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Unique RN gifts you can’t resist!

Posted by Kyle Design on November 10, 2011

I just learned that Registered Nurses constitute the largest healthcare occupation in the U.S. today. There’s literally 2.6 million RN jobs out there! Woah! That explains why I know SO many people in nursing school! My sister-in-law graduates in a week and a half and my cousin will become a nurse next summer. And they’ll be joined by many others – I’m sure you know a few too. If you plan to give them money as a graduation present – which I’m sure you do as that’s what most graduates want! – why not throw in an inexpensive, personalized trinket to help commemorate their special day? I’m giving my sister-on-law a Kyle Design RN badge holder in the hospital colors where she’ll be working, and an RN keychain in her school colors with her name, school, and graduation date engraved on the back.


Custom RN Badge Holder


Personalized Nursing Key Chains

One thing that’s fun about nursing is there’s so many areas nurses can work in, which makes designing RN gifts so fun! This year for Christmas I’m going to give all the nurses I know gifts that are specific to their line of work – for instance, this awesome Navy Nurse card case for my friend in San Diego…


Cool Navy Nurse Gifts

What kind of nurse do you know? Here’s some other combos from Kyle Design to get you thinking…


Fun Pediactric Nurse Card Cases for RNs


Gifts for Family Nurse Practitioners


Home Nurse Gifts in over 30 colors

For even further customization Kyle Design has some sleek new triple-design and quadruple-design cases which have already been flying off the shelves! A couple of my favorites are the ER Nurse and the Pre-Med designs – super practical gifts for the Emergency Room Nurse or Medical Student you know is working SO hard!


Unique Pre-Med Card Cases for Medical Students


Custom LVN Business Card Holders – Design Yours!


Design your own Emergency Room Nurse Gift

Of course, our etched metal RN design is fun all by itself, and you can put it on a Kyle Design jewelry box, magnet, compact mirror, purse hook, pill case, glasses case, or Christmas ornament (which, by the way, are great for hanging in your hospital or doctor’s office or handing out at holiday parties – a thoughtful way to thank your hospital staff).


Specialty RN Christmas Ornament in vibrant colors – custom design yours!

So if you’re looking for the perfect graduation, birthday, or holiday gift for a nurse, be sure to check out Kyle Design’s RN-inspired gifts. Remember, they’re all fully customizable so go nuts! And please, don’t tell my sister-in-law what she’s getting for her graduation! 😉


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