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Industry Themed Gifts for Your Staff This Christmas

Posted by Kyle Design on December 4, 2013

It can be difficult to find a unique gift that is relevant to your line of work and isn’t either too feminine or too masculine for everyone at the office. Our biggest sellers for office holiday parties are our personalized Christmas ornaments with career themed designs in brushed silver.

With several tree ornament body styles to choose from and an array of bead and ribbon colors, you can easily create a look that works for all of your recipients (male or female) and fits your company’s color scheme.

Some of our top industry ornaments this year are our nursing ornaments, construction ornaments and dentist themed ornaments:

construction-ornament dentist-ornament nurse-ornament

With 63 different careers to choose from, our unique occupation themed ornaments are perfect for your 2013 Staff Holiday Party. Find industry gifts for hairdressers, lawyers, police officers, architects, teachers and more at Kyle Design.

Create a Custom Industry Ornament – Here’s How:

Select from our line of Design Your Own Ornaments.


Choose the design that represents your field of work (63 occupation designs available) by clicking the orange “Choose” button and then clicking the purple bar labeled “Occupations”:


Choose from several body styles (the shape of the ornament):

Make background, bead, and ribbon color selections (the background color is the color that shows behind your selected design – for example the blue behind the grad cap in the image below):


Finally, add an engraved message such as “Merry Christmas 2013” or your company name and the year:


Add to cart and you’re done!

It’s that easy to make everyone at the office feel special. Show your hard-working staff how much you appreciate them with a unique job themed ornament that represents your industry.

Ready to design yours? Visit Custom Christmas Ornaments to get started. Most orders ship out in 1-2 business days even with an engraving, but with December being our busiest time of year we can’t guarantee your item will ship that fast so please call to confirm a ship date. If ordering large quantities, you should also call us to ensure your design is available in the quantity you need.

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Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Posted by Kyle Design on May 2, 2012

She might be your best friend, the one you always turn to for advice, the first person you call when you’re sick…..or the person who drives you the craziest.

But, you’ve got to admit, there’s no one out there quite like your mom.

Purple Flower Fridge Magnet for Mom

Purple Flower Fridge Magnet for Mom

And whether she’s down the block, across town, or just a phone call away, she deserves some recognition this Mother’s Day. Put some extra thought into her gift this year. Remind her that no matter what type of relationship you have, there’s a special place in your heart that only she can fill.


“Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment, but their heart for a lifetime.”


Is your mom a trendy fashionista who’s still got it goin’ on? Buy her a stylish compact mirror for her purse or a monogrammed purse hook for keeping that pricey handbag off the grimy floor.

Is she a bookworm? Surprise her this Mother’s Day with a gorgeous, handcrafted bookmark, engraved reading glasses case, or an eye-catching beaded glasses chain.

Is she crafty and artistic? Buy her a handcrafted gift – a decorative night light or personalized picture frame with a sentimental picture from your childhood.








Is she a professional? Why not get her something she can use or display at work? Buy a personalized business card holder or other engraved desk accessory and she’ll think of you every time she reaches for a pen or post-it note.

Custom Wallplates from Kyle DesignIs she a do-it-yourself woman who’s into home decor? If her house looks like a model home, give her the finishing touch with a decorative switch plate or outlet cover from Kyle Switch Plates.

Unique Engraved Gift Pill BoxesIs she sentimental? Kyle Design has 100s of unique engraved gifts for mom – custom gift pill boxes, purse mirrors, photo frames and keychains.


Mother’s Day is May 11, 2014.




Give your mother something special and beautiful – a unique gift she’ll appreciate and remember forever.

In this life, a lot can change in a year, a month, or even a day. We don’t know what the future holds, so don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Because all too often, tomorrow turns into next week which turns into next month and before you know it another year (or decade) has gone by. Spend this Mother’s Day with your mom and give her a special gift that communicates how much you love and appreciate her. Because someday she’ll be gone and you’ll never have the opportunity again.

