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Getting Out to Vote in CA – Restoring the Flag

Posted by Kyle Design on June 3, 2008

Fire Department Magnet Clip for Clamping Your Sample Ballot to the FridgeIt’s noon, and I’ve just returned from voting at my local polling place: Fire Station No. 7 here in Livermore, CA. So, how many people cast votes ahead of me today? Not many, as I was voter #23. Yes, 23. As an artist, I remember numbers by relating them to my designs, so today, I was voter Tropical Fish. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. OK, so now I get it. I never knew Dr. Seuss was so involved in state politics….Tropical Fish Night Light in Brass with Blue Stained Glass

The weather was overcast and cool for a June day in California but not unpleasant so I chose to walk to my polling place, thereby minimizing my carbon footprint one step at a time.

Oddly, for the second trip to the polls in a row, the American flag outside the station blew over as I approached, so I once again replaced the flagpole in its stand, restoring the flag to its proud, upright position. Red, White and Blue American Flag OrnamentAt the same time I was experiencing a strong feeling of deja vu and thinking of the famous picture from Iwo Jima aw well. Is this significant in some way? I always vote and then wear my “I Voted” sticker to encourage others not to forget.

This was a second primary for us Californians with our first one being in February when we voted for our preferred presidential candidates. This time we had senate, state assembly, water board and constitutional amendments to consider – obviously nothing important with the excitement of the presidential election in November, emotions running high over eminent domain and rent control and the looming likelihood of drought.Hoping for a Rainy Day Hope Chest

Ha! Number 23!? With this low voter turnout, my votes are particularly powerful. Voting is a wonderful thing.

Whether you’re from a blue state or a red state, if you’d like to see more of my patriotic gifts, be they in blue, red or a nice undecided white, be sure to visit my American Flag Gifts page. Click any of the photos or the links here for more information on my Hoping for A Rainy Day Jewelry Box, Tropical Fish Night Light, Fire Department Magnet or the American Flag Christmas Ornament.


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