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17 Tips for Successful Weight Loss in 2014

Posted by Kyle Design on February 5, 2014

I have a bit of a bad habit. Every January I commit to getting in shape. I keep it up until I reach my goal, then I treat myself to some pizza here, some Chinese takeout there, and a lot less time being active. See, by then, summer has rolled around and my idea of the perfect afternoon involves relaxing by the pool, not pushing myself on the elliptical. So, by the end of the year I’ve put back all the weight I worked so hard to lose and during the first week of January I step back onto the elliptical feeling like I’ve never worked out a day in my life. And the healthy food on my dinner plate isn’t near as appealing as the greasy fair I’ve become accustomed to.


Sound familiar? Whether you’ve got a chronic case of yo-yo dieting or you’ve put on some weight that you’d like to remove by bikini season – either through a sedentary lifestyle, overindulging during the holidays, or having a baby – it helps to have specific goals in mind. Below are some tips for setting goals that can be reached.

17 Essential Tips for Losing Weight

1. Set specific goals for weight and achievement date.

If I plan to lose 25 pounds but don’t have a date in mind, nothing is going to push me to get there. Look at how much you have to lose, pull out a calendar, and realistically determine how much time it’s going to take you to get there. For me, losing 2 pounds a week is doable. So, if I plan to lose 25 pounds, I’ll set my goal date for 13 weeks out. But that is nowhere near the end of goal setting! You must…

2. Make sure your goal date is realistic.

Losing 2 pounds a week is realistic. You will probably lose more in the beginning if you’re dramatically changing your lifestyle. I go from no physical activity and wolfing down entire Panda Express dinners with 2 sodas to working out 4-5 days a week, eating small servings of grilled chicken and steamed veggies, and cutting out soda altogether. So the first week is a total success as my body goes through the shock of this new lifestyle. But then things slow down and 1-2 pounds is the norm. It’s better to reach your goal early than be nowhere near your dream weight on your goal date, so make it realistic or  you’ll end up disappointed.

3. Set mini goals.

Mini goals ensure you’re staying on track. I set weekly goals. This way, I can really take into account those occasions in which I won’t lose – and may even gain – weight, and be sure they don’t keep me from reaching my end goal on time.

There are times that keeping to a workout schedule or eating healthy won’t be practical. If I have a week-long vacation planned, a birthday to celebrate, or a even a weekend out of town, I can anticipate that there will be setbacks. I know that when I travel it’s difficult to eat healthy and control my portions. If I’m in Chicago, I can’t go without Chicago-style pizza (and I can’t stop after 1 or 2 slices) or Duncan Donuts. If it’s my birthday, I’ll be eating a big dinner out and feasting on cake for at least a few days. And that’s OK! Total deprivation isn’t the key to dieting success. Staying committed is. Look at your calendar and see what events, vacations, or special occasions occur between now and your goal date. This will come into play in the next step…

4. Be sure you’ve adjusted your goals for scheduled breaks in routine.

You may have trips or other calorie fests already on the calendar. Don’t let those be an excuse to delay getting started on your program. Just be sure to build them into your mini goals. For example, let’s say that 5 weeks into my new healthy lifestyle I have a 4 day trip planned, Thursday through Sunday. I know that on Wednesday (the night before my trip) by the time I get off of work, get my nails done, run any last-minute errands and finish packing there will be no time for working out. So I basically have Monday and Tuesday to work out, which means I may only lose 1/2 to 1 pound that week. Then, I’ll essentially be reverting back to my old lifestyle for 4 days because I tend to lose all control when I travel. So there’s a good chance I’ll gain 2 or 3 pounds during my trip. So if the week before my trip my goal was 138, my goal for my weigh-in the morning after I return will be 140 max. Then, I’ll get right back into my routine and have a goal of 138 for the end of the week. If I reach it or beat it I’m happy. If you know you can make healthy eating choices on your trip or you’ll only be gone for a couple of days, you may want to plan to maintain the previous week’s weight while you’re gone.

