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S.F. Zoo Now Says: Leopards and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Posted by Kyle Design on January 13, 2008

Tiger Measuring TapesThe San Francisco Zoo is now admitting that, in addition to the Christmas Day Tiger escape and mauling death, that both a polar bear and a snow leopard have also nearly escaped their enclosures since the attack. (Snow) Leopards and (Siberian) Tigers and (Polar) Bears! Oh My! What’s next??! I’m going into San Francisco tomorrow, but I will not be visiting the zoo….

Polar Bear Mother and Cub Pill HoldersI wondered when I read last week that they suddenly raised the height around the polar bear exhibit. Turns out that on January 3rd, a female polar bear almost escaped after nearly scaling the wall around her enclosure. Perhaps the S.F. zoo personnel could use a pocket Tiger Measuring Tape so they can check the other exhibits.

Leopard Spots Nickel Silver and Black SwitchplatesThen on Thursday, January 10th, a snow leopard chewed its way out of a temporary enclosure. Have these near misses been ongoing or do the animals suddenly have a taste for freedom following the escape of their comrade Tatiana who was able to cross The Wall?

Lion Christmas OrnamentThe last time I was at the zoo, the lion was roaring in such a loud, aggressive way that it was unnerving, actually frightening, even when I was thinking there was no way it could escape. Now knowing that that is not such a definite just makes me shudder. The Big Cats are so large and powerful that they really give me pause about where we fall in the hierarchy of animals.

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