Shop unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas at Kyle Design for hundreds of personalized gifts and over 500 custom design choices for mom. Every gift is custom made – you pick the design, mom’s favorite color, a gold or silver gift and even add a special engraving for a truly custom Mother’s Day gift. Most items ship out the same or next day – there’s still plenty of time to get your gift by Sunday, May 13, 2012! Affordable Mother’s Day gifts plus cheap, quick shipping equals the perfect Mother’s Day. Visit

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It’s Time to Talk Sweets!

Posted by Kyle Design on November 30, 2011

Um, how come no one told me there’s a National Desserts day? I’m surprised to learn such a thing exists and I haven’t heard of it…I mean, I, of all people, should have founded it! I’m an eat-dessert-for-breakfast, lunch and dinner kind of girl! (I mean as the entree, not as the encore.) If there’s leftover birthday cake sitting in my kitchen, you better believe I’m eating it for breakfast. And if I happen to catch a glance at the dessert menu, there’s a good chance I’m ordering the Warm Apple Crisp or Molten Chocolate Cake for dinner. This is something that has caused some tension between my health-nut husband and I, but it’s something I learned from my mother and life’s just too short (another thing she taught me) to skip dessert!

In celebration of sweets, Kyle Design has some great chocolate themed gifts for women who love sugary surprises. Dessert lovers beware – these tasty treats may make you hungry!

Dessert Stamp Holder from Kyle Design

Custom Postage Stamp Holders for Chocolate Lovers – Click to see more!

Cupcake Purse Hooks from Kyle Design

Unique Purse Hook with Dessert Cupcake

Custom Night Light with Birthday Cake Design

Birthday Cake Night Lights from Kyle Design- click to see other Decorative Cake Gifts

By the way, National Dessert Day was last month, but why wait? Go ahead and order dessert for your next entree – trust me, it tastes much better when you’re not too full to enjoy it! And don’t worry about adding on a couple of extra pounds – we’re headed into winter and it’s nothing a slouchy sweater or trendy trench coat won’t hide!

Pie Pill Boxes from Kyle Design

Shop more Unique Food and Beverage Gifts at Kyle Design! And don’t forget all our gifts are customizable – design a dessert Christmas Tree Ornament for some sweet holiday decor!

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Wedding Season Kick Off: Bridesmaid Gift Guide 2011

Posted by Kyle Design on April 27, 2011

John Leonard said that “It takes a long time to grow an old friend,” and while we couldn’t agree more, the same goes for the perfect bridesmaid gift. You’ve probably spent hours considering what to give your closest girlfriends, and for good reason; you want them to understand just how much they mean to you on your big day. Bridesmaids are not just your companions during the ups and downs of wedding planning, they are kindred spirits who are not only your support system, they are your life line as well.

Whether you are planning a big wedding or small, a bride is always in need of some bridesmaid gift suggestions. We’ve all seen the the same ol’ tote bags, lotion gift sets and jewelry boxes that could swing it if you’re a last minute shopper, but for those who have time and want to find something extra special for their girls, we happen to have a few ideas for you.

Wedding season is kicking off with the warmer weather and flowers blooming, and we here at Kyle Design couldn’t be more excited. It always brings a smile to our faces when a bride calls and places an order for bridesmaid gifts. One of our most popular choices by brides this year are our stylish and handy purse hooks. These sophisticated purse hooks are an ideal way to keep your purse off the ground to prevent it from getting dirty or stolen. Although compact, these clever devices can hold up to 25 lbs. and come with a free black velveteen pouch to complete your gift. Have it engraved with your bridesmaid’s initial, nick-name or full name for a unique touch.

