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Two is Better than One

Posted by Kyle Design on February 24, 2012

When it comes to cookies, friends, vacation days, and 100-dollar-bills, I’d say 2 is better than 1. At Kyle Design, we understand that sometimes, one is just not enough. That’s why we have Double Design Gifts. Use two designs to convey a unique gift message. Get creative! Let our “Lucky in Love” compact mirror, “21st Birthday” flask, and “Family Practitioner” business card holder inspire you. Another fun idea is to pick out 2 letters for someone’s initials and add them to a custom double design pill box, bookmark, or decorative metal cell phone case. With over 500 designs there’s a lot of great combos out there! What will yours be?


Design Your Own Compact Mirror


Custom Cigarette Case from Kyle Design


Personalized 21st Birthday Custom Flask


What 2 designs will you put together?

Design Themes include sports, occupations, animals, foods, hobbies, and more!


Double Design Custom Christmas Ornaments

Double Design Custom Christmas Ornaments

Custom Silver Eiffel Tower Eye Glasses Holder

Off to Paris Dual Design Glasses Case


Decorative Metal Business Card Cases

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Cool Eyeglasses Holders – Contemporary Styles To Keep Your Glasses Safe

Posted by Kyle Design on July 8, 2008

No more squinting or searching! I’ve just introduced my expanded line of unique eyeglass holders in time for summer fun. Tired of misplacing your glasses or not being able to see? Looking for eyeglasses leashes that you want to wear? If so, (ooo, I just love introducing something new!) you’ll want to check out these stylish, contemporary eye glass holder choices for both men and women that will save you the frustration of trying to find those rascally glasses. And so attractive you’ll want one for all your eyewear!

I started designing this collection of glasses holders about a year and a half ago when I ended up needing 3 new pairs of glasses – sunglasses, reading glasses for the computer and distance glasses. That’s usually how I come up with something new – it’s something I need!

I want to use attractive, colorful items that have an artistic flair, so usually I find I have to design the items I need myself. (Which is OK – I love designing!) It seems that most items on the market are just so boringly functional and basic. So I get working on coming up with something new! And as always with me, one design or style is not enough (I call myself the queen of overkill), so I’m featuring many here. I hope with the wide range of looks and colors available, you’ll actually enjoy wearing these styles. Never lose or break another pair of glasses again, whether they be your expensive designer sunglasses or your must-have everyday reading glasses.

Art Deco Eyeglasses Holders in Silver and GreenDesigner Accents: Just New! I’ve created these beaded styles to give the appearance of earrings – but with chains on the end! That way, they don’t scream “bad eyes”, “granny glasses” or “absent-minded sunglasses wearer”. Already in my experience wearing mine, people just complement me on my “earrings” without ever realizing that I’m actually wearing eyeglasses holders. Choose from many designs – including Irish Celtic, Cats, Hearts, Roses, Butterflies, Art Nouveau, Spirals and several abstract images. Each eyeglasses lanyard is custom made with your choice of either gold or silver design accents with 12 striking color systems from which to choose. Shown here is the silver Art Deco pattern with green aluminum chains and emerald glass beads.


Contemporary Eyeglasses Holders for Man or WomanClassic Yet Contemporary: These simple eyeglass leashes have just enough style to say “contemporary” with their anodized aluminum ball chains and black rubber loops, yet are slim, lightweight and comfortable. Perfect for the man or woman who doesn’t need flash yet still wants to look professional. Available in a dozen sophisticated colors, from classic black to a lovely lavender.

Fancy Beaded Glasses Holders with Crystals and Decorative ElementsPretty and Elegant: These beautiful glasses holders are designed with cut crystal beads to add a bit more sparkle and elegance to your look. Available in two lengths with either rubber grip clips or loops on the end. The best way to keep your reading glasses handy for when you need them is to use an eyeglass holder that is attractive and adds style to your look. These are perfect if you’re looking for a more traditional jewelry look (that you don’t normally find on eyeglasses holders!) If you love them, you’ll wear them!

Fun, Colorful Eyeglass Leashes with Turquoise and Purple Aluminum AccentsFun and Colorful: If you like a bolder look with more color, these eye-catching glasses chains are the way to go. Created with larger design elements and fun colors, to make more of an artistic statement. Also available in a black and silver combination and a pink and silver combination. And always, in a choice of attractive designs that span the looks from antique to contemporary.

I hope with the wide range of fashionable looks and colors available, you’ll actually enjoy wearing these styles. Never lose or break another pair of glasses again, whether they be your expensive designer sunglasses or your must-have everyday reading glasses. Now there is no excuse to not wear your glasses! No more wishing you could see! I enjoy wearing mine and love getting compliments. I hope you will, too! Please visit Unique Eyeglass Holders, Glasses Cases and Contact Lens Carriers for Kyle Design’s full selection of leashes, chains and holders for sunglasses, reading glasses and eyewear accessories.

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