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Coffee and Miscarriage: Kaiser Study Advises Against Caffeine

Posted by Kyle Design on January 27, 2008

Coffee Light Switchplates in Black, Nickel and Bronze Aluminum AccentsAfter years of speculation about the negative effects of coffee, or specifically caffeine intake, during pregnancy, reports came out this week that it does in fact raise your risk of miscarriage. Kaiser Permanente of Oakland, CA, released a study that looked at the connection between caffeine and miscarriages.

Those who get 200 mg of caffeine a day (which you can get by drinking about 1-1/2 cups of coffee) are two times more likely to have a miscarriage than those who drink less than that or who consume no caffeinated beverages at all. Family Design Beaded ID Badge Lanyard in Gold and BlackGetting 200 mg of caffeine from all sources seemed to have the most effect after between weeks eight and sixteen of a pregnancy. (The study didn’t look into the effects beyond 20 weeks, though.) So if you’re trying to have a baby, Kaiser advises limiting your caffeine intake, or better yet not drinking those caffeinated beverages – coffee, tea, soda, hot cocoa, etc. – at all.

Apparently, getting 200 mg a day of caffeine is not that hard. Studies done in the 1990’s indicate that 87% of U.S. adults U.S. and 76% of children consume caffeinated food and beverages on a daily basis, with the average intake for caffeine consumers being 193 mg of caffeine a day. Major sources are coffee, sodas and tea (in that order), but other sources include chocolate, energy drinks, herbal supplements and medications (like Excedrin).

Stylish New Baby Night Light in Stained GlassNow that the link between caffeine and miscarriage has been established by the Kaiser report, I can feel good about my decision a dozen years ago to stop drinking caffeinated beverages. Based on general concerns at the time about caffeine (even though there was a lack of conclusive proof), I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages when I decided to start a family, and I have never gone back to drinking them. I’m glad my sacrifices (at the time – coming off caffeine gave me terrible headaches) were not in vain.

Mind you, I still drink decaffeinated tea on a daily basis, and decaffeinated coffee on occasion, and do enjoy a chocolate treat from time to time, but I have to get out of bed in the mornings knowing that there will be no jolt waiting for me at breakfast.

So I go to bed early. Works for me! I’m used to it now. Also, being self-employed, all I have to do is just start thinking about everything I need to do each day and the adrenaline just surges through my veins and I’m good to go.

But if you’re a coffee lover, you may want to check out my cool Coffee Drinker Gifts, like the Coffee Switchplate Cover above. For anyone who loves their family and wants the world to know it, I design unusual Family Themed Gifts and Decor, too. And if you’re looking for fresh Baby Shower Gift Ideas or something special for a new mom or dad, please check out my collection.


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