With the Royal Wedding countdown in the single digits now, we can’t help but get excited for Will and Kate’s big celebration. We can’t help but wonder what Kate gifted to her bridal party; perhaps a stunning piece of jewelry or maybe even a beautiful, handcrafted jewelry box. Whatever her choice, it’s nice to treat your bridesmaids like royalty so why not give them something they can use year round. Engraved compact mirrors are a trendy and special present that goes a long way. We have even engraved some for a bride who was using the mirrors to ask her friends if they would be in her bridal party. Our engravable custom compact mirrors can be personalized with your bridesmaid’s favorite color, hobby, occupation or religious symbol. Each compact includes a regular mirror as well as a 2x mirror inside that comes with a small velveteen pouch to keep it safe.

And for a guaranteed good time the night before your wedding or at the reception, gift your bridesmaids something they will truly be thankful for: custom flasks. While grooms generally order flask sets for their groomsmen, the times must be changing because more and more frequently we are engraving flasks for bridal parties. Whether you choose to have them engraved or not, these sleek flasks can also be personalized with the color and design of your choice. Your bridesmaid will appreciate having something that has been tailored to her taste and will definitely use it for post-wedding girls nights out!

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Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Gifts She Won’t Soon Forget

Posted by Kyle Design on April 25, 2011

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not take a moment to think about what makes your mother so special. According to our calendar, Mother’s Day is only celebrated once a year, but many of us think of our mom’s year round. Whether it’s just a phone call to check in or a surprise gift in the mail, mom’s appreciate any gifts from their children, tangible or not. But rather than recommending a D-I-Y macaroni necklace or an origami lotus flower, we’d like to suggest that this year you honor your mom with something special. There is no better way to achieve this than to think outside the box and find a gift that is uniquely customized to suit her taste. Personalized Mother’s Day gifts are a warming touch and show that you went that extra mile to make Mother’s Day memorable.

If your mom loves to bury herself in a good book, consider a lovely custom bookmark engraved with a sentimental Mother’s Day quote, her name or a personal message from you to her. These bookmarks can be customized to feature her favorite colors and a design that represents her favorite hobby. She’ll love how easily this slips in between the pages of her book and think of you each time she saves her place.

For an elderly mother, surprise her with a gorgeous and useful pill-box or vitamin case that will help her stay organized. She will be the envy of all her friends when she takes out this meaningful yet practical Heart Vitamin Case. Customize it with her favorite color and metal to show her that you know more about her taste than she thinks.
If she takes multiple medications on a daily basis, perhaps a lovely Sewing Pill Box will help her compartmentalize her doses. Forget about cheesy plastic pill containers, she will be proud to carry and use this sweet memento from her children and serve as a constant reminder of your love for her.

For mother’s who love interior decorating or have an outdated night light that has seen better days (you know which ones we’re talking about), treat her to a gorgeous stained glass night light that will illuminate her bedroom or bathroom in elegant style. Our iridescent stained glass and quality etched metal designs will reflect her personality and make her smile for years to come.

We love to help make mother’s feel special year-round, but Mother’s Day is the one day that children have the pleasure to give back to the women who gave them the ultimate gift – the gift of life.

For more great gift ideas for every occasion, visit us at Kyle Designs.

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Knit In Public Day 2010

Posted by Kyle Design on June 11, 2010

Knitters Flask

Great gift for the detailed knitter who hates mistakes – Rip it! Rip it! Ribbit! Ribbit! With a little help from your frog knitting flask, ripping out your mistake might not be as unpleasant

Tomorrow {June 12th} is the 5th annual Knit in Public Day!

I’ve compiled a list of locations in the greater Bay Area that will be participating in this world wide event. To find a location near you visit the WWKIP Day website.


