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It’s Time to Talk Sweets!

Posted by Kyle Design on November 30, 2011

Um, how come no one told me there’s a National Desserts day? I’m surprised to learn such a thing exists and I haven’t heard of it…I mean, I, of all people, should have founded it! I’m an eat-dessert-for-breakfast, lunch and dinner kind of girl! (I mean as the entree, not as the encore.) If there’s leftover birthday cake sitting in my kitchen, you better believe I’m eating it for breakfast. And if I happen to catch a glance at the dessert menu, there’s a good chance I’m ordering the Warm Apple Crisp or Molten Chocolate Cake for dinner. This is something that has caused some tension between my health-nut husband and I, but it’s something I learned from my mother and life’s just too short (another thing she taught me) to skip dessert!

In celebration of sweets, Kyle Design has some great chocolate themed gifts for women who love sugary surprises. Dessert lovers beware – these tasty treats may make you hungry!

Dessert Stamp Holder from Kyle Design

Custom Postage Stamp Holders for Chocolate Lovers – Click to see more!

Cupcake Purse Hooks from Kyle Design

Unique Purse Hook with Dessert Cupcake

Custom Night Light with Birthday Cake Design

Birthday Cake Night Lights from Kyle Design- click to see other Decorative Cake Gifts

By the way, National Dessert Day was last month, but why wait? Go ahead and order dessert for your next entree – trust me, it tastes much better when you’re not too full to enjoy it! And don’t worry about adding on a couple of extra pounds – we’re headed into winter and it’s nothing a slouchy sweater or trendy trench coat won’t hide!

Pie Pill Boxes from Kyle Design

Shop more Unique Food and Beverage Gifts at Kyle Design! And don’t forget all our gifts are customizable – design a dessert Christmas Tree Ornament for some sweet holiday decor!

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Hot Guy Buys from Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on November 29, 2011

Since guys are always the toughest to shop for, Kyle Design has some ideas to get you started (and finished!). This year, get him what he wants – manly gifts in masculine colors – blue, green, orange, black, and brown. (But don’t be surprised to see some fun feminine gifts in the mix! Especially those leopard print patterns!)

Engraved Business Card Cases in Unqiue Colors

Personalized Business Card Holders in 100s of Designs

Cool Money Clips with Pocket Knives for Guys

Custom Money Clip Pocket Knifes with Hobby, Sport, or Occupation Themes!

6 oz Football Flasks

Unique Sports Flasks Engraved for Men

Lots of orders are coming in for credit card cases and business card holders. Is there anyone on your list who could use a sleek new personalized holder? Or an engraved flask or money clip? Get gifts guys want at Kyle Design! Pull out that shopping list and find the perfect holiday gift for your dad, brother, boyfriend, Grandpa, friend, coworker, boss or anyone! There’s something for everyone (and plenty of othergreat colors too)!

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Hot New Colors from Kyle Design!

Posted by Kyle Design on November 21, 2011

I just LOVE choices! Often times when I’m looking for just the right gift, party favor, or decor item for my home I need it in an exact shade – not just plain red or brown. But so often that’s all I’m stuck with. I’ll leave a store disappointed, thinking that the shade I really want is in between the red and the pink and neither one will do. Sound familiar? Just in time for the holidays Kyle Design kicks off hot new colors! And to make shopping really easy, we have a new Shop by Color function! Browse through each of Kyle Design’s color pages to see various shades of that particular hue on several of our unique, customizable gift items. Get great ideas about which unique Kyle Design products will make perfect gifts for your family this holiday season. Here’s a few feminine colors to get you started!

If you already know what color you want, use these these quick color shortcuts to get there now: aqua, black, blue, brown, green, hot pink, orange, pink, purple, red, white, or yellow.  Or click Shop Kyle Design by Color to see them all and start checking people off your holiday shopping list today!

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Unique RN gifts you can’t resist!

