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“Fresh As A Daisy” – New Flower Power Daisies Gifts for Hippies

Posted by Kyle Design on June 14, 2010


Daisy Earrings

As a kid, I used to love making daisy garland chains and plucking petals off of daisies to the tune of He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. I guess this was fitting since I spent my childhood in the Flower Power era of Hippies, where these friendly flowers represented peace and goodwill towards others. Still a perfect symbol of playful innocence and youth, the Daisy remains one of my favorite flowers today.

Interestingly enough, daisies also played a part in my humble beginnings as an artist. When I was about 6 years old, I created a large daisy flower design with crayons. My dad, a talented artist and woodworker, took this design and converted it into 4″ (!!!) daisy earrings made out of wood inlaid with white and yellow polyester resin.

Aside from the fact that these earrings were the size of fists, I was so proud and excited that he liked my design well enough to translate into a real set of jewelry. The earrings were, and still are, a unique keepsake– in fact, my mom would wear them with a bright yellow dress decorated with white pompom fringe along the bodice and the hem. A true 1960s classic!

Impress your nature-loving friends with a lasting gift they’re sure to love: Pushing Daisies Business Card Holder Case, Designer Daisy Flower Money Clip or Fresh As A Daisy Decorative Holiday Ornament. Or visit our Fantastic Flower Furnishings and Gifts in Bloom page to see our flowered gift collections.


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