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Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Posted by Kyle Design on May 2, 2012

She might be your best friend, the one you always turn to for advice, the first person you call when you’re sick…..or the person who drives you the craziest.

But, you’ve got to admit, there’s no one out there quite like your mom.

Purple Flower Fridge Magnet for Mom

Purple Flower Fridge Magnet for Mom

And whether she’s down the block, across town, or just a phone call away, she deserves some recognition this Mother’s Day. Put some extra thought into her gift this year. Remind her that no matter what type of relationship you have, there’s a special place in your heart that only she can fill.


“Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment, but their heart for a lifetime.”


Is your mom a trendy fashionista who’s still got it goin’ on? Buy her a stylish compact mirror for her purse or a monogrammed purse hook for keeping that pricey handbag off the grimy floor.

Is she a bookworm? Surprise her this Mother’s Day with a gorgeous, handcrafted bookmark, engraved reading glasses case, or an eye-catching beaded glasses chain.

Is she crafty and artistic? Buy her a handcrafted gift – a decorative night light or personalized picture frame with a sentimental picture from your childhood.








Is she a professional? Why not get her something she can use or display at work? Buy a personalized business card holder or other engraved desk accessory and she’ll think of you every time she reaches for a pen or post-it note.

Custom Wallplates from Kyle DesignIs she a do-it-yourself woman who’s into home decor? If her house looks like a model home, give her the finishing touch with a decorative switch plate or outlet cover from Kyle Switch Plates.

Unique Engraved Gift Pill BoxesIs she sentimental? Kyle Design has 100s of unique engraved gifts for mom – custom gift pill boxes, purse mirrors, photo frames and keychains.


Mother’s Day is May 11, 2014.




Give your mother something special and beautiful – a unique gift she’ll appreciate and remember forever.

In this life, a lot can change in a year, a month, or even a day. We don’t know what the future holds, so don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Because all too often, tomorrow turns into next week which turns into next month and before you know it another year (or decade) has gone by. Spend this Mother’s Day with your mom and give her a special gift that communicates how much you love and appreciate her. Because someday she’ll be gone and you’ll never have the opportunity again.

Shop unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas at Kyle Design for hundreds of personalized gifts and over 500 custom design choices for mom. Every gift is custom made – you pick the design, mom’s favorite color, a gold or silver gift and even add a special engraving for a truly custom Mother’s Day gift. Most items ship out the same or next day – there’s still plenty of time to get your gift by Sunday, May 13, 2012! Affordable Mother’s Day gifts plus cheap, quick shipping equals the perfect Mother’s Day. Visit

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Engraved Metal Bookmarks with Tassels – When You Have A Lot to Say

Posted by Kyle Design on June 28, 2009

New at Kyle Design: beautiful engraved bookmarks in 100s of designs, dozens of colors. Thanks to everyone who asked me for book marks with a larger engraving area! Here’s what I have created:

Engraved Metal Book Marks with Tassels - Plenty of room to say all you want.

Engraved Metal Book Marks with Tassels - Plenty of room to say all you want.

These “Create Your Own” metal bookmarks are designed with openwork etching around a roomy engraving area with a thematic design at the top. In fact, there is room to engrave a quote or longer inscription and have three lines of text 35 characters in each on the front, AND the back if you have that much you’d like to say. We engraved lengthwise down the bookmark.

This metal bookmark has been engraved with a wonderful quote from Walt Disney.

This metal bookmark has been engraved with a wonderful quote from Walt Disney.

Favorite quote about reading: “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney

So when we say “Create Your Own”, here’s how much you may customize these page holders for books:

Design: Hundreds from which to choose – sports, hobbies, career, arts, music, flowers, nature, animals, insects, religions and so much more. Currently 450+ images.

Color: Lots of color choices – either brilliant anodized aluminum or shimmery iridescent film (which I hand make) for a more unusual look.

Metal: Polished gold or brushes silver with antiqued design accents.

Tassel: Yes, your choice there as well. Create a color combination to match school colors, just pick a favorite or keep it classic with black.

Engraved Message: Well, that is up to you, optional of course, but we do offer pages of quotes to peruse to help you capture the sentiment you are after.

