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Sunset Celebration Weekend 2008 – Cooking, Gardening, Ecology

Posted by Kyle Design on June 9, 2008

Mom and Daughter Event - Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend 2008Delicate Bamboo Earrings in Gold FinishJust returned from the 2008 Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park, CA. It featured cooking demonstrations, gardening lectures, food samples, wine tasting, test gardens, crafts booths, gourmet food vendors, presentations on going green and on solar energy among many, many others. We parked at Sun Microsystems where they had shuttles available to take us down the road to the fair, and that definitely was the best way to handle parking – quick, easy, and you save $1 off the general admission fee of $12 for adults. On the table at left are plates and bowls from Branch that are made out of bamboo – lightweight, colorful and very appealing.'s Emilie Cowan at Sunset Celebration Weekend 2008I went with my 12-year-old daughter and we had a great time. We watched a green home presentation and fashion show put on by that featured clothes and accessories made with organic cotton, bamboo, recycled or sustainable materials, and which are made with fair trade labor. Emilie Cowan, the director of business development at ecofabulous, showed us several new products that we can use in our homes that are more eco-friendly that will work just as well as more harmful products we’ve been used to using.

Silver and Red Shoes Name Badge LanyardOne shoe company featured in the fashion show creates cool, fashionable footwear using recycled materials. They will be working with famous shoe designer Vivienne Westwood to produce a new line of shoes this fall, and I am really looking forward to seeing that. I took my daughters to the Vivienne Westwood show at the de Young museum last year and we were all blown away by Westwood’s talent and creativity.

Fun Activity for Kids - Rock Wall Climbing at Sunset CelebrationFor the kids, there was flower lei making courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines (note that they provided 500,000 flowers on Saturday alone!), a rock wall for climbing and plenty of food samples. My 12-year old enjoyed booths that featured metal sculptures, bamboo bowls, lamps, pretty fabrics, papers, handbags and jewelry that caught her eye, as well as the chickens in the sample chicken coop in the Sunset test garden.

Tropical Hibiscus Flower Compact Mirror in GoldWe attended a presentation by Flora Grubb of Flora Grubb Gardens of San Francisco about high style, low-water gardens who recommended a number of colorful, unique-looking plants that don’t require frequent watering, including leucadendrons, small aloes, upright grevilleas. They are perfect for our state of drought, because half the battle can be just remembering to water in the first place. The plants she brought to show us were much more forgiving for those of us who tend to forget to water. She quipped that “the plants that are pretty are the ones that are alive.”

Unique Light Switch Plates with FlamesWe made cheese and basil pizzas at the Weber Grill booth where they were showing off their very stylish Weber Q-100 compact gas grills – which I’m thinking about getting for a Father’s Day gift or as a birthday gift for my husband. It cooked up the pizzas really fast and they tasted great! Dinner tends to run late in my household, so we are all for anything that can speed up meal preparation or cooking.Wine Bottle and Glasses Note Holder in Wood

Robert Mondavi Winery had seminars throughout the weekend that features cooking demonstrations, wine education and tastings of their wines including some of their Private Selection wines. These seminars required a taste ticket, but were always packed.

Green House Business Card Wallet for Two BusinessesThere certainly was something for all ages, but slightly older kids would probably enjoy it more than the younger ones. I did not bring my 9 year old, which I think was a good choice. I heard whining by some young children who were not as interested in the cooking and gardening presentations as the older kids likely would be.

It was in the low 80’s, but there was a lot of shade from the very large trees as well as from the numerous tents and market umbrellas, so overall it was a gorgeous day. I would definitely recommend it to foodies, gardening enthusiasts, anyone going green and those who are environmentally conscious (as we all should be now).

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