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“This Is What Change Looks Like”: A New Appreciation for National Doctor’s Day

Posted by Kyle Design on March 24, 2010

For those of us who make an early retreat to bed on Sunday nights, we missed a pretty big deal last weekend when President Obama’s health care reform bill officially passed in Congress. Lucky for us, we can redeem our political savviness with the fact that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was just signed into law, marking a significant turning point in American history. In response to this, the President made a notable statement: “This is what change looks like.” Elsewhere, the controversial backlash has already reared its ugly head on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. As a fairly neutral party, I’ll share only one matter-of fact observation towards a positive outlook, and it’s that change is most certainly coming whether supported or not. In fact, it’s due to be celebrated next week!

Professional Wood Desktop Collection with Medical Caduceus Emblem

With this sophisticated desk organizing set, you're sure to become your doctor's favorite patient!

Next Tuesday, March 30th is Doctor’s Day, and what better time to acknowledge this national holiday than literally a week after a historical healthcare transition for the country. More specifically, Doctor’s Day is observed as a yearly opportunity to thank and honor all of the medical professionals who have overseen our health and well-being from birth. Now, with the idea of a universal health policy on the brain, we can only imagine how drastically life will change for the physicians, nurses, surgeons, medical assistants, radiologists and anesthesiologists entrusted with our care.

Traditionally, patients demonstrate their thanks on this day with a red carnation or flower given as a token of appreciation for their physician’s help and aid. In light of the recent political climate, however, we might want to consider “upping the ante” by sharing more unique, lasting gifts as we enter a renewed appreciation for the holiday.

Explore our collection of Medical Professional Accessories and Presents for Life Savers to find the perfect keepsake to impress your general practitioner, pediatrician, medical doctor (MD) or private practice physician.

Shopping for a loved one who happens to work in the medical field? Check out our Nifty Nurse Collections and RN Keepsakes, Psychiatry Furnishings and Therapist Decor and Radiant Radiology Gift Ideas for the perfect gift to show off your thanks!

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Distinctive Business Card Cases Even The Artist Will Remember

Posted by Kyle Design on March 9, 2010

The flip side of sending my artistic gifts all over the world is that sometimes they come back to visit me in unexpected ways. I was thrilled last night at Barnes & Noble when at the coffee counter, the gentleman helping me noticed my dragonfly business card holder.

Silver Dragonfly Business Card Case with iridescent aqua blue background.

Dragonflies are meaningful to me, so that's why I carry a Dragonfly business card organizer.

He asked if I bought it online, and I replied that, well, in fact, I made it, but yes they were available online as well. Turns out he received one of my cases as a gift at Christmas over a year ago, and proceeded to pull it out of his pocket. I felt like a proud momma whose all-grown-up baby had come home to say, “Look ma, I’m doing great and I’m loved.”

Internet Cafe business card case in silver with coffee and computer designs

Coffee and Computers - A great combination for getting much accomplished.

But here is the best part: I actually squealed when I saw it because I remembered it! I had even taken a picture of it! Considering how many thousands of business card cases I have made and sold over the years, for me to remember that specific one was so amazing. It was a double design case of a coffee cup and a computer, and we guessed it was for someone who works at an internet cafe. The owner of this case gave me his business card and it turns out he is an analyst for Peet’s Coffee and Tea. Mystery solved. It was so fun to get the true story behind this case!

Kyle Design “dual pattern” business card cases tell stories and are windows into someone’s life. They can represent very specialized careers or simply reflect one’s interests, and at times are just funny. When we send them out, all of us here at the studio postulate on the meaning and wonder for whom they are destined. They make an impression on us, and I’m sure they make an impression on others as well  – there is nothing else like them out there.

If you are interested in seeing more clever “double design” card organizers that our customers have purchased over the years, please visit Kyle Design’s Double Design Business Card Holders.

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Kathryn Bigelow Wins Big at Oscars – A Perfect Start to International Women’s Day

Posted by Kyle Design on March 8, 2010

Mark your calendars: today is International Women’s Day, annually celebrated on March 8th as a day of love, respect and appreciation for women’s achievements around the globe. And for those of us recovering from the Academy Award thrills last night, there’s certainly more than enough reason to pay tribute to Kathryn Bigelow today, the winning woman of the night and first-ever female to win an Oscar for Best Director. With a slew of successful films like Point Break, Blue Steel and now The Hurt Locker under her belt, the 58-year old award-winning filmmaker is an inspiration for doing what she loves, plain and simple:

Kudos to women everywhere who pursue their dreams without gender limitations.

Kathryn Bigelow is just one example of an inspirational, accomplished woman.

Let the inspirational woman in your life know she's the award-winner in your heart.

“If there’s specific resistance to women making movies, I just choose to ignore that as an obstacle for two reasons: I can’t change my gender, and I refuse to stop making movies.” — Kathryn Bigelow

There’s also something to be said for the fact that her most notable competitor was actually ex-husband James Cameron, director of popular success Avatar. Really, it takes a humble woman to restrain herself from exploding into a series of Running Man dance moves and gloating to the extreme in such a moment of victory. Well done, Ms. Bigelow. Well done, indeed.