Combine all this and you have created an extra special gift that truly will be unique. If you’d like to see other styles of engraved bookmarks, please visit Kyle Design Engraved Metal Bookmarks.

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Last Minute Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day – Cool Practical Gift Ideas for Her Special Day

Posted by Kyle Design on May 2, 2009

It’s almost Mother’s Day – have you gotten your Mom anything special yet? Looking for unique last minute gifts? If not, Kyle Design can save the day for you with our unique, useful gifts for moms. If you just get some silly, frivolous impulse item from the mall at the last second, your MOM WILL KNOW. There is still time to get your wife, mother or mother-in-law a special gift that shows how much you really care. A present from Kyle Design quietly screams, “A Truly Unique Gift Custom Made for You!”

Mom Rules! Even when things get dramatic! Let her know with a cute Comedy and Tragedy tape measure.

Mom Rules! Even when things get dramatic! Let her know with a cute Comedy and Tragedy tape measure.

Artistic Gifts Made To Order – Mom will not have seen anything like a gift from Kyle Design before, and better yet, we custom make each item to order with her favorite color, design, silver or gold metal finishes and personalized engraving of choice. We ship within a day, too, and even the same day if you ask, so we can help you get her gift there by Mother’s Day. Can’t beat it!

Fast, Easy, Safe: Mom doesn’t need to know that shopping online at Kyle Design was faster than getting in the car and driving to the mall, easier than searching through racks at a dozen stores (unless you really wanted to get in that 5 mile walk at a noisy mall after work), and a whole lot safer than being around crowds during a swine flu outbreak.

Fresh, Practical Gift Ideas from Kyle Design

So here are just of a few of our many new, useful gift suggestions that might work for your mom:

Give mom a goddess purse hook - then shell know just how amazing you think she really is.

Give mom a goddess purse hook - then she'll know just how amazing you think she really is.

Purse Hooks – New on the scene, these really practical holders for handbags are a hot item. When mom does have time to get out, make sure she can really relax and have a good time without having to keep an eye on her purse. Handbag holders get her purse off that disgusting restaurant floor, keep her handbag right where she can see it when sitting at a bar. So easy to use – just slip the purse hanger over the edge of a table, bar or desk and hook the purse strap over it. Great for holding umbrellas, digital cameras and shopping bags, too. No more worries! That is the best gift you can give any mom.

A floral business or credit card holder makes a beautiful gift of flowers for mom on Mothers Day.

A floral business or credit card holder makes a beautiful gift of flowers for mom on Mother's Day.

Credit Card Holders – Our slim, feminine credit card and ID holders are the perfect place for mom to stash her wallet essentials without the bulk – driver’s license, credit cards, ATM card, business cards and a little cash. Keeps mom streamlined and organized. We have hundreds of designs, but if you select a card case with flowers on it – roses, irises, sunflowers, orchids or hibiscus – you’ll be giving mom flowers that last! No need to water, either. This special gift reminds her daily to stop and smell the roses, too.

Bookmarks – Ah, to take a few minutes to read a favorite magazine or a good book – there’s a real luxury in our busy lives. A beautiful book mark that says “I Love You” is a wonderful way to let mom know  you love her even when she is taking a break from all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands and whatnot required to keep her share of the household running smoothly. Maybe give her that latest best-selling paperback book she’s been wanting to read along with the bookmark and she’ll know you really mean it.

Give your mother a unique bookmark that says I Love You every time she looks at it.

Give your mother a unique bookmark that says "I Love You" every time she looks at it.

Make Mom Happy with a practical gift from Kyle Design that she will really use and enjoy. If you’d like to see more of my fun gifts ideas for mom (available in 100s of designs), please visit Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom where you’ll find so many unusual, innovative gifts made exclusively by Kyle Design. We’ve been in business since 1982 and are known for our beautiful gifts and excellent customer service, so you can be assured that we’ll help you take good care of your Mother. Give us a call at 800-551-5953 between the hours of 9:00-5:00 PST if you’d like any help at all choosing the right gift.

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Glass and Metal Inlaid Wood Memory Boxes for Men and Women – New at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on January 3, 2009

Handsome inlaid wooden boxes for men and women have it all - design, color and style!

Handsome inlaid wooden boxes for men and women have it all - design, color and style!

