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I Look Out My Window and What Do I See…

Posted by Kyle Design on June 9, 2010

Convenient Travel-Sized Pill Box with Turkey Design.

Pill boxes: the accessory of choice for traveling, wanderlust turkeys.

Wooden Tea Chest

Our decorative wooden boxes are the perfect place to keep and beautifully display your favorite tea bags.

This morning we were shocked with a bizarre sighting seen outside of the studio windows. A turkey! Just walking down the side walk, enjoying his morning. After our ears stopped ringing from our shrieks, and our heart rates slowed to normal, we could not stop laughing about our strange visitor.

What is a turkey doing wandering around a business district?! We joked he must have been on his way to the nearby Starbucks. He needs a lot of caffeine to keep him alert enough to dodge traffic. We decided our new Turkey Friend’s coffee shop drink of choice must be a Chai Tea, he prefers the autumnal drinks.

If only we had our camera ready to capture his adventure. We are keeping it handy in case he decides to every stop by again. You never know!

What interesting things did you see outside of your window today?

Dreaming of Thanksgiving? Get a head start on your turkey holiday by picking up a Stained Glass Turkey Nightlight, Harvest Feast Turkeys Ornament or a Cold Turkey Business Card Holder Case.

Feeling guilty about your turkey sandwich? Consider going green with our Vegan and Vegetarian Green Living Gift Ideas.


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