5. Put your goals in writing.

Now that you’ve set specific and realistic goals, put them in writing. Print out a calendar and fill in your goals. Hang it up on the fridge or near your scale so you can easily keep track of your goals.

Fitness Themed Metal Wallet for Weight Loss Goals

Fitness Themed Metal Wallet for Weight Loss Goals

Even better – engrave your goals into a fitness themed metal wallet (or mini pill box or bookmark). With an engraved metal wallet, you can put money into your “fitspiration” wallet every time you finish a workout. Then, you’ll have all the money you need already set aside to treat yourself when you reach certain mini goals – like a pedicure after you lose the first 15 pounds.





6. Weigh yourself at the same time.

The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning, naked, before you eat or drink anything and after you pee. If that’s how you weigh in one day, but another day you weigh with clothes on after you’ve eaten dinner, you’re not going to get an accurate reading of how your weight loss is going. And you’re going to be discouraged for no reason! Make it a habit to only weigh in the morning.

7. Use goal tracking tools to chart your progress.

Print out a calendar, download a fitness app on your phone or tablet, or join a website like SparkPeople that tracks your weight loss.

8. Keep a log of your workouts and eating habits.

You’ll lose weight faster if you pay attention to what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, and what types of workouts get results for you. Write down everything you eat and drink daily as well as what specifically you did to work out. If you’re on the treadmill, jot down how far you went, how long it took you and how many calories you burned. Did you do weight training? Make a note of it. Then, you can review your most successful weight loss weeks and see what types of foods and exercises contributed to that success.

Not only does keeping a workout log help you determine what blasts fat the fastest….you’ll love seeing the improvements in your physical fitness as time goes on. When you’re running 5 miles it will feel good to look back at when you struggled to get through 1 mile. And that will inspire you to keep going.

9. Switch up your routine.

Doing the exact same routine day in and day out not only gets boring, but after awhile it won’t get results. So switch it up. If you typically use the treadmill or elliptical, take your workout outside for sprints in the park. Pop into some of the classes your gym offers. Sign up for boot camp. Borrow a friend’s P90X or Insanity DVDs. Browse the web for circuit workouts. Grab a friend and hit the basketball or tennis court. Go hiking with your dog. There are lots of ways to keep from getting bored and prevent yourself from reaching a plateau.

10. Know that interval training is best.

Intervals are always better than a steady pace. Sprints followed by periods of rest burn more calories and boost your metabolism more than going at a steady pace for your entire workout. This can be done while running in your neighborhood, on a track or treadmill, or on an elliptical or exercise bike. Go as hard as you can for 1 minute, then rest for 3 minutes and then repeat 6 times. You can adjust the times as needed, but be sure to give yourself enough time to get your heart rate down between sprints.

11. Don’t forget your muscles!

Strength training is key. It doesn’t matter if you are female and don’t want to “bulk up” and your only goal is to shed the lbs.  The fact is you’ll lose the weight faster if you have more muscle. Muscle boosts your metabolism which means your body burns more calories when you’re at rest if you’ve been weight training. So grab some dumbbells and start sculpting some muscle!

12. Music matters – create a killer playlist.

I can’t tell you how many times I was ready to end my workout but then got re-inspired by just the right song coming through my headphones. Create a playlist that keeps you going. If there are songs that really get you fired up, save those for 1/2 way and then for 3/4 of the way through your workout – they will help get you to the finish line. Sites like ClickMix allow you to adjust the timing of your favorite songs so they’re fast and upbeat enough to keep you going.

13. Reward yourself!!!

Choose certain milestones (like every 10 or 20 pounds lost or fitting into a certain size of clothing) and reward yourself when you reach them. Go for a pedicure or massage or buy some new clothes – this will give you something extra to look forward to.

