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Decorative Night Lights for Kids Who are Scared of the Dark

Posted by Kyle Design on September 17, 2014

Is your son or daughter scared of the dark?

Many small children are afraid of the dark and the best way to alleviate their night time fears is with a night light. Adding a soft, glowing light to a kid’s bedroom offers your son or daughter reassurance during the night.

At Kyle Design, we have a variety of designs that are popular for children’s rooms including the carousel night light for girls, rocket night light for boys, butterfly night light, star night light, celestial night light, fairy night light, baseball night light and more.

Click customize my nightlight to select from hundreds of Kyle’s unique designs.

Kyle’s nightlights are handcrafted so each one is created specifically for your son’s or daughter’s room. You get to select the stained glass color, the metal finish of the decorative design (shown: brass carousel and silver rocket), and the base type.

Automatic night lights are best for kids’ rooms as they turn on when it gets dark but also turn off in the early morning hours when they’re no longer needed.


Nitelights for Kids’ Rooms

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Designer Dilemma: Oil Rubbed Bronze Switch Plates

Posted by Kyle Design on May 2, 2011

If you’re anything like us here at Kyle Switch Plates, then you notice the small details in everything and every where you go. From flooring, to wall art and cabinet hardware, your eye is trained to pick up the beauty in every room and see hidden potential in even the “ugliest” of things. When you first enter someone’s home or business you are immediately introduced to their sacred space. A home and even a small business are a true representation of our inner and outer self, and our choice in metals, wall color, furniture and accessories say more about our personalities than you may think.

Recently, oil rubbed bronze has been a popular metal choice for homeowners and small business owners when choosing light fixtures, faucets and door hardware. But let’s not forget the most obvious and necessary accessory: switch plates. What many don’t know is that you can customize switch plates to match all the fixtures in your space so that they fit right in and contribute to your personal style. Oil rubbed bronze switchplates are the perfect finishing touch in any work area or social space because they add a hint of elegance and enhance your room without being intrusive.

Gone are the days when a homeowner had to settle for boring, white plastic wall plates which stick out like sore thumbs against patterned wallpaper or faux finished walls. Plastic plates are infamous for cracking and severely yellowing over the years. But with metal plates, you don’t have to worry about damage issues and replacement for years to come, allowing you to enjoy your home (and purchase) without concern. Investing in bronze wall covers is like proclaiming a fashion statement for your personal or work space while showing off your attention to detail.

If you’re worried about configurations and mismatching electrical devices, Kyle Switch Plates offers a wide array of switch plate sizes and openings as well as flattering brown electrical devices to blend seamlessly. From oversized to hard-to-find switch covers, you’re likely to find all the plates you need for a designer look at Kyle Switch Plates.

Building a custom home or launching a new business? Consider these desirable wall plates if you’re investing in oil rubbed bronze hardware or decorating in an “old world” or vintage style. In example, a hip local coffee shop with bronze pendant lighting and antique furnishings would be a great fit for this timeless finish. Oiled bronze plates will demonstrate to your customers that not only do you care about your public image but that you don’t mind going the extra mile.

So whether you’re remodeling your kitchen and aiming for a “rustic” look or opening a trendy coffee shop, if you’re worried about mixing metals and want to stick with a theme we highly recommend these affordable oil rubbed bronze switchplates to complete your vision. And when you have people asking whether you worked with an interior designer, you’ll proudly be able to proclaim that you did this all on your own.

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Popular Paint Color Ideas & Hot Interior Colors for 2011

Posted by Kyle Design on March 10, 2011

In keeping with the theme of yesterday’s post, I thought it might be a good idea to see what new, hot interior paint colors are in style for 2011. (Actually, I came home yesterday and managed to convince myself that my kitchen wall was feeling drab – might just be time to freshen it up, so I searched for ideas online.) I’ve listed my top 10 findings below, with credit due in large part to the Pantone Spring 2011 Fashion Color Report. I honestly like ALL of these, so if you’ve got an opinion, feel free to help sway my decision!

1. HONEYSUCKLE – On the contrary, pink is indeed for everybody (men and women, kids and adults). It’s an excellent color choice if you want to perk up a room or just add a fun splash of color to your decor – our Personalized Quilting Tape Measure Gifts are a great example of this.

