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Fabulous 4th of July Birthday Party Ideas

Posted by Kyle Design on June 24, 2014

If your birthday falls on or near a holiday, you know how difficult it can be to separate your birthday from the holiday, and how hard it is to get a group of people together to celebrate. One of the best holidays to have a birthday is 4th of July. Lots of people love to get together for great food, fun and fireworks. You can have so much fun with a patriotic party theme and the weather is guaranteed to be warm.

Top Party Ideas for a 4th of July Birthday

Patriotic Fruit Appetizers

Make festive party kabobs with strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Love this one we found on Pinterest from Party City:


Ice Cold Drinks

With the blazing heat of July, ice cold beverages are a must. Don’t just throw soda cans and water bottles in an ice chest. Create cool drinks in individual glasses (mason jars are cheap and totally on trend right now) or in a giant drink dispenser. Here are 2 great ideas from a couple of blogs – click either image for more information on creating these fruity delights:

Patriotic Water

Fruity Drinks from

4th of July Mocktail

Cute mocktails from’s blog








Decorated Mason Jar Glasses

Mason jars are awesome and you can buy a case of them at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. Help party guests differentiate their drinking glasses by creating these patriotic mason jars decorated with scrapbook paper – a fun idea from blogger Cheryl (click the image for her tutorial):


DIY Burlap Birthday Banner

Creating a personalized birthday banner is another fantastic way to make the birthday guy or gal feel special. Hobby Lobby and other craft stores sell blank burlap pennant banners which you can decorate any way you want. Use red and blue paint to write out their name or birthday message. You can also make a similar banner using scrapbook paper and twine or ribbon. Below is a “Happy Birthday” banner that can be purchased on Etsy. Next to that is a banner that says “Love” that I’ve included since it has a great tutorial on painting your own custom burlap sign.


Customize this Birthday Banner in Etsy shop TwoDoodlesDesigns


Click this image for a tutorial on creating your own burlap birthday banner


Red, White and Blue Birthday Cake

This is where you want to keep the cake birthday themed. Don’t do a flag design with a fruit topping or frosting – if you do, it won’t really feel like a birthday cake. Whether you plan to bake a home made cake or order one from a bakery, keep the red, white and blue color scheme with some stars or fireworks, but stay away from flags and keep it birthday oriented with a “Happy Birthday” message.


Patriotic Birthday Cake from Tita’s Cakes & Creations in San Antonio, TX.


Red White and Blue Ombre Cake from

patriotic birthday cake

Patriotic Birthday Cake









Sparkler Birthday Candles

Top the cake with sparkler candles from your local party store, or buy some online. We found the ones below at



When the sun goes down, let everyone have some fun with sparklers. Keep everyone’s hands safe by using a solo cup to separate their hands from the sparks – a fabulous safety tip for kids and adults from


DIY Fair Games

Hostess with the Mostess blog has excellent party games with a county fair theme which are perfect for any 4th of July party. Click the image below for instructions on DIY ring toss, balloon darts and more.


DIY county fair fames from

American Flag Party Favors

Send party guests home with these memorable American Flag party favor bookmarks from Kyle Design. Choose from 30 colors to personalize for each guest. You can also engrave the back with their name and the date.


Personalize this patriotic bookmark from

More Great July 4th Party Ideas:

Follow our 4th of July Celebration board on Pinterest for other great Independence Day Party ideas.

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2013’s Top St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies

Posted by Kyle Design on March 4, 2013

Whether we’re Irish or not, we all feel the need to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. For some of us, it’s a green shirt. Others of us go the whole nine yards. Think: crazy hats, shamrock themed mardi-gras beads, green mustaches, and a few too many green beers. I personally have a killer pair of kelly green heels that I’ll be dusting off next weekend.

If you’re heading out to see a parade or hitting an Irish pub with a group of friends on St. Patty’s weekend, there’s a few party supplies you’ll need to guarantee you and your group have a good time.