14. Find the time that works for you.

If you’re a night owl, setting your alarm for 5:00 a.m. and expecting to burst out of bed and fit in a workout before work is only going to set yourself up for failure. If you’re a morning person who is in bed by 9pm, doing a post-work workout isn’t going to work either. Think about what really fits into your schedule. For some people it’s the morning, for others it’s during a lunch break or after work, and some of us do our best at 10:00 p.m.

15. Dress the part.

Obviously you aren’t going to try to work out without the right attire. But when you put your workout gear on can make a difference. Put your gym clothes on right when you wake up (for an a.m. workout) or before you leave the office. If you’re already in your gym clothes when you head out the door, you’ll be less likely to talk yourself out of your workout.

16. Plan mealtimes around convenient workout times.

If you plan to work out after work, but you’re starving, you’ll be more likely to hit the McDonald’s drive thru than the gym. Or, you’re going to be so distracted and weak with hunger that you won’t give it your all. I have breakfast before work, a snack during the morning, and a very late lunch so that I can go straight to the gym after work and it’s only been 3 hours since my last meal. Find meal and workout times that don’t conflict.

17. Don’t beat yourself up when you get off track.

There will be days when temptation is too tough to resist. Maybe your boyfriend or husband brings home pizza or your dining out with friends and the chocolate dessert can’t be passed up. It’s OK to sneak some junk food here and there as long as it doesn’t lead to a week-long gluttonous feast in which you revert back to a sedentary lifestyle. Eat your bad meal – enjoy every bit – and then get back on track. You’ll often find that just 1 meal doesn’t lead to a setback.

Follow these 17 weight loss tips and you’ll be showing off that thinner you sooner than  you think. Be consistent. Stay motivated. And remember, once you reach your goal, don’t be like (the old?) me. Yes, sneak in some of your old favorite treats like pizza, fries, or donuts, but don’t overdo it and don’t cut off all physical activity at the same time. Let’s reach our goals and keep the weight off together.

Shop Fitness Goal Gifts

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Gift Solutions for Petroleum Engineers Oil Spill Headaches

Posted by Kyle Design on June 11, 2010

Petrochemical Engineer Large Pill Box

A pill box designed for a petrochemical engineer, perfect place to keep the Advil needed to relieve the headache caused by this tragedy.

Like you, I am deeply saddened over the tragedy of the BP Oil Spill. It has been more than a month and a half since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, triggering the vast oil spill 5,000 feet below the Gulf of Mexico’s surface.

Custom Fisherman Money Clip

Give the gift of financial aide to the fishermen affected by the halt of the fishing industry in the Gulf Coast with our Fisherman’s Money Clip

Despite the placement of the containment cap over the leak, which will prevent 15,000 bbl. a day, 10,000 bbl. will still leak out. Oil will continue to bubble out until August when the relief wells will finally contain the spills.

There are already over 1,000 people working to clean up the spill, along with more than 32 ships and several aircraft’s. What a headache!

Fishing and boating has been halted until the oil is cleaned up, crippling the fishing, shrimping and crabbing industry in the gulf coast. BP is issuing checks to all the furloughed fisherman in an attempt to make things right. However, it is only a fraction of what they would have made had they not been cutoff for the summer.

Perhaps the saddest effect of the oil spill has been the harm to the wildlife due to he oil spill. So far the casualties are at 444 dead birds, 222 dead sea turtles and 24 mammals {including dolphins}.

Giant Sea Turtle Night Light

Our Sea Turtle night light is a great way to commemorate the many sea turtles lost due to the oil spill

Even though we are going to be feeling the effects of this disaster for a while, there are things we can do to help the environment.

Going Green Christmas Ornament

Now is the perfect time to start adapting a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Here is hoping to a quick solution, and a restored Gulf Coast!

What steps can you take today to live more green?

For more marine life gift solutions try our sea otter book mark, our dolphin table purse hook, our crab badge holder reel, our tropical fish metal wallet, our shark desktop business card holder, or our whale business card holder.

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Itchy Eyes, Runny Noses and Cloudy Skies – Oh, The Joys of Spring!

