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Think You Need a Custom Wallplate?

Posted by Kyle Design on March 30, 2012

We all have that odd light switch or outlet cover plate that’s an odd combination. We may not realize it until we need a replacement and – eh oh! – Home Depot and Lowe’s doesn’t carry it. Now what? Over the past several years I’ve come to the conclusion that there is literally nothing that can’t be found online.  That includes random switch plates with weird configurations. The problem is, if you think you need a custom plate when you really don’t, you may end up spending way more than you need to by ordering a made-to-order wallplate.

You may think you have a switch plate that’s so unique it needs to be custom made, but the truth is, Kyle Switch Plates carries over 300 irregular switchplates that can’t be found in stores but are currently in-stock and ready to ship from their wallplate warehouse. They carry the largest selection of switch plates online and offer the most affordable light switch plates and outlet covers on the web. Even better – all orders ship out within 1 – 2 business days (with cheap, flat-rate shipping!) which means you don’t have to wait a week (or longer) for your “custom” plate to be made, and then wait another week for it to be delivered.

If you have odd configurations of light switch and outlet covers, check out the enormous selection of affordable plates at Kyle Switch Plates. Hundreds of discount switch plate layouts, 20 popular and uncommon finishes (including white, stainless steel, brown, and ivory), cheap discounted prices, and fast flat-rate shipping. You won’t be disappointed!

Odd Configuation Combination Switch Plates

Combination Switch Plates

Available Switch Plate Colors at Kyle Design

Odd configuration switch plates from Kyle Design

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Celebrate Doctor’s Day This Friday

Posted by Kyle Design on March 26, 2012

Colorful Doctors Bookmark from Kule Design

Colorful Doctors Bookmark from Kule Design

Caduceus Design Pill Box for Doctors

Custom Pill Boxes for Doctors

Whether you have a special Physician who’s overseen your health for years or you have a Doctor in your family, this upcoming Sunday, March 30th is the day to honor them on National Doctor’s Day. Show appreciation to an exceptional Doctor you work with or to an outstanding Physician who’s treated you. You can also remind a Doctor parent, spouse, son, or daughter how proud you are of their accomplishments.

Your Doctor works hard to keep you well and they’re indispensable when you’re sick. Shower them with appreciation this Doctor’s Day – they deserve it! Click Unique Doctor’s Day Gifts to see fun personalized gift ideas for special health care providers. Hundreds of specialty gifts in a variety of great colors. Find caduceus pill boxes, engraved bookmarks for doctors, inexpensive medical badge holders, doctor desk accessories,  and so much more!

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Basketball Terms Everyone Should Know

Posted by Kyle Design on March 15, 2012

I’m not exactly a #1 fan when it comes to any sport. Baseball absolutely puts me to sleep. I have no idea what’s going on during a football game and terms like “down box” and “encroachment” are lost on me. However, over the years I’ve done my share of sitting through sporting events in an effort to meet guys, impress guys I’ve dated, or to make my husband happy. As a result, there are certain terms that I’ve come to recognize like “off sides,” “double play, “free-throw,” and my personal least favorite…”overtime.”

Sometimes to joke around I use incorrect terminology when watching a game. Like if someone shoots the basketball and doesn’t score because the ball was to the left or right of the basket, I’ll say it was “off sides.” And if I fear a baseball game is gonna go into extra innings, I’ll ask my husband, “This isn’t going to go into overtime, is it?” So imagine my surprise to learn that “field goal” – a term I’ve filed in my brain as “football related” is also a real basketball term! What?!

If I had to pick a sport to call my “favorite” it would be – hands-down – basketball. I played it in school, enjoy attending NBA games, and have on occasion filled out my own bracket. I can follow the game and I’ve never felt confused about what was going on out there on the court. But apparently, there are some things I don’t know about this sport. So, now that March Madness is here, I’ve decided to brush up on basketball terminology. Here’s some fun sports terms and interesting trivia you can throw out to show off your basketball knowledge this season, whether you’re genuinely interested in the game or just using it as a ploy to meet men 😉

“Ball handler” – the player with the ball

“Field Goal” – any basket that’s not a free throw

“Bank Shot” – a shot in which the ball bounces off the backboard into the basket

“Layup” – a shot in which the player moves rapidly toward the basket, jumps up under the basket, and banks the ball off the backboard into the basket

“Inside Shooting” – shots taken from near or under the basket

“Outside Shooting” – shots taken from the perimeter, which is the area beyond the foul circle away from the basket

“Shot Clock” – the team with the ball has a time limit to make their shot (35 seconds for men and 30 seconds for women in college, 23 seconds in the NBA)

