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How to Create a Specialty Switch Plate Using Fillers, Inserts and Overlays

Posted by Kyle Design on May 17, 2012

Not many combo plates house more than 2 styles of openings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t run into a scenario where you need say, a phone, cable and outlet hole all in 1 plate. Or maybe you already have a switch plate in the color you need, but it’s the wrong configuration. Did you know it can be changed with an insert or overlay?



As you can see above, a decora rocker plate can be converted into almost anything – cable, phone, ethernet or a combination – or can be filled with a blank filler.

People often have decora rocker plates that they need to convert to toggle plates. Adding a decora-to-toggle wallplate insert is an easy solution with Kyle Switch Plates’ huge selection of decora-to-toggle inserts.


Cable or Rotary Dimmer Adapters – Black, Ivory, White, Light Almond or Brown

Cable Jack Insert – Black, Ivory, White, Light Almond, or Brown



You can fill a decora style plate with single hole opening that’s perfect for an existing coaxial cable jack (shown left). Or, you can buy the full cable jack insert (shown right).

Kyle Switch Plates carries decora-to-coaxial-cable inserts with or without the jack in black, ivory, white, light almond, or brown.







With Leviton modular jacks from Kyle Switch Plates you can literally build your own configuration in any decora plate. Modular jacks house 2 to 4 ports which can be filled with phone jacks, Cat3, Cat5E and Cat6 ethernet ports, or cable jacks. Create your own combo! Pretty cool!


You can also built-your-own combo with modular inserts for a Duplex plate.

Here’s something else that’s cool – you can buy a metal plate insert to convert a decora opening to a duplex outlet opening. This works especially well with stainless steel and brass plates since the inserts come in either a silver or gold finish.




Another way to convert your wallplate is with conversion overlays. They get the job done plus add a decorative element that inserts don’t. Buy silver or gold overlays to transform a rocker switchplate to a duplex outlet, toggle switch, push button switch, phone jack, cable TV jack, despard switch or a blank. Combine them to create custom combination switch plates.


Convert Rocker Plate to Toggle Plate

For more information on fillers visit Kyle Switch Plates’ Guide to Switch Plate Inserts.

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