Posted by Kyle Design on November 10, 2011

I just learned that Registered Nurses constitute the largest healthcare occupation in the U.S. today. There’s literally 2.6 million RN jobs out there! Woah! That explains why I know SO many people in nursing school! My sister-in-law graduates in a week and a half and my cousin will become a nurse next summer. And they’ll be joined by many others – I’m sure you know a few too. If you plan to give them money as a graduation present – which I’m sure you do as that’s what most graduates want! – why not throw in an inexpensive, personalized trinket to help commemorate their special day? I’m giving my sister-on-law a Kyle Design RN badge holder in the hospital colors where she’ll be working, and an RN keychain in her school colors with her name, school, and graduation date engraved on the back.


Custom RN Badge Holder


Personalized Nursing Key Chains

One thing that’s fun about nursing is there’s so many areas nurses can work in, which makes designing RN gifts so fun! This year for Christmas I’m going to give all the nurses I know gifts that are specific to their line of work – for instance, this awesome Navy Nurse card case for my friend in San Diego…


Cool Navy Nurse Gifts

What kind of nurse do you know? Here’s some other combos from Kyle Design to get you thinking…


Fun Pediactric Nurse Card Cases for RNs


Gifts for Family Nurse Practitioners


Home Nurse Gifts in over 30 colors

For even further customization Kyle Design has some sleek new triple-design and quadruple-design cases which have already been flying off the shelves! A couple of my favorites are the ER Nurse and the Pre-Med designs – super practical gifts for the Emergency Room Nurse or Medical Student you know is working SO hard!


Unique Pre-Med Card Cases for Medical Students


Custom LVN Business Card Holders – Design Yours!


Design your own Emergency Room Nurse Gift

Of course, our etched metal RN design is fun all by itself, and you can put it on a Kyle Design jewelry box, magnet, compact mirror, purse hook, pill case, glasses case, or Christmas ornament (which, by the way, are great for hanging in your hospital or doctor’s office or handing out at holiday parties – a thoughtful way to thank your hospital staff).


Specialty RN Christmas Ornament in vibrant colors – custom design yours!

So if you’re looking for the perfect graduation, birthday, or holiday gift for a nurse, be sure to check out Kyle Design’s RN-inspired gifts. Remember, they’re all fully customizable so go nuts! And please, don’t tell my sister-in-law what she’s getting for her graduation! 😉

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DIY Decorative Switch Plates with Kyle Design

Posted by Kyle Design on November 4, 2011

If you’re like me, the sewing machine and glue gun come out around mid-October when the kids get into Halloween mode. But now that the 31st has come and gone and the costumes are complete (and by complete I mean they’ve been worn, trashed, and thrown aside…*sigh*), I’ve got all this creative energy still flowing and I need an outlet! Speaking of outlets…my husband and I spent the summer repainting the interior of our home and all the walls are a nice warm, gold tone. All the stark white switch plates and outlet covers really stand out and I can’t stop thinking about what I can do about it!

It turns out I have plenty of options! Do you know how easy it is to re-cover your switch plates with fabric, decorative paper, or even wallpaper? In about 5 minutes I turned my one of my boring white ones into a super decorative holiday one that stands out (in a good way!) I was so excited I didn’t want to keep this craft secret to myself so I added it to the Kyle Switch Plates website. Check out my Covered Switchplate Instructions and turn your switch plates into decorative pieces that shine year-round or add a festive holiday touch to your home like I did.

DIY or shop creative switch plates at Kyle Design

Custom Switchplates – from drab to fab in 5 minutes!

Don’t have the time? Kyle Switch Plates offers colorful custom hand-crafted switch plates. They’re fun and fully customizable – there’s hundreds of metal design options (including sports and animals, which are great for your kids’ rooms, as well as religious symbols, careers and other artistic designs – check ’em out!), and over 40 vivid shimmery colors.  They’re great for every room in your home – the entryway, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room – you get the point!

Get the most out of this holiday season with Kyle Switch Plates’ Do-It-Yourself holiday themed covered switch plates or get your order in for some made by Kyle Switch Plates – either way, your house will be ready for all the holiday gatherings that are headed your way now that November has rolled around. Only a few shorts weeks ’til Thanksgiving! Whether you do it yourself or order from Kyle Switch Plates, you can still put that Halloween-inspired creative energy to good use! So have fun!


Decorative Switch Plates

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