Hosted by: K2Tog

Location: K2Tog 1325 Solano Avenue at 1:00pm


Hosted by: Denise Whitehead

Location: Starbucks, 3700 San Pablo Avenue at 1:00pm


Hosted by: The Urban Shop

Location: 1508 10th Street from 10:30am-4:00pm

Knitting Needle Gauge

Our Knitting and Crotchet Guide has inches and metric measurements to count stitches, plus holes to check knitting needle or crochet hook sizes

Morgan Hill

Hosted by: Megpie

Location: Farmer’s Market, Caltrain Station Parking Lot at 11:00am


Hosted by: Llama Llama Knit

Location: 1202 Grant Avenue at 1:00pm

Santa Rosa

Hosted by: Village Knitters

Location: Montgomery Village on the benches in front of Cafe des Croissants and Starlet at 1:30pm


Hosted by: Studio 49 & By Hand Yarn

Knitting Gift Pill Box

Store your pills and vitamins in our distinctive Knitter’s Pill Box

Location: Courthouse Square on Washington St at 10:00am

Walnut Creek

Hosted by: Jeanee and Jeanine Owner of Fashionknit

Location: 675 Ygnacio Valley Road B102 from 10:30am-5:00pm


Contemporary knitting needles and yarn earrings

Bring your latest knitting project, as well as your favorites to share. Great opportunity to mingle with fellow knitters, and inspire those who walk by. It’s going to be a hot weekend, so don’t forget lots of water and sunscreen!

For more unique knitting accessories and gifts, try our Knitter’s Measuring Tape, our Eyeglass Case for Knitters, our Knit and Nip Vitamin Case, our Crochet Money Clip, or our Knitting Night Light.

New to knitting? Follow our finger knitting how-to, also great for kids!

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Itchy Eyes, Runny Noses and Cloudy Skies – Oh, The Joys of Spring!

Posted by Kyle Design on May 19, 2010

Handy pollen travel cases for tissues, inhalers and eye drops - sure to be appreciated by those who suffer from hay fever!

Got hay fever? Keep your tissues and allergy meds at arm's length with this functional and fashionable Floating Pollen travel case.

A freshly-brewed, hot drink on a cold, rainy day is truly perfection at its best.

Delicious cocoa and coffee nightlights are sure to warm your heart and your home on any cloudy day.

It’s that time again. Fresh flowers blooming throughout, birds and the bees enthusiastically twittering and buzzing about in manner of Bambi and the air generally filled with an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ feeling wherever you go. A seasonal phenomenon, so aptly defined by the late-great Mark Twain: “It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” All too true, but wait– I think I might instead know exactly what I want, and the “want” I’ve got is a cure for the awful hay fever symptoms I’ve been having.

In light of the recent soundtrack of sneezes and coughs that have afflicted the entire Kyle Design staff, it can be concluded that this is the one of the worst California allergy seasons we’ve had in a very, very long time. In fact, it came as no surprise that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has rated San Francisco/the Bay Area as the 63rd most challenging place to live with spring allergies. Wheeze, hack, snort and “Do you have any lubricating eye drops?” have become typical, albeit disturbing, sounds of the studio over the last few weeks, and our fingers are fiercely crossed that we can all survive the remaining month or so until summer’s arrival.

To our asthmatic and allergy-prone friends, we most certainly feel your [sinus] pain.

On the upside, we’ve all been finding immediate joy in this gloomy, somewhat out-of-place rainy weather of the past week. Not only do we hail the rain (no pun intended) as a magical marvel in clearing up our sinuses, but April and May showers have made us happier, busier bees around the studio, and we’re hoping to extend this joy to each of our customers with our latest designs. For now, my goal is to enjoy watching the wet rain fall from a tauntingly dry indoors view armed with a plush blanket and a fresh cup of tea. Ah, I’m filled with warm, fuzzy feelings just at the thought…

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Distinctive Business Card Cases Even The Artist Will Remember

Posted by Kyle Design on March 9, 2010

The flip side of sending my artistic gifts all over the world is that sometimes they come back to visit me in unexpected ways. I was thrilled last night at Barnes & Noble when at the coffee counter, the gentleman helping me noticed my dragonfly business card holder.

Silver Dragonfly Business Card Case with iridescent aqua blue background.

