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Low Voltage Switch Compatibility

Posted by Kyle Design on March 15, 2011


Though vintage low voltage systems have become obsolete, replacement parts are still manufactured and available.

One of our most common home hardware questions is from customers with low voltage lighting systems in their home: “I need to replace an old low voltage switch. What kind of low voltage switch will work?” As very limited info on low voltage systems can be found these days, here’s a little history:

Original low voltage wiring systems were installed in mid-century homes during the 1940s to the 1980s and have since become obsolete, with many manufacturers discontinuing their low voltage product lines or going out of business. Some popular low voltage brands included General Electric (GE), Remcon, Bryant, Sierra and Touch-Plate, all of which have discontinued their original, older light switch and switch plate styles.


Touch-Plate switches can replace older General Electric (GE), Remcon and Bryant switches.

For low voltage replacement options, General Electric (GE) and Touch-Plate actively manufacture updated switches, wall switch plates and relays for use in their older low voltage lighting systems. Remcon (Amprobe) has discontinued their brand of low voltage devices and wall plates as recently as February 2011.

If same-brand hardware replacements are not available to replace your damaged or nonfunctional low voltage electrical equipment, read our Low Voltage Switch Compatibility guide to see if other brands of low voltage switches can be used in your wiring system. Newer Touch-Plate low voltage switches, for example, will work in older General Electric (GE), Remcon and Bryant low voltage systems, so they are a great compatible replacement option for many.

Have a low voltage system, but don’t know what type you have? Review Determine Your Low Voltage System to find more information and photos on common low voltage systems. This will help you narrow down what replacement parts and hardware will work with your wiring set-up, and make shopping for low voltage replacement parts much less of a headache!

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Tiger Blood Drink Recipe – The Taste of Winning

Posted by Kyle Design on March 11, 2011

Funny Tiger Blood Drink Flask - Great Winning Gifts Idea

Clever Tiger Blood drink flask – a “winning” gift idea for anyone with Adonis DNA!

Curious about the taste of WINNING? Try this creative Tiger Blood Drink Recipe, inspired by Charlie Sheen’s infamous – and, pretty disturbing – celebrity endorsement. (Sure to be the drink of choice for daring men and women endowed with Adonis DNA.)


1-1/2 oz Effen Raspberry

1/2 oz Canton Ginger Liqueur

1/8 oz Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

Juice Of 1 Fresh Blood Orange

Fresh Ginger

Also be sure to check out our unique and exclusive Tiger Blood Drinking Flasks – personalize a flask for a great conversation starter at parties and BYOB get togethers!

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Popular Paint Color Ideas & Hot Interior Colors for 2011

Posted by Kyle Design on March 10, 2011

In keeping with the theme of yesterday’s post, I thought it might be a good idea to see what new, hot interior paint colors are in style for 2011. (Actually, I came home yesterday and managed to convince myself that my kitchen wall was feeling drab – might just be time to freshen it up, so I searched for ideas online.) I’ve listed my top 10 findings below, with credit due in large part to the Pantone Spring 2011 Fashion Color Report. I honestly like ALL of these, so if you’ve got an opinion, feel free to help sway my decision!

1. HONEYSUCKLE – On the contrary, pink is indeed for everybody (men and women, kids and adults). It’s an excellent color choice if you want to perk up a room or just add a fun splash of color to your decor – our Personalized Quilting Tape Measure Gifts are a great example of this.

2. PEACOCK – A rich, deep teal like this makes a great accent color in an otherwise neutral toned house. For a subtle contrast effect, buy home furnishings accented with blue-green hues – like our Decorative Arts and Crafts Designer Switch Plates – and strategically place them around the home.

3. SILVER GRAYThe coolest neutral tone of the season, this traditional hue will work with any color scheme like the classic contrasted black as seen on our Personalized Scales of Justice Stamp Dispenser Box.

4. LAVENDER – Timeless, yet versatile, there’s a common consensus that this trendy color is always in style. In fact, our Lavender Colored Iris Letter Opener is a Kyle Design best-seller.

5. AMBER – With tones ranging from goldenrod to florescent, yellow is useful for attention-getting and drawing the eye to notice. It may not be a good idea to use this color in your bedroom – you might never get any sleep! – but it could certainly make another space more cheery (see our Elegant Amber Exotic Wood Monogrammed Valet Box for a great beeswax or butter colored furnishing idea).

6. ROSEMARY – According to the psychology of color, green is most associated with nature and it can therefore make any space seem soothing, comfortable or familiar. Try decorating your home with hints of green – like the Tree of Life Night Light with Gorgeous Green Stain Glass – to add an element of harmony to common spaces or bedrooms.

