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Dolphin Island Birthday Cake & Party

Posted by Kyle Design on November 14, 2013

Unique Homemade Birthday Cakes

Island of the Blue Dolphin Cake for Parker’s 7th. March 2003.

Island of the Blue Dolphin Cake Instructions


Bake a sheet cake.

Bake one round cake layer.

Cut round cake into shape of island; put on top of sheet cake.

To fluffy white frosting, add blue food coloring to create water and green coloring to create the island greenery.

I added gummy sharks and small blown glass dolphins to the water, and a turtle to the island.

I made palm trees out of toothpicks and brown and green construction paper.

Draw on some details (coconuts, slash marks, leaves) with green and brown markers.

Make whitecaps in the water and the beach with white sugar.

Make boulders out of left over cake that was cut away.

dolphins-fridge-magnets.jpgDolphin Party Favor Magnets

Unique party favors with dolphins – these handcrafted dolphin magnets come in 20 different colors and will be a hit at any ocean themed birthday party.








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