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Custom Fridge Magnets

Posted by Kyle Design on April 28, 2011


Custom Fridge Magnets

Tired of those cheap, flimsy magnets cluttering your refrigerator? The ones with the pizza delivery phone number or your local Realtor that can barely hold up even 1 piece of paper? Organize your refrigerator with our custom fridge magnets.

Choose between 20 different glass colors so your magnet perfectly matches your fridge and room decor. Your fridge magnet can be customized with one of our 100’s of designs, making it beautiful and useful.

Our strong refrigerator magnets have a clip that is able to hold 1.25 pounds without slipping, or around 200 pieces of paper. No more magnets sliding off the fridge!

Use our magnets to organize party and wedding invitations, school handouts, recipes, family photos, bills, coupons, take-out menus, magazine clippings, newspaper articles and more.

We had one customer write to us and explain how she uses our custom magnets to get her family organized. She got a message magnet designed with each of her children’s initials. She used that magnet to hold each child’s permission slips, birthday party invitations, homework calendars, and play dates.

These cool magnets can be used on magnetic white boards. Great for teachers to use in their classroom to arrange handouts, dittos, permission slips and scratch paper.

Your kid will love to decorate their locker with these magnet clips. They will be able to keep their homework,  important papers and pictures of their friends secured to the inside of their cubby.

How will you use our strong fridge magnets?


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