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DIY Decorative Switch Plates with Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on November 4, 2011

If you’re like me, the sewing machine and glue gun come out around mid-October when the kids get into Halloween mode. But now that the 31st has come and gone and the costumes are complete (and by complete I mean they’ve been worn, trashed, and thrown aside…*sigh*), I’ve got all this creative energy still flowing and I need an outlet! Speaking of outlets…my husband and I spent the summer repainting the interior of our home and all the walls are a nice warm, gold tone. All the stark white switch plates and outlet covers really stand out and I can’t stop thinking about what I can do about it!

It turns out I have plenty of options! Do you know how easy it is to re-cover your switch plates with fabric, decorative paper, or even wallpaper? In about 5 minutes I turned my one of my boring white ones into a super decorative holiday one that stands out (in a good way!) I was so excited I didn’t want to keep this craft secret to myself so I added it to the Kyle Switch Plates website. Check out my Covered Switchplate Instructions and turn your switch plates into decorative pieces that shine year-round or add a festive holiday touch to your home like I did.

DIY or shop creative switch plates at Kyle Design

Custom Switchplates – from drab to fab in 5 minutes!

Don’t have the time? Kyle Switch Plates offers colorful custom hand-crafted switch plates. They’re fun and fully customizable – there’s hundreds of metal design options (including sports and animals, which are great for your kids’ rooms, as well as religious symbols, careers and other artistic designs – check ’em out!), and over 40 vivid shimmery colors.  They’re great for every room in your home – the entryway, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room – you get the point!

Get the most out of this holiday season with Kyle Switch Plates’ Do-It-Yourself holiday themed covered switch plates or get your order in for some made by Kyle Switch Plates – either way, your house will be ready for all the holiday gatherings that are headed your way now that November has rolled around. Only a few shorts weeks ’til Thanksgiving! Whether you do it yourself or order from Kyle Switch Plates, you can still put that Halloween-inspired creative energy to good use! So have fun!


Decorative Switch Plates


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