#1 Shamrock Flask

Even if the bar you’re going to has drink specials, here’s what’s going to happen: Your group’s going to walk in and someone’s gonna buy the first round. Pretty soon, it’ll be your turn to buy that round. And after a few too many rounds, everyone’s lost count and all you know is you’re having a blast…until the next morning when you find the credit card bill. Woah, those rounds really added up, didn’t they? Save yourself the double headache (hangover + ridiculous bar tab), and bring a flask.

Want to have even more fun? Get everyone in the group to chip in for personalized St. Patty’s Day flasks. Get everyone to come up with an Irish name they’d like to be called on St. Patty’s Day and have their Irish names engraved on their flasks. Every time someone calls them by their real name – instead of their Irish name – that person must either give up some of the contents of their flask or buy a drink for the person who caught them using the wrong name. Trust me, this is fun.

Personalized St. Patty's Day Flask

Engravable St. Patrick’s Day Flask

#2 Green Mustache

Girls and guys alike must wear green mustaches this year. Here are some of your options:

St. Patty’s Day Green Mustache

Mustache Party Glasses

Green Mustache Party Glasses

Green Mustache Necklace











All of these can probably be found at your local party store, like Party City.

#3 Funny St. Patty’s Day T-Shirt or Tank Top

Ditch the plain green shirt and make a funny statement with a St. Patrick’s Day shirt or tank. There’s tons of great websites that have unique St. Patty’s themed shirts – just google it.


St. Patty’s Tank


Keep Calm Cary On Shirt


Mustache St. Patty’s Tee











As the saying goes, “There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish and those who wish they were.” March 17th is everybody’s day to be Irish. Sláinte!

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The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Dentist Office

Posted by Kyle Design on November 13, 2012

Dental floss? Toothbrushes? Miniature tubes of whitening toothpaste? Not gonna cut it for the holidays. Show your dental staff how much you appreciate their hard work with unique Christmas gifts everyone will love.

Keep the dental theme with tooth-design gifts from Kyle Design…

Dentist Office Christmas Ornament

Engravable Dental Office Ornament – choose your colors

Dental Office Business Card Case

Gold Dentist Business Card Holder – personalize for your office staff

Badge Holder for Dentist Office Staff

Tooth Design Badge Holder – 19 colors available


Ornaments, badge reels, and business card cases are our most popular dentist holiday gifts. The best part is, you can either order them all the same (using colors from your logo) or personalize them for each staff member. Just choose different colors for different dentists and dental assistants, or go an extra step and add an engraving to your gift.

Looking for other ideas? Check out more unique dental themed gifts for other great personalized gift ideas for your favorite dentist or dental assistant. Kyle Design wishes you and your dental staff a Merry Christmas. 🙂

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Wine Gifts to Avoid this Holiday Season

Posted by Kyle Design on October 8, 2012

The holidays are just around the corner (already?!) and as you dash from one social gathering to another you’ll no doubt feel the obligation to bring “something” for the host. A bottle of wine seems to be everyone’s go-to gift, but the problem is it shows zero thought on your part. In fact, there’s a good chance you just grabbed something from your own cabinet as you ran out the door (or is that just me?).


Other wine gifts such as wine baskets, monogrammed glasses, or specialty bottle openers are super expensive, which isn’t practical for multiple holiday parties or office staff gift-giving.


This year, take a few minutes to think ahead so you can show up with a personalized gift that will stand out and show you put some thought into it. What are the host or hostess’ hobbies? You can easily purchase a unique ornament (or other gift) with a design that expresses their interests and have it engraved at Kyle Design.


All gifts ship out in 1 to 2 business days (including engraved ones) so you can even get something special for a host last-minute!

Winning Wine Gifts:

If you want to stick with the wine theme – which is a great idea during the holidays – Kyle Design has hundreds of unique gifts with etched metal designs of wine bottles, wine glasses and grapes. All can be personalized with your color preferences and most can also be engraved.

Customized Wine Gift in Red

Customized Wine Gift in Red

Wine Design Clip Magnets for Fridge

Red and Green Wine Magnets

Unique Holiday Party Gift with Wine Design

Gold and blue shown as example – choose your own colors! Add engraved message.