2. PEACOCK – A rich, deep teal like this makes a great accent color in an otherwise neutral toned house. For a subtle contrast effect, buy home furnishings accented with blue-green hues – like our Decorative Arts and Crafts Designer Switch Plates – and strategically place them around the home.

3. SILVER GRAYThe coolest neutral tone of the season, this traditional hue will work with any color scheme like the classic contrasted black as seen on our Personalized Scales of Justice Stamp Dispenser Box.

4. LAVENDER – Timeless, yet versatile, there’s a common consensus that this trendy color is always in style. In fact, our Lavender Colored Iris Letter Opener is a Kyle Design best-seller.

5. AMBER – With tones ranging from goldenrod to florescent, yellow is useful for attention-getting and drawing the eye to notice. It may not be a good idea to use this color in your bedroom – you might never get any sleep! – but it could certainly make another space more cheery (see our Elegant Amber Exotic Wood Monogrammed Valet Box for a great beeswax or butter colored furnishing idea).

6. ROSEMARY – According to the psychology of color, green is most associated with nature and it can therefore make any space seem soothing, comfortable or familiar. Try decorating your home with hints of green – like the Tree of Life Night Light with Gorgeous Green Stain Glass – to add an element of harmony to common spaces or bedrooms.

7. RUSSET – Brown shades and earthy tones add a sense of comfort to a room, not to mention style, so it’s a great shade to use for professional settings. Check out our Unique Eye Doctor Desktop Card Holder Stand for a stylish example.

8. REGATTA – A cool oceanside or boat blue, similar to that seen on our Cool Decorative Lighthouse Ceiling Fan Pulls.

9. CITRUS – Orange, in all of of its various and glorified hues, is apparently the “IT” color of 2011. Brighten your space with Bright Sun Kissed Orange Message Magnet Clips, which add a fun touch of color to kitchen appliances and office file cabinets.

10.AQUAWith calm undertones of blue, this serene hue adds a modern, playful touch without any drastic changes. Color it throughout the rooms of your house with paint or fun decorations, like our Personalized Paradise Anchor Holiday Christmas Ornaments.

Need more inspiration for decorating ideas with color? See our helpful Shopping by Color Gift Guide for recommended gifts and product photos featuring specific colors or color combinations to match your decor scheme.

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How To Add Color Without Painting

Posted by Kyle Design on March 9, 2011

Unique Custom Night Lights Add A Great Colorful Accent To Any Room

Unique Custom Night Lights Add A Great Colorful Accent To Any Room


Sun Catchers Add A Beautiful Pop Of Color To Your Space

Eggshell. Ivory. Pearl. It’s a well known fact that neutral colors are safe – they go well with everything, allowing for ultimate flexibility in decorating and they’re simply low maintenance, which is great when you don’t have the time or money to spend on home decor makeovers. However, too much white or beige can be overwhelming at times, so it’s a good idea to add some color to your home for dimension and personality. While painting can sometimes be expensive, time-consuming or relatively daunting for those who don’t particularly enjoy do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, you can find hassle-free ideas on how to add color without painting such as the following helpful tips and tricks:

Show Off Your Interests With Custom Designer Switch Plates

Decorate your switch plates with cool custom images and colors that reflect your interests.

1. Add colorful lighting. Striking stain glass night lights are both fashionable and functional – customize a night light with a decorative design image and beautiful stain glass color that matches the decor of a given room for a cool personal touch.

2. Take advantage of natural lighting. Hanging creative etched metal sun catchers can add a gorgeous burst of color to any room when the sun is shining at its brightest.

3. Decorate your switch plates and home appliances. Add personalized design patterns and vibrant colors to your switch plates to create stylish decorative wall plate covers. Or use practical organizing accessories like strong art glass magnet clips around your kitchen or office for subtle, yet creative works of art.

Need to replace your home appliances? Popular appliance manufacturers are now integrating vibrant colors like Blackberry (Eggplant Purple) and Lemongrass (Spring Green) into their product lines – forget stainless steel and add some personality to your kitchen, laundry room or bath with a jazzy refrigerator or bold washer and dryer set!

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S.F. Bay-Friendly Garden Tour April 26th – Earth Week Tips for California Gardening

Posted by Kyle Design on April 25, 2009

Kelys Garden in Fremont, CA, features a gorgeous glass tile fountain with water lilies

Kely's Garden in Fremont, CA, features a gorgeous glass tile fountain with water lilies

Another excellent Earth Week event is the 6th Annual Bay Friendly Garden Tour is happening tomorrow April 26, 2009, around the San Francisco Bay Area and my sister, Kely, (Kyle, rearranged!) is one of the participants this year. In fact, Kely’s garden in Fremont is the one featured on the Bay-Friendly Garden Tour flier, with shots of her fountain and succulent garden.