Posted by Kyle Design on May 19, 2010

Handy pollen travel cases for tissues, inhalers and eye drops - sure to be appreciated by those who suffer from hay fever!

Got hay fever? Keep your tissues and allergy meds at arm's length with this functional and fashionable Floating Pollen travel case.

A freshly-brewed, hot drink on a cold, rainy day is truly perfection at its best.

Delicious cocoa and coffee nightlights are sure to warm your heart and your home on any cloudy day.

It’s that time again. Fresh flowers blooming throughout, birds and the bees enthusiastically twittering and buzzing about in manner of Bambi and the air generally filled with an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ feeling wherever you go. A seasonal phenomenon, so aptly defined by the late-great Mark Twain: “It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” All too true, but wait– I think I might instead know exactly what I want, and the “want” I’ve got is a cure for the awful hay fever symptoms I’ve been having.

In light of the recent soundtrack of sneezes and coughs that have afflicted the entire Kyle Design staff, it can be concluded that this is the one of the worst California allergy seasons we’ve had in a very, very long time. In fact, it came as no surprise that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has rated San Francisco/the Bay Area as the 63rd most challenging place to live with spring allergies. Wheeze, hack, snort and “Do you have any lubricating eye drops?” have become typical, albeit disturbing, sounds of the studio over the last few weeks, and our fingers are fiercely crossed that we can all survive the remaining month or so until summer’s arrival.

To our asthmatic and allergy-prone friends, we most certainly feel your [sinus] pain.

On the upside, we’ve all been finding immediate joy in this gloomy, somewhat out-of-place rainy weather of the past week. Not only do we hail the rain (no pun intended) as a magical marvel in clearing up our sinuses, but April and May showers have made us happier, busier bees around the studio, and we’re hoping to extend this joy to each of our customers with our latest designs. For now, my goal is to enjoy watching the wet rain fall from a tauntingly dry indoors view armed with a plush blanket and a fresh cup of tea. Ah, I’m filled with warm, fuzzy feelings just at the thought…

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“This Is What Change Looks Like”: A New Appreciation for National Doctor’s Day

Posted by Kyle Design on March 24, 2010

For those of us who make an early retreat to bed on Sunday nights, we missed a pretty big deal last weekend when President Obama’s health care reform bill officially passed in Congress. Lucky for us, we can redeem our political savviness with the fact that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was just signed into law, marking a significant turning point in American history. In response to this, the President made a notable statement: “This is what change looks like.” Elsewhere, the controversial backlash has already reared its ugly head on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. As a fairly neutral party, I’ll share only one matter-of fact observation towards a positive outlook, and it’s that change is most certainly coming whether supported or not. In fact, it’s due to be celebrated next week!

Professional Wood Desktop Collection with Medical Caduceus Emblem

With this sophisticated desk organizing set, you're sure to become your doctor's favorite patient!

Next Tuesday, March 30th is Doctor’s Day, and what better time to acknowledge this national holiday than literally a week after a historical healthcare transition for the country. More specifically, Doctor’s Day is observed as a yearly opportunity to thank and honor all of the medical professionals who have overseen our health and well-being from birth. Now, with the idea of a universal health policy on the brain, we can only imagine how drastically life will change for the physicians, nurses, surgeons, medical assistants, radiologists and anesthesiologists entrusted with our care.

Traditionally, patients demonstrate their thanks on this day with a red carnation or flower given as a token of appreciation for their physician’s help and aid. In light of the recent political climate, however, we might want to consider “upping the ante” by sharing more unique, lasting gifts as we enter a renewed appreciation for the holiday.

Explore our collection of Medical Professional Accessories and Presents for Life Savers to find the perfect keepsake to impress your general practitioner, pediatrician, medical doctor (MD) or private practice physician.

Shopping for a loved one who happens to work in the medical field? Check out our Nifty Nurse Collections and RN Keepsakes, Psychiatry Furnishings and Therapist Decor and Radiant Radiology Gift Ideas for the perfect gift to show off your thanks!