7. RUSSET – Brown shades and earthy tones add a sense of comfort to a room, not to mention style, so it’s a great shade to use for professional settings. Check out our Unique Eye Doctor Desktop Card Holder Stand for a stylish example.

8. REGATTA – A cool oceanside or boat blue, similar to that seen on our Cool Decorative Lighthouse Ceiling Fan Pulls.

9. CITRUS – Orange, in all of of its various and glorified hues, is apparently the “IT” color of 2011. Brighten your space with Bright Sun Kissed Orange Message Magnet Clips, which add a fun touch of color to kitchen appliances and office file cabinets.

10.AQUAWith calm undertones of blue, this serene hue adds a modern, playful touch without any drastic changes. Color it throughout the rooms of your house with paint or fun decorations, like our Personalized Paradise Anchor Holiday Christmas Ornaments.

Need more inspiration for decorating ideas with color? See our helpful Shopping by Color Gift Guide for recommended gifts and product photos featuring specific colors or color combinations to match your decor scheme.

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How To Add Color Without Painting

Posted by Kyle Design on March 9, 2011

Unique Custom Night Lights Add A Great Colorful Accent To Any Room

Unique Custom Night Lights Add A Great Colorful Accent To Any Room


Sun Catchers Add A Beautiful Pop Of Color To Your Space

Eggshell. Ivory. Pearl. It’s a well known fact that neutral colors are safe – they go well with everything, allowing for ultimate flexibility in decorating and they’re simply low maintenance, which is great when you don’t have the time or money to spend on home decor makeovers. However, too much white or beige can be overwhelming at times, so it’s a good idea to add some color to your home for dimension and personality. While painting can sometimes be expensive, time-consuming or relatively daunting for those who don’t particularly enjoy do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, you can find hassle-free ideas on how to add color without painting such as the following helpful tips and tricks:

Show Off Your Interests With Custom Designer Switch Plates

Decorate your switch plates with cool custom images and colors that reflect your interests.

1. Add colorful lighting. Striking stain glass night lights are both fashionable and functional – customize a night light with a decorative design image and beautiful stain glass color that matches the decor of a given room for a cool personal touch.

2. Take advantage of natural lighting. Hanging creative etched metal sun catchers can add a gorgeous burst of color to any room when the sun is shining at its brightest.

3. Decorate your switch plates and home appliances. Add personalized design patterns and vibrant colors to your switch plates to create stylish decorative wall plate covers. Or use practical organizing accessories like strong art glass magnet clips around your kitchen or office for subtle, yet creative works of art.

Need to replace your home appliances? Popular appliance manufacturers are now integrating vibrant colors like Blackberry (Eggplant Purple) and Lemongrass (Spring Green) into their product lines – forget stainless steel and add some personality to your kitchen, laundry room or bath with a jazzy refrigerator or bold washer and dryer set!

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Black Switch Plates Are Meant To Be Noticed

Posted by Kyle Design on March 2, 2011

Just upgraded to stainless steel appliances? Black switch plates and outlet plug covers are a great way to enhance the modern, contemporary look of stainless steel kitchens – minus the fingerprints.

Black Wall Switch Covers with Matching Black Electrical Devices

Complete your trendy avant-garde wall decor with coordinating black electrical devices, light switches and outlet plugs.

With coordinating electrical devices, dimmers and power outlet receptacles in matching gloss or matte black finishes, you can create a gorgeous polished look in no time. Black switches and receptacle plugs are available in a wide range of voltages and styles – ranging from antique push button models to energy saving motion sensor switches – so ample options are available when you need that hard-to-find device for a unique electrical application.


This decorative black switch plate can add a subtle, yet fun splash of color to all-black decor.

For those interested in a look that’s a bit more “retro-fabulous,” try pairing a black switch plate with Ivory or Light Almond electrical switches. The unusual, striking contrast is sure to be appreciated by any fan of mid-century modern style. (It’ll go great with that avocado hued fridge or vintage shell pink bath tub!)

Want to add a colorful touch for children in your home? No problem – classy black switch plates can be personalized with decorative overlays and unique designs in a variety of colors and styles. A great kid-friendly way to personalize baby nurseries, bedrooms for girls and boys, playrooms, family rooms and more.

If you’re a handy man or woman who enjoys do-it-yourself projects, try DIY Switch Plate Painting or Artistic Paper Covered Decoupage Switch Plates for creative solutions to updating your home decor.











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