Dragonflies are meaningful to me, so that's why I carry a Dragonfly business card organizer.

He asked if I bought it online, and I replied that, well, in fact, I made it, but yes they were available online as well. Turns out he received one of my cases as a gift at Christmas over a year ago, and proceeded to pull it out of his pocket. I felt like a proud momma whose all-grown-up baby had come home to say, “Look ma, I’m doing great and I’m loved.”

Internet Cafe business card case in silver with coffee and computer designs

Coffee and Computers - A great combination for getting much accomplished.

But here is the best part: I actually squealed when I saw it because I remembered it! I had even taken a picture of it! Considering how many thousands of business card cases I have made and sold over the years, for me to remember that specific one was so amazing. It was a double design case of a coffee cup and a computer, and we guessed it was for someone who works at an internet cafe. The owner of this case gave me his business card and it turns out he is an analyst for Peet’s Coffee and Tea. Mystery solved. It was so fun to get the true story behind this case!

Kyle Design “dual pattern” business card cases tell stories and are windows into someone’s life. They can represent very specialized careers or simply reflect one’s interests, and at times are just funny. When we send them out, all of us here at the studio postulate on the meaning and wonder for whom they are destined. They make an impression on us, and I’m sure they make an impression on others as well  – there is nothing else like them out there.

If you are interested in seeing more clever “double design” card organizers that our customers have purchased over the years, please visit Kyle Design’s Double Design Business Card Holders.

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Engraved Metal Bookmarks with Tassels – When You Have A Lot to Say

Posted by Kyle Design on June 28, 2009

New at Kyle Design: beautiful engraved bookmarks in 100s of designs, dozens of colors. Thanks to everyone who asked me for book marks with a larger engraving area! Here’s what I have created:

Engraved Metal Book Marks with Tassels - Plenty of room to say all you want.

Engraved Metal Book Marks with Tassels - Plenty of room to say all you want.

These “Create Your Own” metal bookmarks are designed with openwork etching around a roomy engraving area with a thematic design at the top. In fact, there is room to engrave a quote or longer inscription and have three lines of text 35 characters in each on the front, AND the back if you have that much you’d like to say. We engraved lengthwise down the bookmark.

This metal bookmark has been engraved with a wonderful quote from Walt Disney.

This metal bookmark has been engraved with a wonderful quote from Walt Disney.

Favorite quote about reading: “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney

So when we say “Create Your Own”, here’s how much you may customize these page holders for books:

Design: Hundreds from which to choose – sports, hobbies, career, arts, music, flowers, nature, animals, insects, religions and so much more. Currently 450+ images.

Color: Lots of color choices – either brilliant anodized aluminum or shimmery iridescent film (which I hand make) for a more unusual look.

Metal: Polished gold or brushes silver with antiqued design accents.

Tassel: Yes, your choice there as well. Create a color combination to match school colors, just pick a favorite or keep it classic with black.

Engraved Message: Well, that is up to you, optional of course, but we do offer pages of quotes to peruse to help you capture the sentiment you are after.

Combine all this and you have created an extra special gift that truly will be unique. If you’d like to see other styles of engraved bookmarks, please visit Kyle Design Engraved Metal Bookmarks.

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Extra Crispy Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp And Pie – Experimenting is Fun!

Posted by Kyle Design on June 13, 2009

It is fruit and berry season again, and the first day of summer vacation for the kids. I’ve just baked my second pie of the week plus a strawberry rhubarb crisp, with the help of four kids – my girls, age 10 and 13 and their boy cousins, age 11 and 14. Baking is a great way to keep kids busy, have them learn some new cooking skills and have them experiment with some new flavors. New for the boys: cardamom. New for all the kids: rhubarb.

Fresh Fruit Business Card Holder for farmers, foodies and anyone who loves summer

Fresh Fruit Business Card Holder for farmers, foodies and anyone who loves summer

(My first pie of the season was a bit of a disaster – my oven broke while the pie was in it baking – no flaky crust there! Just a soggy mess – sooo disappointing.) Oven has been fixed, and I was wanting to erase the bad pie memories with the wonderful smell of fruity baking goodness.