These personalized, metal gifts will last for years, while a bottle of wine will be consumed and forgotten in no time – possibly even the night you gift it.

Take a minute to browse all the unique gifts available at Kyle Design and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect holiday gift for colleagues, party hosts, and gift exchanges among friends and family. Or, if you already know you want a wine ornament (an excellent gift!), click custom Christmas ornaments to select your favorite size and shape ornament, add the wine design (“Wine #138” from the “Food & Nature” category), choose your favorite color combination and personalize with an engraving. After you order, your personalized wine ornament will be shipped out in 1-2 business days.

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Administrative Assistant Appreciation Gifts

Posted by Kyle Design on April 11, 2012

He or she shows up Monday through Friday, week after week and covers a broad range of duties that keep the office running smoothly – handling everything from filing and answering phones to generating reports, scheduling meetings, and making travel arrangements. Whether they’re an administrative secretary, executive assistant, or office manager, they’re an indispensable part of the company. Acknowledge his or her hard work with a personalized gift during Administrative Professionals Week April 20-26, 2014.

Stainless Steel Art Nuveau Flask

Gorgeous Stainless Steel Gift Flask

Custom Fleur De Lis Business Card Holder

Engraved Fleur De Lis Business Card Case

Black Wooden Desktop Business Card Holder

Custom Desktop Business Card Holder. 500+ Designs.


Administrative Professionals Day 2014 is Wednesday, April 23rd.

Personalized Post It Note Holders from Kyle Design

Unique Post It Note Holders – 100s of Designs


Custom Paper Clip Holders for Offices

Custom First Initial Purse Holders for Women

Monogrammed Purse Hooks – A Female Favorite!


Kyle Design has something for everyone – Administrative Assistant Gifts for men and women.

Gold Leopard Spots Mirror Compact

Leopard Print Compact Mirror

Unique Coffee Fridge Magnet

Unique Coffee Fridge Magnet


Letter Openers with 100s of Occupational Designs


Design your own gifts for Administrative Professionals: black, silver or gold business card holders, glasses lanyards, engraved money clipspersonalized desk accessories, unique pill boxes, themed letter openers, purse hooks, professional badge reels, and so many other Custom Gifts for Administrative Professionals!

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Celebrate Doctor’s Day This Friday

Posted by Kyle Design on March 26, 2012

Colorful Doctors Bookmark from Kule Design

Colorful Doctors Bookmark from Kule Design

Caduceus Design Pill Box for Doctors

Custom Pill Boxes for Doctors

Whether you have a special Physician who’s overseen your health for years or you have a Doctor in your family, this upcoming Sunday, March 30th is the day to honor them on National Doctor’s Day. Show appreciation to an exceptional Doctor you work with or to an outstanding Physician who’s treated you. You can also remind a Doctor parent, spouse, son, or daughter how proud you are of their accomplishments.

Your Doctor works hard to keep you well and they’re indispensable when you’re sick. Shower them with appreciation this Doctor’s Day – they deserve it! Click Unique Doctor’s Day Gifts to see fun personalized gift ideas for special health care providers. Hundreds of specialty gifts in a variety of great colors. Find caduceus pill boxes, engraved bookmarks for doctors, inexpensive medical badge holders, doctor desk accessories,  and so much more!

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Inspirational Lent Gifts

Posted by Kyle Design on February 21, 2012

Can you name 5 of the top 10 most common “addictions” people give up for Lent? My husband always gives up 1, and sometimes 2, items from the Top 10 List. I wasn’t raised Catholic so this has been a new concept to me and while I try not to tempt him I have yet to go 40 days without dropping even 1 of my guilty pleasures. Until this year. I’ve spent the past several weeks pondering what I will give up. Thinking I was rather creative I’ve announced all my “unique” ideas to my husband, only to learn that every one of them is actually quite common for Lent participants. Hmmmm. This got me wondering, what are the most common things people give up?


#10 Gossip

If you know someone who intends to give up gossiping for Lent, help them out with this inspirational box. This will encourage and remind them that they can do it! Engrave Ephesians 4:29 as an added reminder of how we should speak.




