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Unique Breast Cancer Gifts Offer Encouragement for Women

Posted by Kyle Design on October 1, 2014

As we kick off breast cancer awareness month my heart goes out to everyone who has been touched in one way or another by this terrible disease. And I imagine that’s all of us since 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, in the time it has taken me to get this far along in this blog post, one more woman has been diagnosed. But, a diagnosis is not a death sentence and I like to look at the bright side, which is that in the U.S. there are over 2 million breast cancer survivors walking our streets, playing with their kids and grandkids, sipping pumpkin spice lattes and making every day count.

So let’s celebrate the good things.

Everyone woman who has beat cancer deserves a daily reminder of how strong she is. And every woman who’s still battling needs encouragement. Let’s use this month as a reminder to embrace the time we have on this planet, to make time for those we love, and to encourage the women in our lives who are facing the toughest fight of their lives.

I love this graphic I saw on Pinterest:

Breast Cancer Quote

Such a great quote to motivate and encourage men and women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Engrave this on a unique breast cancer gift from Kyle Design to remind someone you love that attitude is everything. Kyle’s pink ribbon gifts are all handcrafted for you and offer a fantastic way to let your mom, sister or friend know how much you love them. Create a keepsake of a loved one or shop motivational gifts for breast cancer patients to offer them daily encouragement.

Pink Ribbon Magnet for Breast Cancer


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Recovery Gifts for Sobriety Anniversaries, Birthdays and Milestones

Posted by Kyle Design on May 30, 2014


In the U.S. the #1 health problem isn’t cancer, heart disease or even obesity. It’s addiction. One in 12 adults have an alcohol problem and the numbers are higher for illegal drug use and prescription pill abuse. Chances are you or someone you know struggles with an addiction of some kind.

Thanks to AA and other substance abuse recovery programs, more Americans are getting sober every day. For someone who has beat an addiction, every day of sobriety is something to celebrate. Reaching sobriety milestones – 30 days sober, 6 months, 1 year and beyond are major accomplishments for recovering alcoholics or drug addicts. Programs refer to these milestones as anniversaries or birthdays.

Is your sister celebrating her 1-year sober birthday? Maybe your husband has been clean for 10 years. Your son might have come out of rehab a new man who you’re so proud of him for making the commitment to clean and sober living.

Recovery gifts are a wonderful way to show your support for your friends and family members who struggle with addiction.

Get them something besides a chip or a coin to express how important their sobriety is to you. Some gift ideas include:

♦ Engrave a family bookmark to thank your husband or wife for choosing family over addiction.

♦ Personalize a Big Book wooden memory box and fill it with notes of all the good times you’ve enjoyed together since your mom or dad has gotten clean.

♦ Customize a new beginning money clip with an engraved congratulatory message for your son or brother.

♦ If you’re a sponsor, engrave your phone number on an I’m A Phone Call Away gift to remind him or her that you’re always there for them.

♦ Or, if you’d like to thank a sponsor for getting you to your sobriety birthday or anniversary, add a thank-you note to a coffee clip magnet or other unique recovery gift.

At Kyle Design, you can shop unique gifts for sobriety milestones.

Gifts include Kyle’s exclusive etched metal designs that are symbolic of new beginnings and recovered families, such as the sunset, tree of life, cross, Big Book and more. Every item is handcrafted and customized with your color choices and many gifts can also be engraved. Personalize a sobriety night light, keychain, locket, pill box, ornament, jewelry box or other meaning gift for someone you love. Click Shop Recovery Gifts for Kyle’s exclusive selection of sobriety themed products.

Meaningful Sobriety Quotes

“AA is not for people who need it, its for people who want it.”

“If you’re not moving away from a drink you’re moving closer to it.”

“Sobriety is a journey; not a destination.”

“Call your sponsor before, not after, you take the first drink”

“We can be positive that our drinking was negative”

“If I think, I won’t drink. If I drink, I can’t think.”

“Even my worst day in sobriety is better than my best day drunk.”

“When all else fails, the directions are in the Big Book.”

“Why recovery never ends: the disease is alcoholISM, not alcoholWASM!”

“A coincidence is a miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous.”

“Having a resentment is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.”

“An alcoholic without a sponsor is like leaving Dracula in charge of the blood bank.”

“The first thing in the human personality that dissolves in alcohol is dignity.”

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” -Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

“Alcoholism isn’t a spectator sport. Eventually the whole family gets to play.” -Joyce Rebeta-Burditt

“If drinking is interfering with your work, you’re probably a heavy drinker. If work is interfering with your drinking, you’re probably an alcoholic.”

