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Tiger Blood Drink Recipe – The Taste of Winning

Posted by Kyle Design on March 11, 2011

Funny Tiger Blood Drink Flask - Great Winning Gifts Idea

Clever Tiger Blood drink flask – a “winning” gift idea for anyone with Adonis DNA!

Curious about the taste of WINNING? Try this creative Tiger Blood Drink Recipe, inspired by Charlie Sheen’s infamous – and, pretty disturbing – celebrity endorsement. (Sure to be the drink of choice for daring men and women endowed with Adonis DNA.)


1-1/2 oz Effen Raspberry

1/2 oz Canton Ginger Liqueur

1/8 oz Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

Juice Of 1 Fresh Blood Orange

Fresh Ginger

Also be sure to check out our unique and exclusive Tiger Blood Drinking Flasks – personalize a flask for a great conversation starter at parties and BYOB get togethers!


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