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Gifts for Friends with Specific Interests

Posted by Kyle Design on December 7, 2011

We all have that one Facebook friend who’s constantly updating their status and uploading pictures to update us on their current obsession whether it’s athletic shoes, the Twilight movies, their cat, or their latest masterpiece in the kitchen (yes, those chocolate brownies look delicious thanks for sharing!). Whether they’re on Facebook or not, we deal regularly with the specialized interests of the people closest to us. My best friend is obsessed with the Wizard of Oz, my mom’s obsessed with her dog, and my neat-freak brother is obsessed with cleaning his car (he’s the weirdo washing his car in the driveway at 2am). I’m sure on some level you can relate.

The best thing about people with such obvious interests is that they are SO much fun to shop for! Nothing beats getting a gift that someone will use (like a purse hook) with a design they’ll love (like high heel shoes for my fashionista girlfriend who has about 300 pair – but I’m not complaining since we’re both a size 8). At Kyle Design, there are 500 designs that you can put on any one of our gift items. So if you know someone who loves their dog, you can get them a dog ornament, dog pill box, dog bookmark, dog purse hook – the list goes on and on because you can get a dog on any item we sell on our site!

Customized Poodle Pill Cases

Personalize a Pill Box Gift for someone special

We have 7 different dog designs . Want a pill box with a Chihuahua instead of a Poodle? Design one now at

And that goes for our other designs as well – we have designs for all sorts of specific hobbies, interests, and careers. We’ve got common designs like flowers, sports, and animals, and super niche designs like quilting, the I Love You sign language sign, and the Asian symbol for Happiness. I have a feeling you’ve got a specific design in mind right now and you’re wondering if we have it – chances are we do – click Kyle’s Design Categories Page and see for yourself!

Once you find a design that fits that special someone you’re shopping for, just find the Kyle Design gift you’d like to put it on, then add your favorite design to that product in silver or gold and pick any background color to personalize your gift for the recipient. On many gifts you can also add a high quality diamond-tip engraving for even further customization.

Since I rarely update my Facebook status, people probably don’t know what I’m obsessed with (leopard print…hint hint). Christmas is just a couple weeks away – if you haven’t been updating your Facebook and Twitter enough this might be a good time to start (otherwise you’ll probably end up with another tacky item that will have you wishing you had given your status a little more thought). Happy Holiday Shopping from Kyle Design!


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