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Helping To Find A Cure For Breast Cancer at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on November 12, 2008

This attractive Pink Ribbon pill box makes a thoughtful gift for breast cancer survivor

This attractive Pink Ribbon pill box makes a thoughtful gift for breast cancer survivor

Microscope Earrings - A thoughtful gift for scientist working for the cure.

Microscope Earrings - A thoughtful gift for scientist working for the cure.

Each October, Kyle Design donates 5% of all sales of items with the color pink or that feature the awareness ribbon design to an organization that is working towards a cure for breast cancer.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this year we were very happy to donate $150 to the Endowed Fund for The Breast Cancer Site Researcher at Mayo Clinic. Even better, the Mayo Clinic matches any donation (up to $250,00), so the value of our gift doubles to $300. The Mayo Clinic operates three research hospitals plus more than 50 clinics.  It is one of the world’s preeminent medical research facilities and I thought it was a good choice for this year’s donation.

Last year, we were able to donate $90 to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure organization, so we were very happy to be donating over 50% more than last year to a worthy organization. Ever dollar helps move us toward breakthroughs in the field of breast cancer research.

Pretty Panda Christmas Ornament - A memorial to a beloved family member

Pretty Panda Christmas Ornament - A memorial to a beloved family member

Gardening Stamp Holder - A useful gift for gardener

Gardening Stamp Holder - A useful gift for gardener

I started this program in honor of my cousin Kim, a breast cancer survivor, who passed away last year in her early 50s. It was such a shock to lose a such a happy, vibrant family member who was just a few years older than I am. She was a fabulous gardener (her garden was a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat) and she traveled the world, too.

At the memorial service, there is a wonderful picture of her with a giant panda from a trip to the Giant Panda Sanctuary and Breeding Centre at the Wolong National Nature Reserve in China. I created the Panda Christmas ornament at right as a memorial for her sisters and engraved a message for them on the back.

I’m proud that Kyle Design is a company that donates to organizations that fund mammograms, research causes of breast cancer and develop treatments for the disease. I hope we can one day soon find a cure for breast cancer.

If you’d like to see more of my unique gifts, please visit Pink Ribbon Gifts for Breast Cancer Awareness, Unique Scientist Gifts, Pretty Panda Gifts and Beautiful Gardening Gifts.

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Sunset Celebration Weekend 2008 – Cooking, Gardening, Ecology

Posted by Kyle Design on June 9, 2008

Mom and Daughter Event - Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend 2008Delicate Bamboo Earrings in Gold FinishJust returned from the 2008 Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park, CA. It featured cooking demonstrations, gardening lectures, food samples, wine tasting, test gardens, crafts booths, gourmet food vendors, presentations on going green and on solar energy among many, many others. We parked at Sun Microsystems where they had shuttles available to take us down the road to the fair, and that definitely was the best way to handle parking – quick, easy, and you save $1 off the general admission fee of $12 for adults. On the table at left are plates and bowls from Branch that are made out of bamboo – lightweight, colorful and very appealing.'s Emilie Cowan at Sunset Celebration Weekend 2008I went with my 12-year-old daughter and we had a great time. We watched a green home presentation and fashion show put on by that featured clothes and accessories made with organic cotton, bamboo, recycled or sustainable materials, and which are made with fair trade labor. Emilie Cowan, the director of business development at ecofabulous, showed us several new products that we can use in our homes that are more eco-friendly that will work just as well as more harmful products we’ve been used to using.

Silver and Red Shoes Name Badge LanyardOne shoe company featured in the fashion show creates cool, fashionable footwear using recycled materials. They will be working with famous shoe designer Vivienne Westwood to produce a new line of shoes this fall, and I am really looking forward to seeing that. I took my daughters to the Vivienne Westwood show at the de Young museum last year and we were all blown away by Westwood’s talent and creativity.