Joking aside, International Women’s Day truly is an occasion to celebrate women and what we are capable of. How lucky we are to have a day in which we can revel in the amazing successes we’ve made, and where we can congratulate one another in accomplishing what we love. Take today as an opportunity to pat your girlfriend, mom, wife, sister, female cousin or aunt on the back and show her just how special she really is.

For Oscar-worthy present ideas and accessories to make her feel like a winner, check out Achievement Gifts for Leading Ladies and “I Am Woman” Home Décor Ideas available exclusively at Kyle Design. Impress her with a unique gift personalized especially for her: Mirror Compacts, Purse and Handbag Holders and Eye-Catching Business Card Cases.

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Wayne Thiebald Retrospective at the San Jose Museum of Art – A Feast for the Fiber Artist’s Eyes

Posted by Kyle Design on March 7, 2010

I saw the Wayne Thiebald – 70 Years of Painting show at the San Jose Museum of Art. Absolutely loved it! I’ve always like Thiebald’s work, but while walking through the exhibition, it dawned on me what the appeal is for me.

Number 70 Business Card Holder in Silver with Iridescent Copper Accents

Birthday Cake Pill Box in Silver with Iridescent Sunshine Color Accent

Wayne Thiebald might appreciate that cakes come in all colors at Kyle Design

His work is like fabric; richly woven and textural. As a fiber artist at heart (and at the start), his work speaks to me. One painting in particular, Dark City, 1999 in oil on canvas, held my attention for the longest time. The overall feel is quiet, yet there is so much activity, so much painted into every little square, so many wonderful colors created, that I couldn’t stop looking at it. It reminds me of specialty yarns that knitters and weavers use, where there are many colors and various type of fiber spun into one thread. I actually said out loud, “I want this painting.” (I can want, but I can’t get: it is part of the Thiebaud Family Collection, not to mention what it would cost.)

Gold City Lights Christmas Ornament with berry pink and emerald green accents.

Celebrate an Artist's Retrospective, Fabulous Vacation, or Special Event with a Cityscape Ornament

If you google Bay Area artist Wayne Thiebald and look at his work for the first time you might shrug. He started out as a graphic artist, so the subject matters of his paintings of food and commercial objects might seem staid. But the joy comes from the colors and textures he creates that are lost in translation to the screen, in particular on his landscapes and San Francisco cityscapes. He might use six different colors along the edge of a building or a cake which glow in person, but look flat on paper. This is a this retrospective you have to see. Then you will appreciate him for the master he is.

See more Unique Christmas Ornaments, Specialized Business Card Cases and Artistic Light Switch Wall Plates by visiting Kyle Design. You’ll find pretty gifts for knitters, special presents for 70 somethings, birthday cakes in all colors, and great city scenes for graphic arts or civic engineers.

Knitting Needles and Yarn Toggle Light Switch Wall Plate in silver, black and aqua.

Knitting Light Switch Wall Plate - The Perfect Finish Touch in a Fiber Artist's Studio

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Classy Home Decor Ideas: Vintage Push Button Switch with Black Knob Overlays

Posted by Kyle Design on March 5, 2010

Exclusively From Kyle Switch Plates: Antique Style Push-Button Devices with Black Accent Color Knobs

If you pay attention to detail like I do, you’ll see these push button switches make a cameo in the newest Hunger Games movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The movie is set in some unknown time in the future, yet these old-fashioned switches are mostly found in older homes today.

One of our most frequently asked questions: “How can I make push button switches match my current home décor without the shimmery pearlized knob buttons?” (shown above).

Black Antique Reproduction Single Pole Push Button Light Switches

Black Antique Reproduction Single Pole Push Button Light Switches

Our answer: Old-Fashion Black Aluminum Color Knobs for Push Buttons, available exclusively from Kyle Switch Plates. Offered in single pole, 3 way, 4 way, dual single pole and 300 or 600 Watt dimmer configurations, each original, eye-catching device is a wonderful way to make your interior design come together in a stately and sophisticated way.

Perfect for those wanting the classic accents appeal of a pushbutton light switch with a simpler and uniform look, our customized old-fashioned pushbuttons with black-colored knobs are sure to add an elegant, cohesive look to your existing home fashions. Great to add Victorian or Arts and Crafts era style to any room: kitchens, bathrooms, living and family rooms, bedrooms, offices and more!

These sleek black push button switches look great with our Antique Brass push button switch plates, as well as our stainless steel and polished brass cover plates. Click to view all push button switch plate finishes and find the right combination for your home’s decor.

Color Knob Antique Style Push Button Light Switches

Color Knob Antique Style Push Button Light Switches

If black’s too boring for your taste, you’ll want to check out our colored push button knobs  – purple, blue, red, brown, gray or green.

Renovating an estate or buying a home that needs some TLC? Explore more of our innovative push-button creations and solutions for home decorating by visiting Push Buttons and Dimmers for Lights and Pushbutton Switch Plates.

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