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How to Find Four-Leaf Clovers – 4 Luck-of-the-Irish Tips

Posted by Kyle Design on March 10, 2008

Irish Shamrock Beaded Badge Holder LanyardsWith St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been thinking Irish thoughts and decided it was a good time to look for 4-leaf clovers. It was a beautiful spring day here in CA yesterday and I was out for a walk with my girls. Ocean Wave Money Clip in Silver and CopperThey were practicing new tricks while riding their Wave skateboards (those cool, new 2-wheeled riders that combine the feel of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing that I seem incapable of learning to ride), and I was out looking for four-leaf clovers. I found two within the first 30-seconds of searching. So, how do I do it?

Four Leaf Clover Light Switch PlatesSomehow, I’ve always been good at finding 4-leaf clovers, and I don’t think it’s just because I’m part Irish, although perhaps it helps. 🙂 But I have learned a few tricks of my own (sadly, Wave riding not being one of them) over the years that I will share with you below.

Desk Top Holder for Business Cards with Eye DesignBut First, Am I Qualified? I grew up in an artistic family where really “seeing” the things around us was stressed and discussed. So a byproduct of this training is that I developed a good eye for finding 4-Leaf Clovers. I used to save all of them in this huge sticky-paged photo binder. And I found more than just 4-leaf clovers: I would find 5-leaf, 6-leaf, 7-, 8-, and more multiple-leaf clovers. I had hundreds of 4-leaf clovers, over fifty 5-leaf clovers, more than ten 6-leaf clovers, etc., on up to a 15-leaf clover. (!) Sadly, when I finally moved out of my parent’s house I thought that I didn’t want to be hauling around this big binder of clovers (Is this a weird obsession? I could always find more, right?) so I tossed it out! My kids now say, “What were you thinking?!? We wish we could have seen them!”

So my only recourse is to keep looking, and finding, and proving that they can be found. Here are some tips for finding your own that seem to work for me:

Comparison of Fake and Real Shamrock Plates1. Know Your Plants – There are some similar grasses that have 3 leaves, but they never (in my experience) have multiple leaves. Real shamrock plants have sets of leaves on one long stem with a faint lighter ring pattern about one third of the way down the leaf itself. The fake plants have multiple sets of leaves and flowers on each stem and are solid green.

2. Look for Overgrown Patches – I seem to have the best luck where the patches have a chance to grow a bit wild. (The best patch in my neighborhood growing up was in the yard of the divorced woman who never quite got around to mowing her lawn. My biggest haul was nearly 50 in one day.)

Contemporary Cross Pill Box3. Look for The Cross Pattern – I just let my eye scan over the whole patch, looking for a change in the pattern. Three-leaf clovers are angeled more like a peace sign, but 4 leaves forces the pattern into more of a cross. Real Four Leaf Clovers Growing in PatchI don’t dig through the leaves, but I will occasionally run my hand over the tops of then to tousle them a bit, perhaps exposing some new leaves. Can you find the four-leafed clovers in the patch at right? There are two of them. (There were five in the general area, but the picture was getting too small to be able to see any of them. The second one is just to the left of the center four-leafed clover.)

4. Know When to Move On – Some patches have them, some don’t. If you find one, you can usually find more. So if you aren’t finding one right away, move on to the next patch where, hopefully, you’ll have better luck. 😉

4 Leaf Clover Drinking FlaskIf you’d like to see more of my St. Patrick’s Day Gifts, my 4-Leaf Clover Gifts or any of my unique flasks, pill cases, money clips, beaded ID lanyards, light switchplates or business card holders shown, please click the links here or click on any of the gifts in the photos above.

One Response to “How to Find Four-Leaf Clovers – 4 Luck-of-the-Irish Tips”

  1. danadane3 said

    Oh My God! I thought I was the only one with this weird obsession! This is so funny. I had to Google to see if anyone else shared this quirk. I save mine in photo albumns also! My children think it’s a cool/bizzare fascination of mine as do most of my friends. Finally, someone else who understands!

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