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Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Gifts She Won’t Soon Forget

Posted by Kyle Design on April 25, 2011

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not take a moment to think about what makes your mother so special. According to our calendar, Mother’s Day is only celebrated once a year, but many of us think of our mom’s year round. Whether it’s just a phone call to check in or a surprise gift in the mail, mom’s appreciate any gifts from their children, tangible or not. But rather than recommending a D-I-Y macaroni necklace or an origami lotus flower, we’d like to suggest that this year you honor your mom with something special. There is no better way to achieve this than to think outside the box and find a gift that is uniquely customized to suit her taste. Personalized Mother’s Day gifts are a warming touch and show that you went that extra mile to make Mother’s Day memorable.

If your mom loves to bury herself in a good book, consider a lovely custom bookmark engraved with a sentimental Mother’s Day quote, her name or a personal message from you to her. These bookmarks can be customized to feature her favorite colors and a design that represents her favorite hobby. She’ll love how easily this slips in between the pages of her book and think of you each time she saves her place.

For an elderly mother, surprise her with a gorgeous and useful pill-box or vitamin case that will help her stay organized. She will be the envy of all her friends when she takes out this meaningful yet practical Heart Vitamin Case. Customize it with her favorite color and metal to show her that you know more about her taste than she thinks.
If she takes multiple medications on a daily basis, perhaps a lovely Sewing Pill Box will help her compartmentalize her doses. Forget about cheesy plastic pill containers, she will be proud to carry and use this sweet memento from her children and serve as a constant reminder of your love for her.

For mother’s who love interior decorating or have an outdated night light that has seen better days (you know which ones we’re talking about), treat her to a gorgeous stained glass night light that will illuminate her bedroom or bathroom in elegant style. Our iridescent stained glass and quality etched metal designs will reflect her personality and make her smile for years to come.

We love to help make mother’s feel special year-round, but Mother’s Day is the one day that children have the pleasure to give back to the women who gave them the ultimate gift – the gift of life.

For more great gift ideas for every occasion, visit us at Kyle Designs.


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