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How to Create Personalized Christmas Ornaments in a few Clicks

Posted by Kyle Design on December 5, 2012

For years my close-knit group of girlfriends have been drawing names and exchanging Christmas gifts at our annual holiday get-together. As we’ve gotten older and moved further distances from each other, we’ve at times had to put off our gift exchange until well after the holidays (Christmas in March?). This year, we got smart and planned ahead…

…sort of. We got the date put on the calender but wouldn’t be seeing each other beforehand to draw names, so one of my friends suggested we do an ornament exchange this year, which we could make into a new annual tradition. Great idea!

To kick off the first ornament exchange, we decided to all bring an ornament and draw names at the dinner. I wanted something personalized, but didn’t know which one of my friends the ornament would be going to. Hmmm.

As I browsed through the hundreds of designs at, I found the *perfect* design for each of my individual girlfriends (the swim design for the ex-swimmer and current swim coach, the Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament for the new mommy, the high heel design for my fashionista friend…), but knew I had to keep it more generic this year.

I decided on the hour-glass ornament with an engraved message – “Friends for all time.” Since we’ve been friends since elementary school and we’re now in our 30s, I figured this was appropriate for any one of my friends.

Friends for all time Ornament

Friends for all time Ornament


As luck would have it, my friend who’s obsessed with The Wizard of Oz ended up with the hourglass ornament (an association I would never have made, but she did, and she loved it). Looking around the room at all the standard store-bought bulbs, I felt satisfied that I had made the right choice in getting something personalized. And I’m looking forward to doing it again next year 🙂

After our exchange, we joked about drawing names for next year so we could be sure it didn’t come down to the last minute again, and we could buy half-priced ornaments once Christmas passes. But I already know my tradition will be to give a personalized ornament from Kyle Design.

Need help with the process? Watch this short video to learn how to order your own custom Christmas ornament:

video player ornament


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