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Wayne Thiebald Retrospective at the San Jose Museum of Art – A Feast for the Fiber Artist’s Eyes

Posted by Kyle Design on March 7, 2010

I saw the Wayne Thiebald – 70 Years of Painting show at the San Jose Museum of Art. Absolutely loved it! I’ve always like Thiebald’s work, but while walking through the exhibition, it dawned on me what the appeal is for me.

Number 70 Business Card Holder in Silver with Iridescent Copper Accents

Birthday Cake Pill Box in Silver with Iridescent Sunshine Color Accent

Wayne Thiebald might appreciate that cakes come in all colors at Kyle Design

His work is like fabric; richly woven and textural. As a fiber artist at heart (and at the start), his work speaks to me. One painting in particular, Dark City, 1999 in oil on canvas, held my attention for the longest time. The overall feel is quiet, yet there is so much activity, so much painted into every little square, so many wonderful colors created, that I couldn’t stop looking at it. It reminds me of specialty yarns that knitters and weavers use, where there are many colors and various type of fiber spun into one thread. I actually said out loud, “I want this painting.” (I can want, but I can’t get: it is part of the Thiebaud Family Collection, not to mention what it would cost.)

Gold City Lights Christmas Ornament with berry pink and emerald green accents.

Celebrate an Artist's Retrospective, Fabulous Vacation, or Special Event with a Cityscape Ornament

If you google Bay Area artist Wayne Thiebald and look at his work for the first time you might shrug. He started out as a graphic artist, so the subject matters of his paintings of food and commercial objects might seem staid. But the joy comes from the colors and textures he creates that are lost in translation to the screen, in particular on his landscapes and San Francisco cityscapes. He might use six different colors along the edge of a building or a cake which glow in person, but look flat on paper. This is a this retrospective you have to see. Then you will appreciate him for the master he is.

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Knitting Needles and Yarn Toggle Light Switch Wall Plate in silver, black and aqua.

Knitting Light Switch Wall Plate - The Perfect Finish Touch in a Fiber Artist's Studio


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