Kely has a huge lemon tree, hammock and succulent garden which create a peaceful place to enjoy nature.

Kely has a huge lemon tree, hammock and succulent garden which create a peaceful place to enjoy nature.

Water Feature – Her garden is absolutely gorgeous, with a glass tile water fountain in blue, green and aqua shades. The fountain also provides water for wildlife and the resident goldfish eat mosquito larvae.

Organic Garden – Kely’s garden is pesticide-free. She has an organic kitchen garden with vegetables, fruit trees, edible nasturtiums (used in salads) and herbs. Other areas of her garden have bamboo, bearded irises, Japanese maples, and grasses. A huge lemon tree planted about 90 years ago provides shade over a hammock slung between posts of an arbor. Her garden is colorful, calm, and environmental conscious.

Native Plants – Kely has made an effort to create a beautiful yet environmentally-friendly garden. Her succulent garden is a gorgeous mix of chartreuse and pink-gray plants. A couple of years ago she redid her front garden, removing the water-thirsty grass lawn and replacing it with a mix of native California plants and other drought-tolerant bushes, (except for her roses, which she couldn’t give up.) She had landscape designer Tom Wilhite of Green Man Garden Design create a drought-tolerant cottage garden site plan for it with gorgeous results. He created pathways past plants with interesting textures and colors. The contrast of the California poppies and lavender bushes is particularly stunning.

Kyle Designs Garden Gate Holiday Ornament - A beautiful gift for those who love gardening and going green.

Kyle Design's Garden Gate Holiday Ornament - A beautiful gift for those who love gardening and going green.

Kid Friendly – Her daughter loves playing in the garden now because of all the interesting insects – butterflies, bees, ladybugs – that are constantly at work. Children playing hide-and-seek can hide behind the big miscanthus transmorrisonensis. They makes posies with the flowers and everyone loves how fragrant all the plants and flowers are. The kid-friendly arbor also has a swing in addition to the hammock. The kids spend a lot of time outdoors now!

Every drop of water is important in states like California which are facing drought.

Every drop of water is important in states like California which are facing drought.

Save Water, Save Money – Kely has used a variety of earth-friendly techniques. She installed a drip system and sheet mulching. To help retain the water, she first covered the drip lines with a newspaper barrier then mulch on top of that. Frequent mulching keeps water usage low. All these are important gardening tips for drought-stricken Californians. She has water-permeable walkways with inset solar lighting. These walkways help protect local watersheds because permeable paving helps prevent runoff. She also reused the concrete walkways that were torn out, turning them into pavers, and thereby reducing waste in garden. She conserves water by planting perennials and saves energy with deciduous trees (Sycamore, Japanese Maples) that shade the house in the summer and provide light in winter.

Registration for the garden tour is now closed for this year but if you’d like to be notified about next year’s tour, be sure to sign up at

Vegetable Garden Business Card Holder - A great way to promote organic gardening techniques

Vegetable Garden Business Card Holder - A great way to promote organic gardening techniques

If you’re looking for more unique gifts for gardeners, please visit Kyle Design’s Gardening Gifts page. You’ll find Christmas ornaments, sunglasses cases, jewelry, business card holders and more in nature theme designs like water, gardening tools, ladybugs, flowers, fruits, vegetables and bamboo.

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Tarantulas Invade CA, Celebrate with Spider Festival April 25th

Posted by Kyle Design on April 25, 2009

If that tarantula stings, have your pain relief pills at the ready in your Spider Bill Box from Kyle Design

If that tarantula stings, have your pain relief pills at the ready in your Spider Bill Box from Kyle Design

Tarantulas are on the march, heading towards Concord, CA, and the (San Francisco) Bay Area Tarantula Society’s Spring Sling Fling. This spider festival is being held today from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Concord Veterans Memorial Hall at 2290 Willow Pass Rd., Concord, CA, 94520. Admission is free – all you need is courage to overcome your fears of these creepy crawlies.

Are your fears justified? You’ll see these tarantula collectors (apparently they becomes quite addictive) allow these large invertebrates to climb all over them with hardly a care. Are these people crazy? Do they have a death wish? No and No. Members just want to spread awareness of these creatures, and no humans (on record) have ever been killed by a tarantula.