Fun Activity for Kids - Rock Wall Climbing at Sunset CelebrationFor the kids, there was flower lei making courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines (note that they provided 500,000 flowers on Saturday alone!), a rock wall for climbing and plenty of food samples. My 12-year old enjoyed booths that featured metal sculptures, bamboo bowls, lamps, pretty fabrics, papers, handbags and jewelry that caught her eye, as well as the chickens in the sample chicken coop in the Sunset test garden.

Tropical Hibiscus Flower Compact Mirror in GoldWe attended a presentation by Flora Grubb of Flora Grubb Gardens of San Francisco about high style, low-water gardens who recommended a number of colorful, unique-looking plants that don’t require frequent watering, including leucadendrons, small aloes, upright grevilleas. They are perfect for our state of drought, because half the battle can be just remembering to water in the first place. The plants she brought to show us were much more forgiving for those of us who tend to forget to water. She quipped that “the plants that are pretty are the ones that are alive.”

Unique Light Switch Plates with FlamesWe made cheese and basil pizzas at the Weber Grill booth where they were showing off their very stylish Weber Q-100 compact gas grills – which I’m thinking about getting for a Father’s Day gift or as a birthday gift for my husband. It cooked up the pizzas really fast and they tasted great! Dinner tends to run late in my household, so we are all for anything that can speed up meal preparation or cooking.Wine Bottle and Glasses Note Holder in Wood

Robert Mondavi Winery had seminars throughout the weekend that features cooking demonstrations, wine education and tastings of their wines including some of their Private Selection wines. These seminars required a taste ticket, but were always packed.

Green House Business Card Wallet for Two BusinessesThere certainly was something for all ages, but slightly older kids would probably enjoy it more than the younger ones. I did not bring my 9 year old, which I think was a good choice. I heard whining by some young children who were not as interested in the cooking and gardening presentations as the older kids likely would be.

It was in the low 80’s, but there was a lot of shade from the very large trees as well as from the numerous tents and market umbrellas, so overall it was a gorgeous day. I would definitely recommend it to foodies, gardening enthusiasts, anyone going green and those who are environmentally conscious (as we all should be now).

If you are searching for more unique gifts, click any of the photos above or please check out my Cooking Gifts, Gardening Gifts and Wine Gifts.

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Cool Diabetic Supply Cases for ADA Diabetes Conference in San Francisco – June 6-10, 2008

Posted by Kyle Design on June 7, 2008

Cool Diabetic Supplies Travel CaseThe world’s largest diabetes conference started today in San Francisco, CA, with the American Diabetes Association‘s 68th Scientific Sessions. It is being held Friday, June 6th – Tuesday, June 10th at the S.F. Moscone Center where they are expecting 13,000 diabetes experts including scientists, physicians and other health care professionals from around the world. They will be discussing the latest in diabetes research, treatment and advances toward a cure, according to the ADA website. It is a conference / trade show and as such is not open to the public.

Rates of diabetes have been growing in recent years, with the disease affecting nearly 21 million children and adults in the United States alone. It contributes to the death of more than 220,000 individuals here in America, costing our nation upwards of $174 billion (yes, that’s with a “b”) annually.

The three most prevalent types of diabetes are Type 1 or juvenile diabetes, Type 2 or adult-onset diabetes and gestational diabetes which is a temporary condition that occurs during pregnancy.Sleek Metal Diabetic Supply Travel Case Of the three, rates of Type 2 diabetes, in particular, have reached epidemic levels over the last ten years, even though it is a preventable disease. The disease, which is often triggered by obesity, is affecting adults and even children, rather than just the elderly as had been the case in the past. Many of us now know many people of all ages who are diabetic. I personally know several different individuals who have each type of diabetes – those who’ve had it their whole lives, those who became diabetic as older adults, and kids who have just been diagnosed with the disease. By the way, the Awareness Ribbon color for Diabetes is a gray ribbon.

