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Easily Access Your ID with This Retractive Badge Holder

Posted by Kyle Design on September 29, 2014

If you must present an employee badge to get into your office every day – perhaps multiple times a day – you’ll love the convenience of a retractive badge holder from Kyle Design. Buy one in a neutral tone or express yourself with your favorite bright color.

Show off your personality with a fun decorative badge reel in one of Kyle’s custom crafted designs. There are hundreds of gold and silver animals, occupations, sports, hobbies, numbers, and monogram letters. You’ll enjoy wearing your customized reel to work each day. Not only is this a great way to keep track of your badge, but you’ll love the convenience of easily locating your employee ID card every time you need it.

Retractive Badge Holders for ID










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Decorative Night Lights for Kids Who are Scared of the Dark

Posted by Kyle Design on September 17, 2014

Is your son or daughter scared of the dark?

Many small children are afraid of the dark and the best way to alleviate their night time fears is with a night light. Adding a soft, glowing light to a kid’s bedroom offers your son or daughter reassurance during the night.

At Kyle Design, we have a variety of designs that are popular for children’s rooms including the carousel night light for girls, rocket night light for boys, butterfly night light, star night light, celestial night light, fairy night light, baseball night light and more.

Click customize my nightlight to select from hundreds of Kyle’s unique designs.

Kyle’s nightlights are handcrafted so each one is created specifically for your son’s or daughter’s room. You get to select the stained glass color, the metal finish of the decorative design (shown: brass carousel and silver rocket), and the base type.

Automatic night lights are best for kids’ rooms as they turn on when it gets dark but also turn off in the early morning hours when they’re no longer needed.


Nitelights for Kids’ Rooms

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