Personalized Cell Phone Pill Box

No Texting for Lent Reminder Box


#9 Texting

If your son or daughter is determined to give up text messaging during Lent, buy him or her a neat little reminder with this personalized pill box from Kyle Design. This girly one is pink, but there are more than 40 great colors to choose from. Engrave it with an inspirational message like “You can do it!” or “I’m so proud of you!”




Gold Cross Cigarette Case from Kyle Design


#8 Smoking

Smoking is an especially difficult thing to give up for Lent, and it shows true dedication! If your husband or wife would like to give up smoking for Lent, get him or her a personalized cross cigarette case. Put the remaining cigarettes from their last pack in this case and let it serve as a religious reminder not to smoke each time they instinctively reach for their smokes.



Pink and Silver TV Pill Box from Kyle Design

No Television Watching Reminder Box


#7 Television

Giving up television means missing out on all your favorite shows, but it gives you more quality time with your family. If someone you know has decided to skip TV for Lent, design a unique pill box with a “No TV for Lent 2012” engraving.




Gold and Blue Personalized Computer Pill Box

Facebook Free for 40 Days Reminder Box


#6 Facebook

Going Facebook Free for 40 Days isn’t easy – especially if you’re a teen or in your 20s. (OK, maybe some of us in our 30s struggle with this too!) Make sure you disable any facebook apps on your cell phone or ipad! Buy a cute computer themed pill box to carry around as a reminder. Engrave “40 Days of NO Facebook” and then write a note to yourself explaining why you chose facebook and what it means to you personally to give it up. Then, fold up your note and tuck it inside your pill box so you can read it when you’re feeling weak.



Exclamation Point Gift Pill Bos

@#$! No Cursing Reminder Box


#5 Cursing

Get this Exclamation Point pill box as a reminder that you plan to spend the next 40 days without swearing. Put some candy in the box and each time you want to curse but don’t, pull out a little treat to reward yourself! Engrave a Bible reference like James 3:10.




Red Wine Pill Box from Kyle Design

No Alcohol Wine Pill Box


#4 Alcohol

Many people choose to give up alcoholic beverages during the period of Lent. This can prove especially difficult if you like to enjoy a green beer on St. Patrick’s Day (I know I do!). But, it also means living a healthier lifestyle and enjoying 40 hangover free mornings in a row. Engrave this Alcoholic Beverages Ban Pill Box to remind you or a friend to stay sober during Lent.



Custom Caffeine Pill Box from Kyle Design

Say No to Soda Reminder Box


#3 Soda

Soda is my greatest weakness and would be the most difficult thing on this list for me to give up. Not only do french fries just taste better with Coke, but I rely on soda’s caffeine to keep me headache free throughout the day. If you or someone in your family is giving up soda for Lent, personalize this neat little caffeine molecule pill box for them – choose a gold or silver box, a blue, pink, green, red, or purple background color (to name a few – Kyle Design has 42 color choices) and even engrave it with your words of encouragement.  Don’t forget to add some Motrin to get them through those first few days of caffeine withdrawal!



Blue Desserts and Sweets Pill Box from Kyle Design

Tasty Treats Tempt Me Not Pill Box


#2 Chocolate / Sweets

Many brave souls give up desserts for Lent, relishing the sweet love of Jesus rather than indulging their sweet tooth. You’d think this would be harder for women than men, but when my husband has to sit next to me while I dip Oreos in milk, the temptation hits him pretty hard. You can personalize this desserts pill box for the man or women you know who’s decided to nix sweets this Lent season. And be sure to get them some extra Easter candy – they’re gonna need it come Easter Sunday!



Custom Coffee Cup Pill Case from Kyle Design

Coffee Caffeine Withdrawal Pain Pill Box


#1 Coffee

Starbucks won’t be happy with you (they sell 8,200,000 cups of coffee a day), but your wallet will! If you give up coffee for Lent you won’t be alone – it’s the most common thing people choose to deprive themselves of. This of course, only counts if you actually drink coffee. If not, look back down the list and find something more challenging for you, or choose something unique that’s not listed here (that’s my plan!).