“My sobriety depends on who God is, not who I am.” -Duane M.

“Living our pre-AA active daily lifestyle is akin to switching seats on the Titanic.”

“The chains of alcohol are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

“Whatever you put before your sobriety; you shall surely lose.”

“Regarding hanging out at bars: If you hang out at the barbershop long enough you’re bound to get a haircut.”

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Honor a Nurse during Nurse’s Week with these Custom Gifts

Posted by Kyle Design on May 1, 2014


Nurse Quote


Nurses rock, don’t they?

I’m absolutely loving this nurse’s quote by  Rawsi Williams. I know so many hard-working nurses so I love that there’s a whole week that celebrates the men and women who have worked so hard to be where they’re at today. Every year I make an effort to make my favorite nurses feel special on Nurse’s Day, which is May 6th. I love to send my sister-in-law an engraved RN keychain or vintage nurse hat badge reel. My cousin adores the personalized nursing swag I send her way too.

The truth is, everyone loves to feel special. Nurses spend so much of their day caring for other people’s needs and so little time caring for their own.

It doesn’t take much effort to honor a nurse, but it will absolutely make their day. Shop unique nurse gifts at Kyle Design to customize an affordable gift for a special nurse in your life. They say it’s better to give than to receive – experience the feel-good that comes from making someone else feel special. It’ll probably outlast Nurse’s Day for you. But for the nurse you honor, that feel-good won’t wear off for at least a week.

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Unique End of Sports Season Gifts for Seniors

Posted by Kyle Design on April 21, 2014

Water Polo Ornament for End of Season Party

Water Polo Ornament for End of Season Party

For many high school students, senior year is their final year of sports. Make their end-of-season party all the more special with an engraved ornament keepsake from Kyle Design. Kyle’s handcrafted, beaded sports ornaments can be engraved with each athlete’s name, their school and the year. Or, add your own inspirational message as you congratulate them on their hard work and wish them success in their futures.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give seniors as end of season gifts, you’ll love Kyle’s custom ornaments featuring her etched metal sports designs. Shop water polo, tennis, softball, cheer, hockey, golf, lacrosse, track, swimming and other popular sports designs. Each ornament can be personalized with high school team or squad colors and individualized engravings. Kyle’s unique sports gift ornaments for end of season presentations make fantastic gifts for coaches too.

How to Order a Custom Sports Ornament from Kyle Design

There are 2 easy ways to order an end of season sports keepsake ornament for coaches and seniors.

1. Click to Shop Sports Ornaments – find your sport and select it to order in gold or silver and personalize with accent colors and engraving.

2. For a fully customized ornament, click Customize My Own Sports Ornament – you can choose from 7 of Kyle’s decorative ornament shapes in silver or gold, add any sport, hand select the accent, ribbon and bead colors, and add a personalized engraved message.

It’s that easy! Your unique athletic awards will be handcrafted in Kyle’s Northern California studio and shipped out within just 1-2 business days (that includes engraved award ornaments). So even if you’re looking for last-minute gifts, these custom end of season ornament awards are the perfect solution.

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Unique Graduation Gifts for Every Major

Posted by Kyle Design on March 21, 2014

There’s nothing more special than receiving a gift that is so perfect it feels like it was made just for you. Actually, there is 1 thing that’s more special – giving the perfect gift. When you shop at Kyle Design, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, because every gift is personalized by you and then handcrafted by us. Find the perfect nursing gift for your niece who’s graduating with her nursing degree. Find the right present for your son who will soon be a physical therapist. Perhaps your daughter is graduating with a degree in teaching, communications, or law. Or maybe your grandson is graduating with honors in science, graphic design or computer programming. Kyle has created over 500 etched metal designs which means you’ll find the career gift that is perfect for him or her.

Click to Shop Unique Graduation Gifts.

Looking for inspiration? Check out this fun video that features some unconventional grad gifts along with some of the best graduation quotes:

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The Perfect Gift for a Teen Girl

Posted by Kyle Design on February 20, 2014

Teen girls can be difficult to shop for since clothing and jewelry trends change so often. But with all the selfies being posting nearly around the clock we do know 1 thing teens love, and that’s looking at themselves. If you’re shopping for a birthday gift for your daughter or niece, get her something you know she’ll use – a personalized decorative mirror from Kyle Design.

If you haven’t shopped Kyle Design before, then I’ll let you in on a little secret our shoppers have been taking advantage of for awhile – every gift is personalized just for you.

