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Think You Need a Custom Wallplate?

Posted by Kyle Design on March 30, 2012

We all have that odd light switch or outlet cover plate that’s an odd combination. We may not realize it until we need a replacement and – eh oh! – Home Depot and Lowe’s doesn’t carry it. Now what? Over the past several years I’ve come to the conclusion that there is literally nothing that can’t be found online.  That includes random switch plates with weird configurations. The problem is, if you think you need a custom plate when you really don’t, you may end up spending way more than you need to by ordering a made-to-order wallplate.

You may think you have a switch plate that’s so unique it needs to be custom made, but the truth is, Kyle Switch Plates carries over 300 irregular switchplates that can’t be found in stores but are currently in-stock and ready to ship from their wallplate warehouse. They carry the largest selection of switch plates online and offer the most affordable light switch plates and outlet covers on the web. Even better – all orders ship out within 1 – 2 business days (with cheap, flat-rate shipping!) which means you don’t have to wait a week (or longer) for your “custom” plate to be made, and then wait another week for it to be delivered.

If you have odd configurations of light switch and outlet covers, check out the enormous selection of affordable plates at Kyle Switch Plates. Hundreds of discount switch plate layouts, 20 popular and uncommon finishes (including white, stainless steel, brown, and ivory), cheap discounted prices, and fast flat-rate shipping. You won’t be disappointed!

Odd Configuation Combination Switch Plates

Combination Switch Plates

Available Switch Plate Colors at Kyle Design

Odd configuration switch plates from Kyle Design


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