If you’re like me, you didn’t grow up keeping this ritual of self-deprivation during the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Why not join me in my first year participating in Lent and see what spiritual blessings you get from it. It all starts tomorrow, February 22nd. All I ask is that you challenge yourself. Don’t pick an item that when you consider giving it up you automatically think, “I could go without that for 40 days…” Instead, pick something you could never give up, and let the power of the Holy Spirit get you through it. I believe the harder it is to give up, the more rewarding your experience will be.

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Personalized Chinese New Year Gifts

Posted by Kyle Design on January 10, 2012

Happy New Year! As the calendar quickly turned from December to January we welcomed 2012 with fireworks, balloon drops, and champagne toasts around the world. And now another countdown begins – the coming of the Chinese New Year. Since the Chinese calendar is lunisolar, which means it’s based on the moon as well as the sun, the Chinese New Year can fall anywhere from January 21st to February 20th on the U.S. (solar-based) calendar. This year, it falls on Monday, January 23, 2012.

One thing I love about the Chinese Calendar is that each year is associated with one of 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. If you were born in 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, or 2000 you were born in the year of the Dragon. If not, do you know what your birth zodiac is? Look it up on this chart….

Notice any similarities between your zodiac animal and your personality? 😉

Whatever year you were born, Kyle Design can help commemorate your year with a custom animal business card case, engraved animal flask, or unique pill box. Or, give a friend or relative a unique Chinese New Year gift to help celebrate the exciting year that lies ahead in 2012.  Ring in the Year of the Dragon with personalized Chinese dragon money clips, engraved business card cases with dragons, dragon flasks, dragon nightlights, and more dragon gifts. Visit Chinese New Year Gifts for some ideas, and remember –




can be personalized with a dragon design and your choice of color behind the dragon.

Just pick a “DESIGN IT” gift and select a dragon design from the “Animal” Category (“Dragon #122” OR “Dragon-Chinese #187”).

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

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Hot New Colors from Kyle Design!

Posted by Kyle Design on November 21, 2011

I just LOVE choices! Often times when I’m looking for just the right gift, party favor, or decor item for my home I need it in an exact shade – not just plain red or brown. But so often that’s all I’m stuck with. I’ll leave a store disappointed, thinking that the shade I really want is in between the red and the pink and neither one will do. Sound familiar? Just in time for the holidays Kyle Design kicks off hot new colors! And to make shopping really easy, we have a new Shop by Color function! Browse through each of Kyle Design’s color pages to see various shades of that particular hue on several of our unique, customizable gift items. Get great ideas about which unique Kyle Design products will make perfect gifts for your family this holiday season. Here’s a few feminine colors to get you started!

If you already know what color you want, use these these quick color shortcuts to get there now: aqua, black, blue, brown, green, hot pink, orange, pink, purple, red, white, or yellow.  Or click Shop Kyle Design by Color to see them all and start checking people off your holiday shopping list today!

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Unique Custom Photo Frames from Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on October 25, 2011

New unique photo frames at Kyle Design are just in time for this holiday season! These sturdy, wooden frames come with a custom decorative metal design and there’s 6 fun colors to choose from. Just like all our other products, they are fully customizable – you can select from one of our hundreds of images and various background colors. Choose a holiday design and put out your family’s holiday photos in style. They’re also great for pictures of pets! Or, give them out to friends, family-members or co-workers this Christmas.  They’re great for your parents or grandparents and come in both 4×7 and 5×7 sizes. Get yours today!

If you’re looking to decorate your tree, don’t miss out on our photo frame ornaments. We also have pretty photo lockets and picture frame bookmarks if you’re needing one-of-a-kind gifts or stocking stuffers.

Shop Kyle Design for unique gifts to impress any animal lover

Shop Kyle Design for unique gifts to impress any animal lover

Shop Unique Photo Frames in Silver or Gold at Kyle Design

These photo frames are sure to be appreciated by Grandma & Grandpa this holiday season!

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