Holder like those shown above to be quite sentimental at this point. I’m sure it is a bittersweet moment for him. To see more deer or wine themed gifts, please visit Deer Gifts and Decor and Wine Enthusiast Gift Ideas.

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Sneak Preview of New Symbols and Abstract Designs at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on August 1, 2007

Fresh New Symbols and Abstract Images at Kyle DesignsWhoops! I have so many new designs that I nearly forgot to preview my new Symbols and Abstract Designs.

Starting off are several new Asian characters. These Chinese and Japanese calligraphy characters include Double Happiness (popular for weddings), Health (often requested for pill cases), Faith and Friendship (just in time for Friendship Day on August 5th).Double Luck Mixed Media Earrings

Next up is the Wishbone design. I’ve taken a decorative approach to this image by using a repeating pattern of wishbones. It almost gives the impression of doorway arches and so symbolizes good luck when stepping through to a new phase of life.

Continuing this theme are the Feet and Flip Flops designs. The Feet are just at a juncture in the road, symbolizing the opportunity to take a different path, or finding your way. This design will probably also appeal to podiatrists, travelers, runners, and those on a spiritual path. The Flip Flops design is meant to be a fun beach imageEngravable Christian Cross Money Clips symbolizing good times and relaxation.

Spirituality continues with my new Buddha and Zodiac patterns. These images, along with the Chinese character for Faith, help round out my collection of religious symbols which currently include Christian, Jewish and Muslim designs.

The new Splash motif is just a fun, modern design more along the lines of Pucci prints and bold retro patterns.

And lastly, the Skull and Pirate designs. I said I would never do a Skull design, but I finally gave in because they are now ubiquitous, as are Pirates. There are even whole stores here in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the country that sell nothing but Pirate themed gifts and costumes. So, sticking with my motto, design what my customers are requesting.

All my new designs are almost ready! We hope to have them in production and up on the site by Friday, so be sure to check them out at Kyle Design. Look for them on our Personalized Business Card Holders, Pill Boxes, Checkbook Covers and Holiday Ornaments, as well as on many other unusual gift items.

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Sneak Preview of New Career & Achievement Designs at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on July 26, 2007

Creative New Careers and Achievements Designs for Unique GiftsToday I am featuring the upcoming designs with new careers and achievements along with fresh suggestions for employee recognition awards and American made gifts.

Notice that I placed the Artist design in the career category. Some of this categorization is quite arbitrary – how many artists paint as a hobby vs. as a profession? Being a professional artist, I made the executive decision to place it with the other new careers, even though I suspect that the hobbyists far outweigh the number of professionals in this particular field.

Next up are the Hand Tools. I’ve included a pipe wrench, wireConstruction Tools Money Clip strippers – cutters, Crescent wrench, pliers, open-end wrench and screwdriver. This design can work for plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics and other tradesmen. This complements our current Construction Tools design, shown here on a money clip.

My Keys design works for both locksmiths and as a general symbol of business professionalism – “The key to success in this business is ….”. Perfect for motivating and rewarding employees. I’ve included everything from traditional house and file cabinet keys to old-fashioned skeleton keys and a handcuff key. This is a fun option for those in law enforcement as well – “Lock ’em up!”Green Housing Business Card Wallets

The new Recycling design acknowledges the strong trend toward environmental protection, green building and renewable energy sources. The design features a fish in water, water evaporating into the sky, a bird flying in the wind, moisture condensing and falling back to the earth in the form of rain. These symbols all surround a tall tree.

The City Lights design features a big city image of skyscrapers, buildings and bridges. Engineers, city planners and businesses in the heart of the city will find this design fitting.

For something a little different, my Uplifted Faces design features the profiles of both aCustom Wooden Ring Boxes in Artistic Designs man and a woman. This image works for cosmetologists, aestheticians (those skilled at giving facials, manicures, pedicures or other beauty treatments) and plastic surgeons, among other fields. It is also an loving and hopeful image appropriate for wedding themed gifts. The new Diamond design will be perfect for engagement ring boxes, as well as fitting for jewelers or jewelry store owners.

Next up: the Stockbroker design featuring both a bull and a bear and the appropriate stylized arrows indicating which way the stock market is going. The new Hourglass design points out how important timing is, not just to the market, but to everything in life. Time is money, as they say.

Our new Achievement Designs start off with the Graduation Elegant Personalized Christmas Tree Ornamentspattern, perfect for students just entering the workforce to commemorate their hard work. We expect this design to be especially popular on our Custom Christmas Ornaments. Holiday ornaments are also a nice trophy alternative because they are useful and yet can still be engraved to commemorate accomplishments.

My new Award Winner and Number One designs will also be appropriate for employee recognition awards. Rather than presenting an executive with (yet another) plaque, a useful gift such as a handsome business card holder or elegant desk accessory may be more appreciated.

Look for all of these artistic new designs at Kyle Design beginning in August. As always, we offer high quality gifts and fast turn-around times.

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