“Crossover Dribble” – when a player dribbles the ball across his or her body from one hand to the other

“Double Team” – when 2 teammates both guard a single opponent

“Full-court Press” – when players on defense start to guard their opponents before they cross the midcourt line

“Floor Violation” – when a player violates a rule but doesn’t prevent an opponent’s movement or cause an injury

“Personal Foul” – contact between players that could cause an injury or give a team unfair advantage

“Technical Foul” – when a player commits a procedural violation or engages in misconduct that the referee deems detrimental to the game

Court Size – 94′ x 50′

Root for your favorite team in style with customized basketball gifts from Kyle Design. And, since beer and basketball mix so well, get a personalized beer themed gift for your boyfriend or husband that he can use while watching this year’s NCAA tournament.

Custom Bottle Opener Keychains in 100s of Designs

Engravable Bottle Opener Key Chains

Custom Basketball Flasks from Kyle Design

March Madness Basketball Flasks – Personalize yours!

Blue Basketball Money Clip for Men

Silver Basketball Money Clip for Men

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Your dog ate WHAT?!

Posted by Kyle Design on March 6, 2012

If you own a dog, there’s a good chance at some point it’s eaten something you wish it hadn’t. My mom had a pair of diamond earrings that had been retrieved in an unpleasant manner that involved careful watching of our dog doing his business in the back yard. My grandmother’s dog swallowed a fishing hook on a camping trip. And while they say chocolate is dangerous for dogs, we had a Lhasa Apso Poodle Mix that ate an entire box of chocolate covered Oreos and didn’t even get sick. But just last week my husband and I went to visit some friends who recently became parents to two Schnauzer puppies and learned that there’s a new trend on the rise in the world of dog ingesting. Their vet told them the #1 surgery they perform on dogs is to remove…wait for it….women’s underwear – thongs in particular. And it’s not cheap – this “routine procedure” runs $3,000! That’s one expensive thong that I wouldn’t be wearing again!

Purple Pill Case with Women's Clothing Design

Purple Pill Case with Women’s Clothing Design

So what has your dog eaten? And do you know what to do when your dog eats something odd? If they haven’t yet, there’s a chance they will, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. In addition to household items, there are a number of foods you shouldn’t be feeding your dog. Most dog owners know not to give their dog chocolate. But did you know that certain “people” foods like guacamole and macadamia nuts are also deadly? Here’s a list of toxic foods you need to keep away from your canine:

Engravable Silver Money Clip for a Chef

Custom Chef Money Clip

Guacamole / Avocados – Persin, which is in the avocado as well as its seed, bark, and the plant’s leaves, is toxic to dogs.

Onions / Garlic – Whether it’s raw, cooked, dehydrated or in its powdered form (even in baby food!), onions and garlic will poison your pooch. Even if it’s just small doses, when eaten regularly over a period of time, the effects are toxic.


Coffee Cup Refrigerator Magnet

Caffeine / Coffee / Tea / Soda – Caffeine is a no-go! In large enough quantities, caffeine can be fatal for your furry little friend. Keep caffeinated beverages away from your canine! This includes items you expect to have caffeine like coffee, tea, soda, and red bull, and some items you may overlook for caffeine content, like cocoa, chocolate, cold medicine, and painkillers. In addition to drinking coffee, the coffee’s beans and grounds shouldn’t be ingested either!

Raw Eggs – This can lead to food poisoning (think Salmonella or E. coli) and can cause problems to your dog’s skin and coat.

Purple Grape Design ID Badge Holder for Work

Purple Grapes Badge Reel

Grapes / Raisins – These items can cause kidney failure in your dog. Don’t leave them out where you dog can get to them!

Persimmons – Persimmon seeds can lead to inflammation of your dog’s small intestines or cause on intestinal obstruction.

Peaches / Plums – The pits contain cyanide, which is poisonous. Whole pits can also obstruct your dog’s intestines.

Custom Stainless Steel Candy Theme Flask

Candy Flask

Ice Cream – This and other milk-based products upsets your dogs digestive tract and often leads to diarrhea.

Candy / Gum – Sweets that contain xylitol (including many baked goods and diet foods) can cause your dog’s blood sugar to drop and lead to liver failure within just a few days.

Macadamia Nuts – Even if it’s an ingredient in another item like cookies, as little as 6 macadamia nuts can make your dog ill. Much more than that can be fatal. If they’re in chocolate, your dogs chances of survival are much slimmer, so keep these treats off your counters if your dog’s big enough to access them!

Custom Cookies Vitamin Case

Cookie Pill Box

Chocolate – You may already know chocolate is bad for your dog, but did you know dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate are the worst? And white chocolate counts too! The dangerous ingredient is theobromine. Don’t ever give your dog chocolate, no matter how small the amount.