Decorative Mirrors for Teen GirlsEvery gift that you see can be completely transformed. For instance, this framed mirror is maple, but you can order it in 6 other finishes to match your teen’s room – black, silver, white, cherry and more. That hot pink color peaking out from behind the “K” – well, if your teen is crazy about blue or yellow or purple you can change that too. There are 30 awesome color choices. And the monogram letter K – that comes in silver and gold. But if you don’t want the letter K, there are 500 other design choices to fill that space. You can add your daughter’s monogram letter, age, astrological sign, favorite sport, favorite animal, hobby, food, nature and weather designs….the list goes on and on. Each design was created by the talented female artist Kyle McKeown Mansfield. And each gift available on her gift site – – comes handcrafted with your favorite colors and designs.

Kyle’s handcrafted framed mirrors for teens can hang on a wall (perfect for selecting jewelry) or sit on a table or counter top (great for putting on makeup). Personalize one for your favorite girl on her birthday, graduation or other special occasion.

Shop all decorative wall & table top mirrors.




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Wine Gifts to Avoid this Holiday Season

Posted by Kyle Design on October 8, 2012

The holidays are just around the corner (already?!) and as you dash from one social gathering to another you’ll no doubt feel the obligation to bring “something” for the host. A bottle of wine seems to be everyone’s go-to gift, but the problem is it shows zero thought on your part. In fact, there’s a good chance you just grabbed something from your own cabinet as you ran out the door (or is that just me?).


Other wine gifts such as wine baskets, monogrammed glasses, or specialty bottle openers are super expensive, which isn’t practical for multiple holiday parties or office staff gift-giving.


This year, take a few minutes to think ahead so you can show up with a personalized gift that will stand out and show you put some thought into it. What are the host or hostess’ hobbies? You can easily purchase a unique ornament (or other gift) with a design that expresses their interests and have it engraved at Kyle Design.


All gifts ship out in 1 to 2 business days (including engraved ones) so you can even get something special for a host last-minute!

Winning Wine Gifts:

If you want to stick with the wine theme – which is a great idea during the holidays – Kyle Design has hundreds of unique gifts with etched metal designs of wine bottles, wine glasses and grapes. All can be personalized with your color preferences and most can also be engraved.

Customized Wine Gift in Red

Customized Wine Gift in Red

Wine Design Clip Magnets for Fridge

Red and Green Wine Magnets

Unique Holiday Party Gift with Wine Design

Gold and blue shown as example – choose your own colors! Add engraved message.


These personalized, metal gifts will last for years, while a bottle of wine will be consumed and forgotten in no time – possibly even the night you gift it.

Take a minute to browse all the unique gifts available at Kyle Design and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect holiday gift for colleagues, party hosts, and gift exchanges among friends and family. Or, if you already know you want a wine ornament (an excellent gift!), click custom Christmas ornaments to select your favorite size and shape ornament, add the wine design (“Wine #138” from the “Food & Nature” category), choose your favorite color combination and personalize with an engraving. After you order, your personalized wine ornament will be shipped out in 1-2 business days.

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Con-grad-ulatory Gifts for Grads

Posted by Kyle Design on May 3, 2012

No more late night cram sessions, term papers, final exams or Spring Breaks. It’s time to walk across the stage, move their tassels and throw their caps in the air. Congradulate the graduate in your family with a personalized gift that will mark this momentous occasion in his or her life: the turning point from high school student to college-bound or the transition from crazy college student to respectable adult…so we hope!

If your son, daughter or grandchild already has a job lined up, surprise them with a gift that’s personalized with a design representative of their new career in their favorite colors or in their new employer’s company colors (do some internet research to find of what they are!) Kyle Design has unique occupation themed gifts for lawyers, nurses, communications majors, teachers, accountants, web designers, IT professionals, psychologists and so much more! Click Personalized Occupational Gifts to see their massive selection of career oriented gift designs available on hundreds of graduation gifts including business card holders, badge reels and desk accessories.

Hospital Badge Reel for Nurses

Liberal Studies Gradaution Gift

Wooden Lawyer Jewelry Box

Custom Jewelry Box for Law School Graduates


If they’ve only begun to think about sending our resumes or are heading off to college in the fall, go with our custom graduation cap and diploma design Grad Gifts.

Personalize it with their name or monogram and graduation date.


Grad Pill Box

Gift Pill Box for Graduates

Engraved Money Clip for Graduation Gift

Graduate Money Clip Pocket Knife

Engraved Flask for Graduation

Engravable Graduation Flask (43 colors)


New to shopping Kyle Design? Things you should know:

Every gift is custom made to your specifications – metal colors, background colors, choice of design, and optional engraving.

