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Lakers Gloat After Winning 12th Battle in Historical Rivalry with Celtics

Posted by Kyle Design on June 21, 2010

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Though the Celtics may have lost this battle, the war is not yet won. Toast good luck to your favorite team as they begin to strategize for the next Basketball season.

I’ll admit, while I’m not the most well-versed person in the basketball realm, I know enough about basketball fans to know that losses – similar to that of the Boston Celtics in last week’s Game 7 – can crush a fanatic’s faith in both justice and the world at-large. On the upside, clinching an NBA Title basically guarantees a lifetime of bragging rights for a champion team.

Case in point: the LA Lakers celebrated their recent triumph to the tune of a $2 million victory parade that took place in downtown Los Angeles this morning. Gloat much?

“Humble” displays of NBA Finals victory aside, I have to say that I admire basketball fans for their blatant passion, generally manifested in loud, overt displays of shouting profanity at televisions, radios and random passersby. Every team also has a sentimental story, as evidenced in the great Lakers-Celtics rivalry, and here basketball seems to have evolved into a coherent way of life for many. Said best by the late-great John Wooden:

It is most difficult, in my mind, to separate any success, whether it be in your profession, your family, or as in my case, in basketball, from religion.”

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