Love to bake? Enjoy fresh strawberries? Capture the spirit of the season with a strawberry name badge holder.

Love to bake? Enjoy fresh strawberries? Capture the spirit of the season with a strawberry name badge holder.

Today’s pie is a strawberry rhubarb pie, which was my dad’s favorite. With Father’s Day coming up next weekend, memories of him are on my mind. We used to grow rhubarb in our backyard growing up and when I saw it at the Farmers Market I knew that was the right pie for this new memory making job.

We made pie dough from scratch – really not hard or too time-consuming when you have a Cuisinart, although it turned out a little sticky for some reason this time. While waiting for the pie crust dough to sit in the refrigerator for an hour, however, we whipped together a slightly different strawberry rhubarb crisp that was really good (and gone before the pie was even come out of the oven, so I guess this new flavor was a winner!)

I’m an artist  – I love to experiment and try new ways of doing things and trying new flavors. Yet another creative outlet for me! My youngest daughter does not like fruit (horrors!), so I make a batch of crisp topping for her separately. This time we made a double batch and discovered that the extra crispy bits were especially good mixed into the regular crisp. Always something new….

Extra Crispy Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp


2 c. rhubarb, cubed into 1/2″ pieces

Encourage Kids to Cook and Plan Meals with a Cooking Bookmark for Cookbooks

Encourage Kids to Cook and Plan Meals with a Cooking Bookmark for Cookbooks

1 c. sliced strawberries

1/2 c. sugar

3 T.  flour

1/4. cardamom

dash of nutmeg

Combine and pour into a greased 8″ x 8″ baking pan.


1 c. brown sugar

1 c. flour

1 c. old-fashioned rolled oats

1/4 t. ground cardamom

dash of nutmeg

1/2 c. softened butter

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Combine topping ingredients in bowl or plastic bag and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle half of topping mix over filling. To create the extra crispy topping, pour the remaining topping mix into a separate greased oven-proof pan and bake at the same time as the pan of filling and topping. Remove the crispy topping after about 20-25 minutes (keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn), and continue baking the filling and topping pan for about 10-15 minutes more, for a total of 35 minutes.

Serve up the crisp filling and sprinkle the extra crispy topping over it, stirring in if desired. The result is a delicious chewy, crispy, sweet, sour mix of flavors and textures.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie - Good memories in the making, and the baking

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie - Good memories in the making, and the baking

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie – This Pie Is Really Good!

3 c. rhubarb, in 1/2″ slices

1 1/2 c. sliced strawberries

1 1/4 c. sugar

3 T. tapioca

1/4 t. salt

1/4 t. ground cardamom

1/8 t. ground nutmeg

3/4 t. grated orange peel

Strawberry Pie ala Mode Christmas Ornament - A great way to capture those memories of baking together.

Strawberry Pie ala Mode Christmas Ornament - A great way to capture those memories of baking together.

Mix above ingredients and let sit for 15 minutes before pouring into unbaked pie crust.

Pastry for two-crust pie

Roll out pie dough and line a 9″ pie pan with one of the crusts. Pour in fruit mixture, cover with top crust and crimp edges. Cut a few slits in the top, sprinkle with a little bit of sugar. (To protect edge of crust from getting too dark while baking, cut length of foil, cut in half length-wise and wrap over crimped edge of pie.) Bake at 400 degrees for 50 minutes, removing foil after 30 minutes if used.

If you love to bake or know someone else who does, please be sure to visit Kyle Design’s Baking and Cooking Gift Ideas pages, as well as our other pages for Strawberries, Fruit, Pie, Christmas Ornaments, Business Card Holders, Vitamin Boxes and Bookmarks for other interesting gifts for those who appreciate the different.

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