New today at Kyle Design: Gorgeous mixed media wooden boxes that are inlaid with decorative metal etchings, bright glass and iridescent film color accents in the center. These stunning boxes are available in 100s of gold or silver designs and 9 different color systems, so you can totally customize the look and feel of the boxes to suit the recipient. We can even engrave a metal plate inside the lid or on the side front of the box to express your sentiment, message of thanks or the dates of a special event.

This is one of those new items mentioned in yesterday’s post about New Years resolutions. I had the parts for this box ready to go back in October, but never quite got it together. Why? Often, there are just too many decisions about how I want to present an item, what options, what photos. (Perhaps closer to the truth – I love starting projects and exploring all my ideas but don’t enjoy following through on all the details quite that much.)

Anyway, here’s why I got bogged down on this item. A sample case:

The Photos: I photographed the original boxes with two in the image, but after cropping the photo into a square each box was so small that you couldn’t even tell what design was in the middle. Therefore pointless. I was hoping to give the impression that there are more than one color/design available but obviously hadn’t figured out how to do that effectively yet. Had to set up the shots and rephotograph. Again. Then process/crop/adjust the digital images. Again.

Soft, smooth colored glass provides a beautiful backdrop to the hard-edged metal designs and the handcrafted textured film.

Soft, smooth colored glass provides a beautiful backdrop to the hard-edged metal designs and the handcrafted textured film.

The Color Choices: Most of my items are available in about 40 colors, whether iridescent film or anodized aluminum. For these boxes we have an added degree of complexity with the glass colors used in combination with those colors. Question: do I allow customers to create whatever combination of glass and color accent they want? Which at this point would be 40 film/aluminum colors times 9 glass colors equals 360 color combinations. In either silver or gold, so multiply that by two to get 720 metal/color combos. You really could create your own look. Match your wedding colors, tie in with company colors, use someone’s favorite colors.

But there are risks…. Allowing customers complete control could potentially result in some really ugly match-ups. Here in the studio we can see what the true colors really look like with each other and would know when something just wasn’t right. Perhaps too daunting. (Limit colors!?! I’m an artist! I love colors! It just goes against my natural instincts to limit colors!)

But – if I do, how many color combinations do I offer? Do I keep them neutral or go for more wild combinations?

Must…make…an…executive…decision. Final decision: Start somewhere. Nine color combinations (for now) that stay within a color range.

Option Groups: With that decision made (whew!), it was back to the drawing board regarding how to present the color combinations and how to format them. Do I just show a chart of the glass colors and a chart of the film and aluminum colors and, when is comes to how the two look together, just let the customers use their imaginations?

Perhaps too challenging. Alternately, If I match up the colors, how do I photograph them – just the piece of glass and a piece of colored film together? Or displayed with a metal design for a more realistic look? Do I show a real design or would that be confusing to customers when they believe they have selected another pattern? If I use metal in the photo, do I use the silver or the gold or both? Worn out yet?

This memory box features a man and a woman with upturned faces and makes a beautiful gift for a couple starting a new life together.

This memory box features a man and a woman with upturned faces and makes a beautiful gift for a couple starting a new life together.

And so on and so forth. Not to mention just getting the materials and size descriptions correct, listing the features of this particular box that distinguishes it from the others on my site, and using keywords and terms that will help those looking for such an item find it in the search engine results.

Finally, I settled on the box arrangement in the top photo above which hints at other colors and shows the gold metal finish in the corner. I cropped a color system photo that displays a portion of a design with both glass and film in it. I used silver for all the images. I built a drop down menu for the color option group on the website. I measured the box, updated the text, checked my links and finally,

I put my Glass and Metal Inlaid Wood Jewelry Boxes in 100s of Designs on the site.

Whew! Check out the final results and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance!

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Happy Christkwanzmakah! Holiday Celebration for Mixed Religion Families

Posted by Kyle Design on December 30, 2008

Hanukkah Christmas Ornament - Perfect Solution for Mixed Religion Marriages

Hanukkah Christmas Ornament - Perfect Solution for Mixed Religion Marriages

Mixed religion marriages can face difficult questions during the holidays about how best to celebrate religious practices while respecting each other’s beliefs. So many religious holiday celebrations often overlap – this year Christmas and Hanukkah overlapped as did Kwanzaa and Muharram, the Islamic New Year.

