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Mastering the 2-Minute Shower as Drought Continues

Posted by Kyle Design on May 14, 2014

Voluntary water usage cut-backs have become mandatory here in the Bay Area. We’ve been told to collect the shower water that spills out as we wait for it to get hot in the morning and find a use for it such as watering our plants. We’re supposed to turn off the water while we brush our teeth and scrape our dinner plate scrappings into the trash instead of rinsing them down the sink. Showering used to be a nice way to relax underneath the flow of the hot water but is now a game of “How Fast Can I Get This Done?” and building guilt over how much water is spilling down the drain. I can’t even think about stepping onto my driveway with soap, hose and car wash bucket.

As much as I hate the rain, living through the drought is worse. Obviously it effects so much more than my little world of quick showers and a dirty car. But in my little world, I sometimes forget about the drought. My husband does too, and I remind him when I think his hand washing session is running a tad long. Don’t worry, he has plenty of opportunities to remind me too 😉

What better way to keep water conservation at the front of your mind than with a little reminder? Buy a water drop bookmark, badge reel or money clip to help you and those around you stay focused on doing our parts to get us through this drought. Kyle has several gifts featuring her water droplet design – shop water conservation gifts to customize yours.

Water Conservation Gifts for Drought


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