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Artist Kyle McKeown Mansfield


I am a professional woman artist and have been creating contemporary functional art – and better yet, making a living by doing what I love – for 30 years. I thrive on finding new sources of inspiration and am always thinking up ideas for unique, original designs that appeal to a diverse range of audiences.

Although I knew I wanted to become an artist from a young age, I credit my family in providing me with an eye for the unusual and eclectic. Both of my parents are nationally-recognized artists and key creative influences: the late woodworker Robert G. McKeown and ceramic/stained glass artist Lee M. McKeown.

Having learned to incorporate art and creativity in every aspect of life, I strongly encourage others to do the same – with this, I invite customers and clients to participate in the creative process by personalizing my products with their favorite colors, striking designs and custom engravings to create one-of-a-kind gifts.

To learn more about me and my work, visit Kyle Design or follow Kyle Design on Facebook for the latest information on new products and gift collections.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. HI Kyle 🙂 I’ve been a stay-home mom for 13 years who has been designing her own jewelry for 8 of them. I am an avid horse lover, especially of the wild ones that roam free near my home in northern NV. I’d love to incorporate some of your horse designs into my own, with credits to you of course! Do you sell just the charms, like those I have seen on your earrings and bookmarks? Thank you for your time. With a smile, Dawn -West Wind’s Dawn Jewelry and Photography

  2. Hi Dawn,

    How wonderful to live in an area where horses run free! I don’t sell my parts but thank you for asking. Isn’t designing jewelry fun? For about 15 years I sold exclusively jewelry to crafts galleries all around the U.S. but my line went in a different direction over the last decade as I moved it online. In the coming year I plan to return to my roots and expand my jewelry collection once again. I encourage you to keep designing – you never know where it will take you! 🙂

    Kind regards, Kyle

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