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Bridal Barbie Birthday Cake

Posted by Kyle Design on November 14, 2013

Unique Homemade Barbie Bride Birthday Cake

barbiecake.jpgBridal Barbie cake for Kayden’s 4th birthday features a strapless gown with full skirt. December 2002.

Bridal Barbie Cake Instructions

  • Mix a white cake mix and pour into both a deep Pyrex mixing bowl (mine is from Pampered Chef) PLUS a small Pyrex cruet (4 oz. type).
  • Because the large bowl is flat on the bottom, the cake needs the extra small domed filler of the cruet at the waist to smooth out the angle.
  • Put cake on cake stand.
  • Rim edge with wax paper strips to keep cake stand clean while frosting.
  • Hold small cake in place on large cake with some white frosting. Use a grapefruit corer to cut oval leg hole through the center of this stack.
  • Insert washed Barbie doll.
  • Frost all the way up to top of dress.
  • I made tiny swirls in dress all over.
  • Tie her hair with some white ribbon and add some tiny white flowers to her hands and her hair. Very well received!


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