Negotiating  plans for holiday celebrations is something each family needs to work out for themselves, but for one of Kyle Design’s customers, the solution is “Christkwanzmakkah“, a name that encompasses all the holidays in which their family members participate.

Christians and Muslims Can Celebrate Holidays Together with this Islamic Star Christmas Ornament

Christians and Muslims Can Celebrate Holidays Together with this Islamic Star Christmas Ornament

What a wonderful approach! As our customer explained it, rather than referring only to one event during their religious holiday planning, implying it is the somehow the most important or real or true, this family came up with this special name “Christkwanzmakkah” that lets friends and extended family members know that, in their case, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are all being actively celebrated with equal importance.

Truly, a beautiful solution that reflects the best sentiments of the season!

Gold and Red Stain Glass Kwanzaa Night Light Reflects the 7 Symbols

Gold and Red Stain Glass Kwanzaa Night Light Reflects the 7 Symbols

At Kyle Design, we create holiday decorations and gifts that reflect many faiths, and allow you to customize each with the colors that best reflect your holiday spirit. Each of our beaded ornaments can be engraved on the back with a season’s greeting, name, year or other message. They are a special way to mark events and milestones, births and deaths, anniversaries and important birthdays, during the holidays or throughout the year.

To see more of our unique solutions for mixed religion families, please visit Kyle Design where you’ll find unusual Night Lights, Holiday Ornaments, and so much more for families of all faiths.

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Custom Engraved Organizing Labels – Do It with Style!

Posted by Kyle Design on August 16, 2007

Custom Engraving Labels in Brass and BlackHave you decided to get organized? Out with the clutter, and everything in its own place? Looking for some organizing tips and ideas? Well, this latest edition to the Kyle Design line of organizing products for home and office will help you keep all your stuff where it belongs in an attractive way. Organizing product don’t have to be ugly!

We’re just introducing our new metal Custom Engraved Name Plate Labels. We can engrave whatever you need on them – vacation dates, drawer contents, someone’s name – your choice. These are a classier, more professional way to label kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, photo frames, light switch plates, jewelry boxes, file cabinets, etc. Whatever you’d like to add a title, ID label or name. And so much more attractive than a plastic label from a label maker machine. Organizing tip: If you label something, you are more likely to keep assigned items in that spot and less likely to fill it with clutter that doesn’t belong. That will make putting things away and finding them again faster and easier!

Custom Engravable Name Plates for Home OrganizationThese metal organizing labels come in two sizes and in two finishes: black and brass. Both kinds are made of anodized aluminum with neatly finished edges. When engraved through the black or brass finishes, the natural silvery aluminum color shows through for contrast. We provide industrial strength double-stick tape for attaching the tags. Just make sure the surface is clean, dry and smooth, and they should stick just fine. They will work on metal, wood and plastic surfaces, as well as most glossy painted surfaces as well.Light Switch Plates with Engraved Indentification Tag

The smaller ID labels are 1-5/8″ x 3/8″ and can be engraved with up to 22 characters. They will work on any size light switch plate or outlet cover, whether toggle or Decora rocker, one gang or ten. The length was especially chosen to work with multiple gang switchplates, so each switch can have its own nameplate without interfering with adjoining switches. Here we show the black ID nameplate on our Dark Bronze Light Switch Plates.

Medium Engraving Labels on Picture FrameThe larger ID tags are 2″ x 1/2″ and can be engraved with up to 28 characters or with larger letters. (Just keep in mind, the longer the text string, the smaller the letter height.) These labels will work on a single toggle switch plate, either above or below the switch, and even above or below the screws.

While these organizing tags are perfect for both the home or office, they are especially appreciated in a guest house or vacation rental. Knowing where things belong or which switch controls what device would be very helpful to visitors. Commonly requested phrases for cabinets have been “Recycling”, “Garbage”, “Cups”, etc. On light switch plates, we expect identifiers such as “Fan”, “Light”, “Disposal” and “Porch” to be popular.

Decorative Crest Stamp Holder for Dispensing Postage StampsPlease be sure to visit our site for other creative ways to organize and beautify your home or office. We specialize in turning the everyday objects into mini works of art. See more at Kyle Design.

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