Custom Dog Theme Pill Case

Dog Bone Pill Box

Bones / Fat Trimmings – Table scraps that have meat fat or bones should end up in the trash, not on a plate that your dog licks clean (before going in the dish washer of course!) Animal fat (cooked and uncooked) can cause pancreatitis and bones are particularly dangerous because they are a serious choking hazard and the bone can splinter and block or lacerate your dog’s digestive system.


Small Square Pill Box with Fish Design

Small Square Pill Box with Fish Design

Raw Meat / Raw Fish – Food poisoning is a risk, as is a more serious condition caused by a parasite that can kill your dog within a couple of weeks.





Custom Engraved Beer Money Clip for Men

Beer Money Clip

Alcohol – It may seem funny to attempt to get your dog drunk (especially if you’re drunk), but just a little alcohol can put your dog in a coma or a grave.




Custom Engraved Dog Bookmark

Engraved Dog Bookmark

If your dog is vomiting, lethargic, has excessive thirst or is disinterested in food, there’s a chance they’ve ingested something they shouldn’t have. There are some important numbers you should program into your phone right now – your local vet, the closest animal emergency clinic, and the Animal Poison Control Center (888) 426-443.

Know someone who treats their dog like a human family member? Maybe that person is you! Check out Kyle Design’s personalized gifts featuring man’s best friend and consider getting one in honor of your pet, or for a friend who pampers his or her pooch.

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Love at 1st…click?

Posted by Kyle Design on March 2, 2012

At some point or another we’ve all been there…the dreaded “S” word: Single. Sometimes it’s for a short spurt and other times it feels like a long, lonely season in between relationships. The dating scene can be an exciting new adventure in your teens, a fun experience in college, and an expected part of your 20s. But when you’ve hit your 30s and you still haven’t met “the one,” it can start leading to sheer panic as every one of your friends settles down with Mr. Right and some even have baby #2 on the way.

I have a small circle of close-knit girlfriends and oddly, we’ve all settled down later than we expected. It’s down to one girl waiting on an engagement ring and the other – ironically the first of us to get engaged when she was 24 (she broke it off, only to regret it after it was too late – he’s now happily married to someone else) just ended a 2-year relationship that was going nowhere. It’s suddenly become everyone’s top priority (in her mind) to set her up with Mr. Right. Since I have NO prospects for her, I get to be her wing girl as we head out this weekend to see what winners we can meet at a downtown Beer Festival (expectations for quantity of men are high but quality expectations are low. However, compared to the extremely limited pool of eligible bachelors in her region on – according to my awesome but very picky best friend – we’re gonna give it a wholehearted attempt).

Are bars ever really a potential place to find a respectable guy? Where do the majority of people meet their spouse? According to ComScore, the majority (36%) meet them at work (or at school) and only 11% meet them at a bar. When I was single, I loved heading out to the bars with my girlfriends with anticipation of meeting a cute boy that could be a potential boyfriend. But looking back, while several numbers were exchanged over the years only a couple led to actual dates and zero led to relationships. According to ComScore’s study, which was released in July last year, more people meet their spouse through online dating (17%) or through friends and family (26%) than in bars.

How does a single gal in her 30s go about meeting a great guy? Where’s a girl supposed to go if she works, has an active social life involving lots of friends and family, goes to bars, attends church, and participates in online dating and yet still, remains single? Where do those 7% of “others” meet their mate? For me, that “other” wouldn’t be the gym, grocery store or Walmart (although I can’t say I haven’t been hit on at Walmart more times than I’d like). Over the course of my dating career I met most of my boyfriends while driving, either at a red light, sitting in commute traffic, or just cruising down the highway at 80mph. (Trust me, if you’re not looking in those other vehicles you’re missing out on a lot of cute guys/potential hot dates!). But, when it came time to meet my husband, I joined the majority of folks who met their spouse at work.

Personalized Online Dating Gifts from Kyle Design

Personalized Online Dating Metal Credit Card Wallet

To lift my girlfriend’s spirits I’m gonna bring her a little online dating encouragement gift. She’ll get a kick out of it. And while she is already complaining that online dating just isn’t for her, she’s only given match about 5 days. I’m guessing it’s gonna take longer than that, which means she’s got plenty of online dating ahead of her. I only personally know 2 others who have delved into the world of online dating and both of them ended up marrying the person they met. So, if things don’t work out at the Beer Festival this weekend (which, I’m guessing, they won’t) it’ll be back to sending out winks. And who knows, maybe there will be a fairytale ending that all started when she fell in love at first click 😉

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