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Must-Haves for Olympic Fans: Show Support for Team USA

Posted by Kyle Design on June 29, 2012

Go for the gold with these Team USA keepsakes that you can design yourself!

That’s right!  By selecting an Olympic sport, pairing it with a patriotic design, and adding red, white, or blue, you can design your own unique gifts for USA fans. If you like to watch the gymnastics team, tennis matches, volleyball games, or triathlon (to name a few), you’ll love designing a cool keepsake with these exclusive designs – available exclusively in Kyle Design’s Online Design-Your-Own Gift Shop. Once you’ve selected the perfect combination to represent you, add your design combo to a custom metal gift at Kyle Design. It’s fun, easy, and affordable and since your personalized item is truly unique, you’ll have satisfaction in knowing no one else has anything like it!

Create your own Summer Games 2012 keepsake now and you’ll be getting compliments on your creation in no time!


2012 Games Keepsake Travel Case

Sample Gift:
Summer Games Travel Case

Sample Gift:
USA Gymnastics Money Clip












Want to show support for ALL U.S. teams? Select a unique patriotic gift featuring an American Flag or stars-and-stripes design.

Red Stars and Stripes Flag Badge Holder

Patriotic Badge Reel
Shown in Red

Round American Flag Pill Box

Blue Stars and Stripes
Team USA Pill Box

Gold American Flag Nite Lite

Go for the Gold
American Flag Nightlight



Show support for our country with sports themed gifts from Kyle Design.

Click links below to browse unique gifts for anyone who plays or watches sports.

Badminton Gifts                              Gymnastics Gifts                          Swimming Gifts

Basketball Gifts                               Hockey Gifts                                   Tennis Gifts

Cycling Gifts                                    Rowing Gifts                                   Water Polo Gifts

Equestrian Gifts                              Sailing Gifts                                    Volleyball Gifts

Fencing Gifts                                   Shooting Gifts

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How to Buy the Perfect Wedding Gift

Posted by Kyle Design on June 21, 2012

Here we go again…another stack of R.S.V.P.s for “Wedding Season.” It’s here. In full force. First thought – I need a new dress. Second – what should we get them???

DON’T write a check!

It’s easy to write a check and slip it into a card, but where’s the thought in that? And what if it just gets deposited into their bank account and ends up paying the energy bill? After all, that’s what happened to most of the money I received on my wedding day. Checks were cashed and the funds slowly slipped away over time. Some gift!

Dollar Sign Gift

DON’T buy from the registry!

If you want to be sure your money is going to an actual gift, you could select an item off their registry, but guess what – unless this couple still lives at home with their parents, they probably already have most of the kitchen utensils they need and they’re not going to remember who bought them that new toaster 5 years down the line. Unless of course it breaks, then you’ll instantly come to mind. Murphy’s Law.

Gifts with Pots and Pans Designs

DO make it personal!

The wedding gifts I remember receiving are the ones that weren’t on my registry. They either got returned (I don’t drink coffee and therefore didn’t need a fancy coffee machine), donated (there’s always that one wacky gift), or…DING! DING! DING!…found a place in my home. The ones that got my stamp of approval really stood out because they were unique and personal! I’m sure the gift-givers would be happy to know I still think of them when I see or use these items.

That’s what I want for the gifts I give. I want them to stand out as thoughtful. Not fall into the category of found-my-way-to-their-registry, scanned-for-gift-in-price-range, and added-to-cart. (If you DO do this, please spring for the gift wrap – it really makes opening the gift SO much more enjoyable!)

Always spring for gift wrap!

DO have your gift engraved!

One way to ensure your present will always be remembered is to go with an engraved gift. I do this whenever possible. It adds a personal element in a way nothing else can – something my husband obviously understood since his wedding gift to me was an engraved pair of ice skates (since we skated on our first date – can’t get more thoughtful than that!). Surprisingly, no other gift came personalized in this way. You might be the only person who gives this couple an engraved gift, which will make it stand out and ensure it’s appreciated and remembered.

DO visit Kyle Design for unique ideas!

A great place to get unique personalized gifts that can be engraved is Kyle Design. What sets them apart from other wedding gift websites is that each gift is personalized (you pick the colors on every gift), handcrafted (we’re talking quality gifts assembled by hand to perfection), and adding an engraved message won’t delay shipment of your gift. In fact, many orders ship out the same day!

Another cool thing is that there’s over 500 designs. You can choose wedding bells, ballroom dancers and hearts for traditional gifts, symbols for wishing blessings and luck, or select hobby or occupational designs for incorporating the couple’s personality or story of how they met or got engaged.

Engraved wedding keepsakes from Kyle Design are also a great way to accessorize a store-bought wedding gift – add an engraved ornament to your gift wrap or put your cash gift in a cute metal wallet. That way, your gift will stand out even if you do choose to buy from the registry or give money.

Custom Ring Boxes

Hinged Keepsake Frame

Bridal Gift Ornament

Kyle Design personalized gifts are great for

Bridal Showers

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties

Wedding Favors


Wedding Presents.

To get some ideas flowing, watch this short video that showcases gifts for all wedding related events:

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