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Hot Guy Buys from Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on November 29, 2011

Since guys are always the toughest to shop for, Kyle Design has some ideas to get you started (and finished!). This year, get him what he wants – manly gifts in masculine colors – blue, green, orange, black, and brown. (But don’t be surprised to see some fun feminine gifts in the mix! Especially those leopard print patterns!)

Engraved Business Card Cases in Unqiue Colors

Personalized Business Card Holders in 100s of Designs

Cool Money Clips with Pocket Knives for Guys

Custom Money Clip Pocket Knifes with Hobby, Sport, or Occupation Themes!

6 oz Football Flasks

Unique Sports Flasks Engraved for Men

Lots of orders are coming in for credit card cases and business card holders. Is there anyone on your list who could use a sleek new personalized holder? Or an engraved flask or money clip? Get gifts guys want at Kyle Design! Pull out that shopping list and find the perfect holiday gift for your dad, brother, boyfriend, Grandpa, friend, coworker, boss or anyone! There’s something for everyone (and plenty of othergreat colors too)!


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