Afraid of the dark? This stained glass Spider Night Light will help calm arachnophiles fears.

Afraid of the dark? This stained glass Spider Night Light will help calm arachnophiles' fears.

However – tarantulas are not just cuddly balls of fur on the move. They really can sting if inclined using the fangs in their front legs. Plus their hair is barbed and contains a very toxic irritant. Sounds fun! Best to pick a tarantula with a laid-back disposition if you are going to start collecting them.

In our house when we hear “DAD!!!! There’s a spider!“, it’s on the ceiling. When we hear “MOM!!!! There’s a spider!”, it’s on the wall or the floor. (Lucky me.) In both situations, the inflection in our daughters’ cries would imply that the spiders are as large as tarantulas. Maybe some education about arachnids in general would be a good thing. This festival would be a good place to teach your your kids about spiders so they are brave enough to deal with them by themselves. Maybe a spider night light would help inure them to their innate fear of these fun invert pets!

How long do tarantulas live? Females can live up to 20 years, so make sure you aren’t the type who has commitment issues.

Spiders are found all over the world, just like the World Wide Web, and are serious business to arachnophiles. Here is the perfect business card holder for them.

Spiders are found all over the world, just like the World Wide Web, and are serious business to arachnophiles. Here is the perfect business card holder for them.

Festival events will include demonstrations, sexing instructions and mating exhibitions where these arachnophiles intend to prevent the females from eating the males post coitus.

Fascinated by spiders? Check out my Spider Gifts where you’ll find Pill Boxes, Night Lights and Business Card Holders with spiders and arachnids.

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Brown Switch Plates, Electrical Devices – Large Wall Plate Selection New at Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on April 20, 2009


Update: Kyle Design has launched it’s new site dedicated to switch plates and electrical devices: Kyle Switch Plates.

Finally! By popular request, Kyle Switch Plates is now selling brown switch plates, outlet covers and matching brown electrical switches. And we are stocking them in a wide range of standard sized wall plates as well as those hard-to-find oversize switch plate sizes.

Brown Wall Plates for Natural Harmony and Tranquility


Rich Brown Switch Plates

Our light switch wall plates are a rich mahogany brown that is beautiful with the natural, tranquil look in room decor that is a growing trend in 2009. These neutral colors evoke calm and warmth, creating spaces that are comforting and inviting, an especially important feeling for home owners facing a challenging housing market. Brown switch plates are the right finishing touch against wood paneling or walls painted in earthy hues, natural wheat colors, rich cranberry shades or warm tropical tones.

Real Switch Plates for Real Homes

Ever notice something missing in those magazine spreads for room design ideas or on the design resources gallery pages on paint manufacturer’s web sites? All the switch plates have been airbrushed out of the photos! Get real. This is simply weird and not at all possible in actual homes. Besides, decorative switch plates can play an important roll in bringing elements of a room together. When done right, they add to the look. Why are those professional designers so lame that they can’t even figure out how to do that? IMHO, they need to shop at Kyle Switch Plates – I have some very sophisticated decorative wall plates as an alternative to the classic metal switch plates shown here.

Brown switch plates and electrical devices can harmonize without drawing the eye, giving rooms a cohesive, understated look. Furthermore, light switch plates can provide a small, appropriate decorative accent that unifies decor within a room. Brown wall plates are an affordable, realistic solution to redecorating a home.

Current Design Trends

Current looks reflect rich wooden furnishings, wood molding and trims, neutral window treatments, warm-toned fabric colors and earthy wall paint finishes like mocha, chocolate brown, cinnamon bark, autumn harvest, pepper spice and ancient bronze. Major room elements such as wood tables and chairs provide a solid foundation, and nature based paint colors (and the neutral switchplates that go best with them) help create a cohesive look. Brown switch plates look great with neutral color schemes, country style homes, Southwest decor and Retro looks.

Coordinating Electrical Devices


Brown Switches for Brown Switch Plates

Real homes also have practical electrical needs. Maybe you need a single device that can control three or even four lights. Or a brown electrical device that has a small light and outlet all on one housing. Don’t let wiring issues prevent you from choosing the best wall plates for your room. Kyle Switch Plates stocks brown electrical switches and receptacles to help you meet code and solve all your electric supply challenges.

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