Metal Travel Cases to Protect Insulin Supplies for DiabeticsI recently was approached by a mother who lamented the fact that there were no attractive cases in which her daughter could store her diabetic supplies. As a result of her request, I have just introduced these sturdy metal travel cases that can hold insulin pens and extra pen needles supplies. These unique cases are an elegant way for diabetics to keep insulin supplies safe and secure. They are come in a sleek classic style or with your choice of nearly 300 cool designs, all available in either silver or gold finishes.

So I’m very happy to introduce my line of diabetic supply cases today. These cases are a wonderful product for juvenile diabetics who want to keep their insulin pen and supplies safe yet discreet as they go through their school day. The sturdy metal cases offer added protection if your student carries his or her supplies in a backpack or purse. Furthermore, the person’s name and phone number may be engraved on the case in the event the case is lost or stolen.

Gray Ribbon Christmas Ornament for DiabeticsFor a juvenile diabetic or anyone else who has to carry their insulin pen with them all the time, these cases work perfectly!

Kyle Design offers many other metal travel cases in a variety of designs and sizes that may accommodate other diabetic or medical supplies such as blood sugar monitors, lancets, test strips, and syringes. These affordable carrying cases can offer a safe yet attractive way to carry important, and often expensive, medical supplies and may be found on our Unique Travel Cases page. Visit Gray Ribbon Gifts for more gift ideas with awareness ribbons in gray.


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Coffee and Miscarriage: Kaiser Study Advises Against Caffeine

Posted by Kyle Design on January 27, 2008

Coffee Light Switchplates in Black, Nickel and Bronze Aluminum AccentsAfter years of speculation about the negative effects of coffee, or specifically caffeine intake, during pregnancy, reports came out this week that it does in fact raise your risk of miscarriage. Kaiser Permanente of Oakland, CA, released a study that looked at the connection between caffeine and miscarriages.

Those who get 200 mg of caffeine a day (which you can get by drinking about 1-1/2 cups of coffee) are two times more likely to have a miscarriage than those who drink less than that or who consume no caffeinated beverages at all. Family Design Beaded ID Badge Lanyard in Gold and BlackGetting 200 mg of caffeine from all sources seemed to have the most effect after between weeks eight and sixteen of a pregnancy. (The study didn’t look into the effects beyond 20 weeks, though.) So if you’re trying to have a baby, Kaiser advises limiting your caffeine intake, or better yet not drinking those caffeinated beverages – coffee, tea, soda, hot cocoa, etc. – at all.

Apparently, getting 200 mg a day of caffeine is not that hard. Studies done in the 1990’s indicate that 87% of U.S. adults U.S. and 76% of children consume caffeinated food and beverages on a daily basis, with the average intake for caffeine consumers being 193 mg of caffeine a day. Major sources are coffee, sodas and tea (in that order), but other sources include chocolate, energy drinks, herbal supplements and medications (like Excedrin).

Stylish New Baby Night Light in Stained GlassNow that the link between caffeine and miscarriage has been established by the Kaiser report, I can feel good about my decision a dozen years ago to stop drinking caffeinated beverages. Based on general concerns at the time about caffeine (even though there was a lack of conclusive proof), I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages when I decided to start a family, and I have never gone back to drinking them. I’m glad my sacrifices (at the time – coming off caffeine gave me terrible headaches) were not in vain.

Mind you, I still drink decaffeinated tea on a daily basis, and decaffeinated coffee on occasion, and do enjoy a chocolate treat from time to time, but I have to get out of bed in the mornings knowing that there will be no jolt waiting for me at breakfast.

So I go to bed early. Works for me! I’m used to it now. Also, being self-employed, all I have to do is just start thinking about everything I need to do each day and the adrenaline just surges through my veins and I’m good to go.

But if you’re a coffee lover, you may want to check out my cool Coffee Drinker Gifts, like the Coffee Switchplate Cover above. For anyone who loves their family and wants the world to know it, I design unusual Family Themed Gifts and Decor, too. And if you’re looking for fresh Baby Shower Gift Ideas or something special for a new mom or dad, please check out my collection.

