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Distinctive Business Card Cases Even The Artist Will Remember

Posted by Kyle Design on March 9, 2010

The flip side of sending my artistic gifts all over the world is that sometimes they come back to visit me in unexpected ways. I was thrilled last night at Barnes & Noble when at the coffee counter, the gentleman helping me noticed my dragonfly business card holder.

Silver Dragonfly Business Card Case with iridescent aqua blue background.

Dragonflies are meaningful to me, so that's why I carry a Dragonfly business card organizer.

He asked if I bought it online, and I replied that, well, in fact, I made it, but yes they were available online as well. Turns out he received one of my cases as a gift at Christmas over a year ago, and proceeded to pull it out of his pocket. I felt like a proud momma whose all-grown-up baby had come home to say, “Look ma, I’m doing great and I’m loved.”

Internet Cafe business card case in silver with coffee and computer designs

Coffee and Computers - A great combination for getting much accomplished.

But here is the best part: I actually squealed when I saw it because I remembered it! I had even taken a picture of it! Considering how many thousands of business card cases I have made and sold over the years, for me to remember that specific one was so amazing. It was a double design case of a coffee cup and a computer, and we guessed it was for someone who works at an internet cafe. The owner of this case gave me his business card and it turns out he is an analyst for Peet’s Coffee and Tea. Mystery solved. It was so fun to get the true story behind this case!

Kyle Design “dual pattern” business card cases tell stories and are windows into someone’s life. They can represent very specialized careers or simply reflect one’s interests, and at times are just funny. When we send them out, all of us here at the studio postulate on the meaning and wonder for whom they are destined. They make an impression on us, and I’m sure they make an impression on others as well  – there is nothing else like them out there.

If you are interested in seeing more clever “double design” card organizers that our customers have purchased over the years, please visit Kyle Design’s Double Design Business Card Holders.


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