Every gift is handcrafted.

(Nearly) every design can be added to every gift. You may not see a money clip with a graduation cap, but you can order it! Add any design to these gifts: Design Your Own Custom Gift.


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Love at 1st…click?

Posted by Kyle Design on March 2, 2012

At some point or another we’ve all been there…the dreaded “S” word: Single. Sometimes it’s for a short spurt and other times it feels like a long, lonely season in between relationships. The dating scene can be an exciting new adventure in your teens, a fun experience in college, and an expected part of your 20s. But when you’ve hit your 30s and you still haven’t met “the one,” it can start leading to sheer panic as every one of your friends settles down with Mr. Right and some even have baby #2 on the way.

I have a small circle of close-knit girlfriends and oddly, we’ve all settled down later than we expected. It’s down to one girl waiting on an engagement ring and the other – ironically the first of us to get engaged when she was 24 (she broke it off, only to regret it after it was too late – he’s now happily married to someone else) just ended a 2-year relationship that was going nowhere. It’s suddenly become everyone’s top priority (in her mind) to set her up with Mr. Right. Since I have NO prospects for her, I get to be her wing girl as we head out this weekend to see what winners we can meet at a downtown Beer Festival (expectations for quantity of men are high but quality expectations are low. However, compared to the extremely limited pool of eligible bachelors in her region on – according to my awesome but very picky best friend – we’re gonna give it a wholehearted attempt).

Are bars ever really a potential place to find a respectable guy? Where do the majority of people meet their spouse? According to ComScore, the majority (36%) meet them at work (or at school) and only 11% meet them at a bar. When I was single, I loved heading out to the bars with my girlfriends with anticipation of meeting a cute boy that could be a potential boyfriend. But looking back, while several numbers were exchanged over the years only a couple led to actual dates and zero led to relationships. According to ComScore’s study, which was released in July last year, more people meet their spouse through online dating (17%) or through friends and family (26%) than in bars.

How does a single gal in her 30s go about meeting a great guy? Where’s a girl supposed to go if she works, has an active social life involving lots of friends and family, goes to bars, attends church, and participates in online dating and yet still, remains single? Where do those 7% of “others” meet their mate? For me, that “other” wouldn’t be the gym, grocery store or Walmart (although I can’t say I haven’t been hit on at Walmart more times than I’d like). Over the course of my dating career I met most of my boyfriends while driving, either at a red light, sitting in commute traffic, or just cruising down the highway at 80mph. (Trust me, if you’re not looking in those other vehicles you’re missing out on a lot of cute guys/potential hot dates!). But, when it came time to meet my husband, I joined the majority of folks who met their spouse at work.

Personalized Online Dating Gifts from Kyle Design

Personalized Online Dating Metal Credit Card Wallet

To lift my girlfriend’s spirits I’m gonna bring her a little online dating encouragement gift. She’ll get a kick out of it. And while she is already complaining that online dating just isn’t for her, she’s only given match about 5 days. I’m guessing it’s gonna take longer than that, which means she’s got plenty of online dating ahead of her. I only personally know 2 others who have delved into the world of online dating and both of them ended up marrying the person they met. So, if things don’t work out at the Beer Festival this weekend (which, I’m guessing, they won’t) it’ll be back to sending out winks. And who knows, maybe there will be a fairytale ending that all started when she fell in love at first click 😉

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Two is Better than One

Posted by Kyle Design on February 24, 2012

When it comes to cookies, friends, vacation days, and 100-dollar-bills, I’d say 2 is better than 1. At Kyle Design, we understand that sometimes, one is just not enough. That’s why we have Double Design Gifts. Use two designs to convey a unique gift message. Get creative! Let our “Lucky in Love” compact mirror, “21st Birthday” flask, and “Family Practitioner” business card holder inspire you. Another fun idea is to pick out 2 letters for someone’s initials and add them to a custom double design pill box, bookmark, or decorative metal cell phone case. With over 500 designs there’s a lot of great combos out there! What will yours be?


Design Your Own Compact Mirror


Custom Cigarette Case from Kyle Design


Personalized 21st Birthday Custom Flask


What 2 designs will you put together?

Design Themes include sports, occupations, animals, foods, hobbies, and more!


Double Design Custom Christmas Ornaments

Double Design Custom Christmas Ornaments

Custom Silver Eiffel Tower Eye Glasses Holder

Off to Paris Dual Design Glasses Case


Decorative Metal Business Card Cases

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