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TSA Can Now Differentiate Breast Milk From Liquid Explosives

Posted by Kyle Design on August 8, 2007

Baby Pram ID Badge HoldersSpeaking of breast-feeding moms and new rules at the TSA (a couple of recent posts), the Transportation Security Administration also has new rules regarding breast milk on airlines. The TSA apparently now has ways to tell the difference between breast milk and liquid explosives.

So now mothers CAN bring more than 3 oz. of breast milk with them, even if not flying with their baby, as long as the milk is declared before screening. Better yet, mothers no longer have to taste the milk to prove it is OK. Whew!

I know breast milk is great for the baby, but the thought of consuming it myself is completely unappetizing (as I’m sure it is to many other mothers). I’m just glad I was never put in that position – I was done nursing by 2000.

But the bottom line is that anything that encourages breast feeding is progress. Maybe those TSA security officers could do their part by promoting their new-found support of nursing mothers by wearing their security badges on a Baby Buggy ID Badge Holder like the one above. This might be the perfect way to advertise the new rules and show support this important public health issue, while putting a friendly, helpful face on this government agency.

If you want to read the exact statements regarding breast milk, here’s what they say on the TSA website:

TSA is also modifying the rules associated with carrying breast milk through security checkpoints. Mothers flying with, and now without, their child will be permitted to bring breast milk in quantities greater than three ounces as long as it is declared for inspection at the security checkpoint.

Breast milk is in the same category as liquid medications. Now, a mother flying without her child will be able to bring breast milk through the checkpoint, provided it is declared prior to screening.

Additionally, they answer these questions:

Q. Why is breast milk not a threat?
A. Breast milk is a medical necessity and it is being classified as such. It must be declared at the checkpoint.

Q. How do you ensure liquid explosives disguised as breast milk or medications are not brought through the checkpoint?
A. Since September 2006, certain liquid medications have been permitted at the checkpoint as long as they are declared to security officers and are subject to additional screening.

Q. Do passengers carrying breast milk need to taste it to prove it is not a liquid explosive?
A. No. We will not ask a traveler to taste breast milk.

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Breast-Feeding Moms on the Increase – Big Benefits

Posted by Kyle Design on August 4, 2007

New Baby Engraved Holiday OrnamentsI was encouraged to read that nearly three-quarters of new moms here in the U.S. are breast-feeding their babies. On the downside, only 30% are still feeding them only breast milk at 3 months of age according to the latest survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I’m always surprised that more women don’t breast feed for longer, but I’m sure this is because we have so many working moms here in America. Experts recommend that mothers breast feed their kids for at least six months, longer if they can.

One benefit of being a self-employed artist is that I could have my kids at work with me and so could breast feed them. Not that it is easy running a business and taking care of your kids, both really being full-time jobs, but somehow I managed, although looking back it really was quite challenging. I pumped and froze breast milk for those days when I was off exhibiting my work at local crafts fairs and Art & Wine festivals. Although I must admit that pumping and dumping in a 100 degree Porta-Potty is something I don’t miss. At all.

Was it worth it? Yes. The real benefit and convenience comes when your children are older. They are less likely to get sick, and are also more protected against obesity and eczema. I breast fed my two girls for 9 months and 12 months respectively, and they are seldom sick. This last school year, for example, they both had perfect attendance. You just won’t lose as much time from work caring for sick kids.

At my book group, moms were complaining about how many ear infections their kids get, but I’ve been fortunate that my girls have had only one ear infection between them and they are now 11 and 8. It is just not an issue for us and I really feel that breast feeding is responsible.

Other benefits to breast feeding: It is cheaper than formula, you get to eat more, it helps take the weight off that you gained while pregnant, and nothing could be more convenient. What’s not to like?

If you know a new mom, support her efforts at breast feeding. If you are looking for a special gift to mark the arrival of their new baby, such as the engraved Baby’s First Christmas Ornament or the New Baby Night Light, please visit our unique Baby Gifts for New Parents collection.

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